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  1. I think if a wine bar had a happy hour until 10 PM, it wouldn't really be a happy hour. Bibi, on E. 4th, has happy hour until 8 PM.
  2. weinoo

    THE BEST: NYC Pizza Favorites

    Now with 3 additional locations. And I've had some less than exemplary pizza, from the original Greenwich Village location, within the past 6 months. Expansion may be good for Joe's wallet, but not for the pizza.
  3. I tried the leg of lamb from New Zealand...very mild...I prefer Colorado or fancier lamb from farmer's market. Those artichoke hearts aren't bad. Already roasted beets from France will do in a pinch. I find the cheeses I've tried to be okay, not great. I can't believe I'm going to Trader Joe's.
  4. weinoo

    Dinner 2019

    New Zealand lamb, roasted (I prefer Colorado or any of the really good stuff that we can't necessarily get w/o jumping through a few small hoops). Basmati saffron rice pilaf, which I could've done a better job fluffing. Also, here's a dish (the rice) where I used water, when stock would've made it so much better. Rancho Gordo's Mogette de Vendée beans from France, which cooked quite quickly on the stovetop. Nothing green, though I had a celery stalk while prepping. Re: the beans - I didn't get to them before some had actually split. Evidently a small harvest, and super thin-skinned, the beans in their dry state weren't as beautiful as many others from RG, so I guess their lack of beauty once cooked was to be expected. But they are creamy and delicious, and smashed up on crostini tonight or tomorrow, I'm sure they'll be tasty.
  5. weinoo

    Vinegar Chicken

    Why not just buy the best chicken available to you?
  6. Eater's Best Happy Hours... 37 best - click
  7. I don't know about "tons of places" with super cheap happy hours; I guess it depends on one's definition of tons and super cheap. There are plenty of places that will sell you a glass of wine or a beer at less than their going rate, along with $1 oysters. And I'm sure there are a number of dive bars where a shot and a beer can be had for $5 or so. But for instance, close to where you're looking, I like Porchlight, because you can get a properly made cocktail...here's their happy hour:
  8. weinoo

    THE BEST: NYC Pizza Favorites

    We were at Louie & Ernie's this past weekend, to my taste one of the great NY style pizzeria pizzas to be had. Behold the sausage: The plain pie went so fast, I only got to take a picture of this:
  9. weinoo

    About pecorinos?

    It's pretty hard to find true pecorino Romano, that is, pecorino made in or around the provinces of Lazio/Rome. If you can, it's quite delicious, as are many other pecorinos of course. But very little is actually made around Rome, and to my taste, those that are, are the best.
  10. weinoo

    Wine Refrigerator

    So far (keeping fingers crossed), I've been happy with the under-counter, 2-zone Summit we purchased...holds almost 4 cases...
  11. weinoo

    Existing Conditions

    Existing Conditions They're doing some special Sunday night dinners, with guest chefs. Best to follow them on social media to find out what's upcoming. And next week, another interesting event called Flaming Cocktails, with David Wondrich and Dale DeGroff.
  12. weinoo

    NYC steakhouses 2019–

    Everything is a contest...I guess you haven't watched the Food Network in the past 20 years!
  13. weinoo

    Dinner 2019

    A few recent dinners: Mezze rigatoni all'Amatriciana. Side salad of endive in the style of puntarelle, with anchovy, garlic, lemon, olive oil. Got my shipment of the Rancho Gordo bean club, and it included farro. So, a soup of porcini and cremini mushrooms, leeks, onion, celery, carrot, and farro. A play on mushroom barley soup, I like this perhaps a bit more, as it doesn't get too thick like it can with barley. The broth includes the soaking liquid from the porcini, chicken stock, and water. Roasted chicken thighs and fingerling potatoes. Braised endive and romaine. The almost all-white plate of winter.
  14. weinoo

    NYC steakhouses 2019–

    If you want to talk, and actually hear each other talk, that's a whole other story. I do a lot of nodding/smiling in restaurants these days; not nodding off, but nodding as if to say I agree with whatever it is the other person (s) may be saying. Stick to a classic steakhouse like Spark's or Wolfgang's et al., in that case. Even Keen's can get very loud.
  15. weinoo

    NYC steakhouses 2019–

    Geographically, 3rd Ave. doesn't really run straight up from Union Square - but Park Avenue does, and then you can swing over to 3rd when you hit 46th Street, if you decide on Sparks, which isn't a bad choice, especially if you want to spend some dough on wine. Don't forget, Paul Castellano was gunned down right in front of the place, along with his driver, so you'd get to see some famous sights too! But - I think the best steaks being served in NYC aren't necessarily being served in steakhouses. Which is probably good for your seafood eating friend (s). This Korean restaurant called Cote is doing lovely meat stuff, but it's a pain in the ass to get a reservation. But my favorite would have to be Frenchette, where the rest of the menu just rocks, the wine list is great, and the beef is awesome. Easily enough for 2 or 3. Back to steakhouses - Wolfgang's, Keen's (which is a classic for sure), S & W's, Old Homestead, will all get you where you want to go.