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  1. Why do you think I married one??!? Yes, Socrates is indeed cute. And his "little mind" is endlessly fascinating to me; we really don't think alike at all. Opposites attract . . .
  2. Xanthippe


    Thanks for the report on your "unscientific test," Anna; biscuits of all kinds, especially buttermilk and cream biscuits, have to be some of my favorite breadstuffs. Question: Was the method for preparing the biscuits the same for the two recipes? I'm guessing you rolled/patted out the dough, then cut equal-sized biscuits. Oh, and did you bake the biscuits with the sides touching?? Lastly, did you brush the tops with melted butter or something similar? (Okay, okay -- that's three questions! )
  3. A pre-prandial nosh of picante Spanish chorizo and Mancheco cheese.
  4. Xanthippe

    Banana Pudding

    Somebody's gotta try to make the Banana Cream Pie ice cream. Please!! I would, but I'm already trying to create another flavor with my cohort, elyse.
  5. Xanthippe

    Banana Pudding

    Of course. Remember, X, that I'm a Yankee by birth. I've only lived in the South for half my life. That's right, Mr. V, you do indeed hail from YankeeLand. I tend to forget, 'cuz y'all come across so, so Southern! Case in point: you had to tell Mr. Zeb what pot likker is!!
  6. Xanthippe

    Dinner! 2003

    I'm happy just reading your dinner menu, guajolote! And would you mind describing the Greek bread, please?
  7. Perhaps a beer milkshake? I'm telling you all, John Steinbeck had the marine biologist character Doc drink one in the novel Cannery Row. He (Doc) said it wasn't too terrible, if memory serves . . .
  8. I would be thrilled if EGullet could get Willet to do a Q&A. c'mon people speak up, join me here! peep, peep, peep (I would also be thrilled) As would I . . .
  9. I thought "How to cook a tart" was pretty good, if a little twisted :) (I hope I'm thinking of the right book. It was a while ago) What did you think? Yep, you're thinking of the right book: the family that dismembers together stays together -- or something like that!
  10. Gack! Let's see . . . and it's nigh-on 10 PM back there!! Probably humid, too.Do you at least have the fan going??
  11. Cold mango. And it is bloody hot. Thanks for reassuring me I'm not exaggerating about the weather, mcdowell. I was beginning to think I'd gone crazy with the heat!! Cold mango sounds infinitely appealing right about now . . .
  12. Uncharacteristically, nothing. It's too bloody hot* . . . Maybe some iced cherries later if I can muster up the energy to go to the kitchen and open the fridge. *We need a wilting, drenched-with-sweat emoticon.
  13. Word, marie-louise! And you know it's hot when even being here up under the redwoods provides little relief. Argghhh . . .
  14. Xanthippe

    Banana Pudding

    Can a Yankee add her two cents?
  15. The same this afternoon, with some well-chilled cherries (it's bloody cooking here today) for after. Oh, and a big glass of iced tea a la Jinmyo -- green tea with fresh mint.
  16. My usual voracious appetite goes to hell in a handbasket when the weather's too hot, although I can always manage to tackle really good gazpacho, hot 'n' spicy anything (Thai, Mexican), dead-ripe tomatoes (and adornments), ice cream, a glass of decent rose, and an icy G & T. Sex? Not without air conditioning, which we don't have. Socrates might as well drink his hemlock . . .
  17. A thick slice of Acme ciabatta bread topped with Cypress Grove's Humboldt Fog cheese.
  18. Cherries: Lamberts and Rainiers. Sweet, sweet, sweet . . .
  19. Thanks for the info, artist/nutritionist Pan! See what I don't know?!? Meanwhile, I'll continue to ingest acidophilus in my yogurt and keep my Lactaid-Ultra handy for that second bowl of ice cream. Malachi, sorry to hear you've not returned to normal; I shall think good thoughts for your speedy recovery.
  20. Aren't some of the bagged salad greens treated with chlorine? I seem to recall reading just that -- but of course I don't remember where.
  21. I shudder to think what Emeril really means when he sez to "kick it up a notch" . . .
  22. Another buckwheat honey lover! Isn't it terrific?? I get mine at the farmers' market, too, as well as olallieberry honey. And yes, the rosemary honey's aroma is really quite ethereal . . . Ah, so you needed a bit more oomph in the pasta. I think fresh basil along with the lemon zest would've been great -- there's not much out there that basil doesn't liven up. Speaking of basil, the season's starting to kick in here; I came home from the farmers' market today with two large, fragrant bunches clutched in my hot little hand!
  23. Acidophilus shouldn't bother you, malachi; I've lactose intolerant as well, and never have a problem with L. bifidus, L. acidophilus, and other healthy bacteria. Er, you do know about Lactaid-Ultra, don't you??
  24. Mr. Varmint's funny . . . Great piece, JAZ! As the child of a southern mother, your article resonated with me in a big way. Thanks to Mama, I have always endeavored to be as gracious a guest as I can; I even make sure to refold the bathroom hand towels after use, leaving them as I found them (yes, I'm rather, um, "compulsive").
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