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  1. Very “watchable”! Thank you.
  2. You will do a fine job for @Kerry Beal, for Eztemper and for your fans on eGullet. Looking forward to all your postings.
  3. Anna N

    Lunch 2019

    Omurice: Fried rice stuffed omelet.
  4. Anna N

    Dinner 2019

    Don’t beat yourself up! I cheat. I have small vegetable cutters although I am getting better at using a channel knife (just the one on my lemon zester!).
  5. Two-bite brownies because I was too chicken to try these in mini muffin pans.
  6. Anna N

    Dinner 2019

    When you are an adult you give up childish things and allow yourself to have dessert straight out of the nursery and call it dinner. Leftover rice rice pudding.
  7. Anna N

    Lunch 2019

    Leftovers from dinner.
  8. Anna N

    Dinner 2019

    Jibuni (simmered or smothered duck). This is a speciality of the Kanazawa region of Japan. There were a number of substitutions I needed to make but I did not feel too badly. I discovered a YouTube video showing the chef in the World Gourmet Summit of 2011 using beef instead of duck!
  9. Anna N

    Breakfast 2019

    Because many of us are curious about the origins of things, here is how this “sushi sandwich” was born.
  10. They very rarely show up in Canadian supermarkets where I am able to shop. I am very lucky that @Kerry Beal brings me some of these back from Wegmans in Buffalo.
  11. Just so we understand. I like chuck eyes as a steak and not chuck which I prefer for braising.
  12. Anna N

    Dinner 2019

    Jamaican patty and some pickles.
  13. Once again leaving the house was not an option so @Kerry Bealbecame my Meals on Wheels. I felt very lucky having just heard on the news that the Meals on Wheels real delivery system would not be operating today due to the weather. From our newly discovered Vietnamese restaurant: Spring rolls with dipping sauce. Spicy “wonton” soup with hoisin sauce for me. The same soup in a non-spicy version for Kerry. The soup seems to be a cross between Vietnamese pho and Chinese wonton soup.
  14. Messes a bit with the glamour of the thing.