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  1. I did not need Vivian‘s help to make caramelized onions but reading about them moved me to get up and do something! Melting Almost there.
  2. It would appear that it makes perfectly fine toast. Here.
  3. Anna N

    Breakfast 2020!

    Toasted sourdough bread spread with slow-roasted sweet potato purée mashed with some miso butter then topped with soft scrambled eggs and Campari tomato dice.
  4. Anna N

    Dinner 2020

    Very slow roasted sweet potato with miso butter.
  5. I think you will enjoy it. I use quite a lot of furikake and the book is giving me ideas of other uses. (Wow! I just looked up the kimchee furikake on amazon.ca that I usually buy and jt is at least four times the price I paid for it.)
  6. Couldn’t resist just for the sheer pleasure of reading her writing. So I now own the Kindle edition. Her take on preserved lemons left me with a very sore forehead as I constantly asked myself, as I read, “Why not? Why didn’t I think of this?” Why not all citrus fruits? Why not add leftover lemon or other citrus to the brine? If I make nothing else from the book I will definitely be attempting her Citrus Shrine. I will likely adapt her method to make a speedy version such as the one offered by Paula Wolfert or the one offered by Thomas Keller.
  7. Out of the package it looks most unappetizing. That is grease! I’m going to assume it has something to do with it being vacuum packed. After being baked according to the directions the greasiness is much less apparent. Although I lived for a short time in Quebec (both of my sons were born there) I have never sampled tourtière. I had some expectations including some fairly prominent spicing particularly cloves. I read a comment somewhere that this pie is a little like the garam masala of Indian cuisine – – every family has its own version.
  8. Anna N

    Breakfast 2020!

    Onigirazu with a butter- and soy sauce basted fried egg.
  9. Damn. I really wanted this book but when I tried to buy it Amazon told me I already owned it.
  10. One of our favourite restaurants is Celadon House. It has been off-limits since Covid because although it did some takeout it was only after 4 PM. However, recently they have resumed lunch service on Fridays only. I desperately wanted their mushrooms which are only on the dinner menu and wondered if we would be lucky enough to be able to get those. When I called I was informed that anything on the dinner menu is available at lunchtime. My sigh of relief must have been audible for miles. t The mushrooms to die for. Hunan dumplings
  11. I’m very curious about this. Perhaps you could talk some more about it. I have recently rediscovered corned beef in the can. This sounds quite good.
  12. That thing we all aspire to and only the most accomplished of us actually put into practice.
  13. Anna N

    Lunch 2020

    Kimchi fried rice with canned salmon because.
  14. I hear her voice come through loud and clear. I don’t really expect to do much cooking from this book (just physical challenges — nothing to do the recipes) but I do know that I will enjoy reading it and probably learn quite a lot.
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