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  1. If I intend to sous vide something that is frozen then of course I will just put it in at the temperature I hope it ultimately reaches. But we are talking of things that we are going to cook in ways other than sous vide and need to get them safely and quickly defrosted. At least that is what I am talking about! edited to add: since the object is frozen when put into cold tap water to defrost it is at a much lower temperature than the 20°C that I am allowed to set on the Joule. So it stays in the safety zone for a very long part of the hour to two hours that it takes to defrost.
  2. Anna N

    Pasta shapes

    I have tried on and off to like what I refer to as “fat pastas”. I define these as any pasta that is larger than a grain of rice or shorter than a 6 inch ruler. Leaves out just about everything except orzo and the generic group of “spaghettis”.
  3. Well this is embarrassing to admit but as Canadian living within a stone’s throw of Elora, I can’t say as I have ever heard of Anita Stewart. Nor have I ever heard of Food Day Canada. I am not sure what this speaks to – – my failure to show some loyalty to my national cuisine or somebody else’s failure to market Anita Stewart and Food Day Canada adequately. Rest in peace, Anita. I might’ve been a better person for having been aware of you and your efforts on behalf of our national cuisine. I hang my head in shame.
  4. Anna N

    Breakfast 2020!

    @Kerry Bealdid a little grocery shopping for me the other day. I asked her to get me a couple of bunches of beets. I don’t usually use the beet greens because in my experience they are often well past their prime and too skimpy to make the effort worthwhile. But not this time. I have never seen such an abundance of wondrously fresh beet greens. I blanched the greens and stuck them into the refrigerator. I roasted the beets in the steam oven (425°F steam bake for a little over an hour for the largest ones). Today I took some of the beets and gave them a pomegranate molasses dressing.
  5. Obituary. Chiang was the owner, chef and mastermind behind the game-changing San Francisco restaurant, the Mandarin. She is widely credited with bringing authentic Chinese food to America and was a celebrity chef before celebrity chefs were popularized.
  6. Anna N

    Dinner 2020

    Looks really good but I draw the line at buying even one more cookbook at the present time! 😂
  7. Today’s lunch came from Bul & Gogi Korean restaurant in Hamilton. Kerry had the Jap Chae (Stir fried Sweet potato clear noodle with beef and vegetables.) I had the Galbi Lunch (beef short ribs marinated in Korean BBQ sauce). Mine came with miso soup, a small salad, a couple of tempura vegetables, rice and lots of dipping sauces. not the greatest photographs!
  8. At some point I suspect I will find myself making LGD. But I’m not rushing. I am not a fan of green olives and even mint really only calls to me in mint sauce. I need to live closer to one of you who have made it so I could sneak just a taste!
  9. Well I have the Joule and It will not let me set a temperature less than 20°C. So that is where I set it. As for the amount of time required you’ll have to make your own judgment. For a pound of ground meat I would suggest checking it after one hour. I don’t think I would attempt to defrost a whole chicken this way! Chicken thighs probably take between one and two hours depending again on how many thighs you are trying to defrost. To be on the safe side I would not attempt to defrost anything that requires much more than two hours.
  10. I have to question how one gets 2 cups of caramelized onions even if using the largest quantity of onions to begin with!
  11. Anna N

    Breakfast 2020!

    Toasted sourdough, sweet potato purée, roasted shallots and mushrooms, and a fried egg.
  12. Thanks. I just listened to this. I am finding the book a challenging read. There is a part of me that is wishing that an editor could have reigned Nik in at times. It feels as if he is occasionally riding off in all directions at once. It is a long book, 352 pages in the print edition, and it sometimes feels as if Nik couldn’t bear to leave out anything. These are just my very early impressions. I shall keep reading.
  13. I just knew you would have to at least look at a copy of this book! I’m so happy you will be getting it I look forward to hearing your views and seeing the dishes that you are inspired to make.
  14. I pre-ordered this book and sometime after midnight it showed up in my Kindle library. I discovered it only a few hours ago. Naturally, I have had very little opportunity to form much of an opinion. But The Guardian has done quite a review with a very generous smattering of recipes from the book. Anyone else anxious to explore this book?
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