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  1. Pretty much the way it works with me. Except in the summer when I might enjoy a beer without food.
  2. I can thoroughly enjoy one beer. But I have no desire for a second beer for at least a month. Obviously my brain is not the same as the poster’s brain.
  3. Anna N

    Dinner 2019

    kimchi fried rice with a duck egg.
  4. Why did they wrap the apples? I’m guessing because you eat the skin of the apples but not the skin of bananas?
  5. Now that is really taking one for the team. Thank you!
  6. Should be dead easy to whip up a couple of these at home. The only thing you need for sure is Elliot bay rum after that it’s just stuff.
  7. Yeah. Somehow libraries and cookbooks don’t mesh well in my world. You read a novel you’re done with it. You read a cookbook and that’s just the beginning. 😁 but thank you for the thought.
  8. Might not be able to resist the Japanese book although $32+ price tag for the Kindle version might discourage me!
  9. Anna N

    Lunch 2019

    When we used to do big Danish lunches, we always offered this as an alternative to butter. Forget the herb. It’s made with goose fat rather than chicken fat but the idea is the same.
  10. Anna N

    Breakfast 2019

    Oh good! So glad to see it’s still around!
  11. Thanks, @liuzhou, for taking the time to explain Chinese tea culture. Despite being a Brit and raised on tea, I still remember my 1st cup of coffee in Canada. By anybody’s standards it was quite disgusting but I’ve been a convert ever since. Just wondering what happens if you visit someone outside of meal time. Do they offer you tea? What beverage would be served at home with meals if there were no visitors but just the family eating?
  12. Thanks. It’s probably not anything I would experiment with unless I was baking daily with shortening. But there are others on here who might find it an acceptable option if they feel as strongly as some do about shortening. So thank you.
  13. I did a double-take before I realized that you’re in an Airbnb and that you can make your own breakfasts. Thank heaven no rats were harmed in the making of it!
  14. Anna N

    Breakfast 2019

    Too many variables for scientific analysis. 😂 I am simply playing with duck eggs in my kitchen and eating the results.
  15. Anna N

    Lunch 2019

    While many of you may be familiar with the Toasted western, sometimes called the Toasted Denver, bet you’ve never seen a Toasted eastern before. Scallions, shishito peppers, Black forest ham, wasabi furikake in a duck-egg omelet between toasted white bread slices.
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