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  1. It almost looks flank steak ish.
  2. I'm wondering which restaurant is the one in the opening picture.
  3. To expound, I loathe when people keep their hats on inside restaurants, and I loathe even more when people keep their baseball caps on inside restaurants, and when they're on backwards, well - take them out back and dispose of them (the people, not the caps). AND DON'T PUT YOUR HAT ON THE FUCKING BAR!
  4. I like to plop my toes onto the table. Welcome to the 2020s.
  5. Well, obviously it's a time for lists, as 2023 draws to a close. I'm not a big fan of lists, but since someone already broke the ice, what the heck?! Though I wonder - what if a chef/restaurateur opens a restaurant in December? Why shouldn't that count? Why not wait until 2024 to enlighten us with what was best in 2023? Anyway, I digress... I haven't eaten at Mads' newest, which tops Esquire's list, but I hope to at some point soon. I like Mads (and even got to work with him once), like his food, like his philosophy about food and no waste. So Ilis is definitely on my list - of places to try. As to the other local (to me) places, I've been to two of them multiple times - they're quite good and are places where spending money doesn't hurt, as it can when one has a bad meal, or receives bad service somewhere else. That is - they know what they're doing and they understand that the restaurant business is about taking care of customers properly; not every restaurant can say that! Esquire's Best New Restaurants in America 2023
  6. So basically unless a restaurant uses the open table platform (like, if it uses Resy), it can't be considered one of the best? Which is just ridiculous.
  7. weinoo

    Favorite Coffee

    That will be fine! It's a nice gift - why not try a medium roast coffee along with one of the darker roasts they offer? Even if he doesn't really like the medium roast, it can easily be blended with the darker roast to get something of a profile of coffee he likes.
  8. None here either; plenty at Trader Joe's, local supermarket, and via Fresh Direct.
  9. Cook's Illustrated, many years ago, showed another way to use the tenderloins, which is kinda fun...wish I could find it. This is close, but I don't think the original recipe used the reverse sear... https://www.pbssocal.org/shows/americas-test-kitchen-from-cooks-illustrated/recipe-perfect-pan-seared-pork-tenderloin-steaks
  10. It's nice to use a scale, I suppose, when first starting out with your ( @JoNorvelleWalker ) new coffee adventures...you know, to set some parameters. ( I always use it to weight the beans, however). For me, I figure that after 40 or 50 years of making pour over coffees, I can do without. And I don't need a timer, either. And no one is any the wiser.
  11. weinoo

    Favorite Coffee

    It varies, and also depends on the pricing. I like their Ethiopian and Kenyan coffees a lot. And moving out of Africa... Currently, I have the Mexican Miramar, El Salvador Montecarlos Gesha, and the small farmer lots from Guatemala (all the Guatemalans are good). They do have some crazy expensive coffees, but the most I'll go for is one of the Peruvian special roasts, which currently clocks in at a silly $58/lb.!. I also buy the Alchemy for espresso...it works great I always order enough to qualify for free shipping; as the coffee has gotten much more expensive, that's easy. Generally, my order is in the 1.5 - 2 lb. range. Almost enough for 2 weeks, and if I time it right, I get a shipment as soon as coffee is running out. If they roast and ship on a Monday, it arrives no later than Wednesday. Pretty sure I have the 1 lb. canisters, and they'll hold a 12 oz. bag emptied in, and an 8 oz. bag atop, smushed down a bit.
  12. weinoo

    Favorite Coffee

    I've said it before, and let me say it again: George Howell. Intellegentsia is owned by Peet's, which in turn is owned by a giant holding company. Blue Bottle is owned by Nestle, in turn owned by Black Rock, et al. Not that there is anything wrong with giant, multinational organizations, but I prefer to spend my money, when I can, elsewhere.
  13. If stuff is used for non-culinary purposes (like, let's say a Netti Pot), isn't it safer to first bring the water to a boil and let it cool down?
  14. weinoo

    Dinner 2023

    I thought I might never start cooking again, after a few weeks away. Also we both came down with what apparently are bad colds, since every other asshole on our flight was either coughing or sneezing. And me, being an asshole, didn't wear a mask. I've tested yesterday and today, both negative, so keeping my fingers crossed while hydrating greatly. Anyway, last night I was back in my kitchen. Not to make anything beautiful, but... Pan roasted chicken thighs, red beans, rice, peas and carrots. (Night before was a simple pasta marinara with roasted Brussels sprouts).
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