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  1. Yum, hot dog infused cheese in crackers! http://t.co/9AnN7f1d

  2. chutney topped with chilled frozen walnut with mushroom http://t.co/br7b88lu #RandomRecipeGenerator

  3. That was a killer bowl of noodles @KoyaUdon

  4. Going too far to make a burger "Dave Arnold's Burger Of The Future" http://t.co/V3Q54rzX

  5. Bread with oil in is tasty, see focaccia. Then focaccia with duck fat must be amazing! http://t.co/xgJdA6d6

  6. 3D-Printed Möbius Bacon Strip : http://t.co/I1YVgwtW via @make

  7. Top chefs unite against blogger's review http://t.co/ehdRSKBc via @guardian

  8. Oooh new Heston shortly

  9. Honeycomb time! Dark chocolate crunchie ahead. http://t.co/9xR5t1IA

  10. Trying some cliche 'water pouring into a wine glass' photos. http://t.co/TbYWJ5oL

  11. I really like http://t.co/Pnh00hBj it's like tastespotting but with the tyranny of the moderator replaced by the wisdom of the crowd @fridgg

  12. Search a hand picked set of only the finest food blogs - Curated food blog search: http://t.co/ZC5TycPR

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