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  1. If you end up drunk and disorderly I do hope you post a selfie. It will be the least you can do after tormenting us with these drinks. And SOME of this food.
  2. Anna N

    Breakfast 2019

    I have! i’m sure it would’ve been better with the shrimp that @Duvelhas access to but shrimp and scrambled eggs on toast is a tasty meal no matter what.
  3. Anna N

    Food recalls

    The article wraps up with this quote Despite the financial and reputational dangers, the food industry largely backs rigorous recalls as a means of sniffing out the “bad apples” who “affect the reputation of an entire sector,” said Charlebois. “Every single recall related to the livestock industry builds a case for vegetarianism.” Seems somebody forgot the recall of the romaine and the spinach and the melons and so forth. Do those recalls make the case for becoming carnivorous? Edited to add Damn I missed the inadvertent pun in that quote!
  4. Another thank you from me for posting all of this, Franci. I probably will not attempt it but that doesn’t mean that I’m not totally fascinated by the process and grateful that you are willing to take the time to teach us.
  5. I am usually patient enough to read through all posts including those that are linked. But I’m not that patient today so if this appears elsewhere then I apologize. Here is Paula’s preserved lemon recipe for the impatient ones among us.
  6. I have seen worse. I just think everybody needs to reconsider whether bacon and eggs are the most appropriate thing to serve under these circumstances! That’s just my humble opinion.
  7. Could not agree more. Once I learned this trick I actually ended up liking these platters. Raw broccoli? No no no no no. Raw cauliflower? No no no no no. Doesn’t do anything for me or for the vegetables.
  8. Looks like fuel for those who eat to live; not food for those who live to eat.
  9. Anna N

    Dinner 2019

    Wow! Just wow!
  10. They can, of course, but it’s much more difficult when the principal is no longer present.
  11. Baby bok Chou sautéed in the box. Served with Salisbury steak that I had made aeons ago and found hiding in my freezer. I put it, still frozen solid, in the CSO (Cuisinart steam oven) on bake steam at 325°F for 30 minutes and it was perfectly thawed and heated through. Nothing wrong with a little fusion now and again.
  12. So @Kerry Beal and I found ourselves racing against the clock yesterday. She had worked an overnight shift in Dunnville and had to drive back to her home in Burlington to take care of some business there before driving over to Oak Hill to collect me. Then she needed to do some clothes shopping and I had an appointment at the hospital at 1:45. Our first two choices for lunch were the Filipino restaurant with the fabulous pork or the equally fabulous food at Kamoosh in Waterdown. The Filipino place was too far out of our way and Kamoosh, because it’s such a classy restaurant, would take time to get our food to us. So we settled for Angel’s Diner and purely by coincidence learned that there would not be another meal at Angel‘s Diner! Yesterday was the last day the restaurant would operate under that name. Kerry had a cheeseburger. She quickly ditched the rather sad lettuce and asked for mustard and relish which one would think would come automatically with a cheeseburger. But she said it was not a bad cheeseburger all things considered. I had the liver and onions and should’ve been smart enough to say hold the fries and everything else! I did enjoy the liver and onions but couldn’t make any headway whatsoever on anything else on the plate.
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