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  1. Anna N

    Lunch 2019

    No, Kim this is not what you want at all. This is what you want! And you should be able to get it in your Asian store.
  2. Still there is a sizeable difference between the two prices! Not so much on Amazon.ca.
  3. OK so I thought about this and realized that I just couldn’t imagine eating an untoasted English muffin. I gag at the very thought of it. Probably makes me at least as odd as your wife.😂
  4. This caught my interest until I popped onto Amazon.ca and discovered that the hardcover is $32.91 and the Kindle book was $30.39. Who thought that was justifiable?
  5. From the instruction manual: Preheat – Preheat indicator will disappear once the oven has reached set temperature. Food should be placed in oven before selecting cooking function and starting oven as preheat time is minimal and incorporated into overall cooking time. Bolding is mine.
  6. Anna N

    Breakfast 2019

    So very nice to see you.
  7. Anna N

    Breakfast 2019

    I knew I wanted something uber savoury for breakfast. I had some wood-oven smoked salami chips, some Seriously Sharp cheddar and eggs. But I also wanted an onigirazu. The more I thought this through the more I wondered if it was crazy talk. Maybe those mushrooms I’ve been eating are not what they purport to be! So here you have fusion cuisine. An Italian frittata? A French omelette? A Spanish tortilla (must this includes potatoes?)? sandwiched between rice patties and wrapped in nori. Mission accomplished.
  8. I am willing to bet, even though I love my fellow countrypersons, that only two in 10 would know what a currant is when it doesn’t relate to the Great Lakes or the St. Lawrence Seaway. Spelling aside.
  9. I could get behind these things and probably raise you six.😂
  10. They look delicious. Are they anything like Portuguese custard tarts (Pastéis de Nata)?
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