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  1. Cooked fingerling potatoes at bake steam 400 degrees 40 minutes. Crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside. Zero attention while cooking. Lamb leg cooked sous vide at 140 degrees.
  2. chefmd

    Shad Roe

    Cooked it last week, also posted in Dinner thread. Sautéed it gently in brown butter.
  3. This was a ceramics piece that was gifted to me by someone. I was afraid that it was too thick but there was no problem. It is like a small casserole dish with lid. I do not have fuzzy logic rice cooker but have a regular rice cooker. Rice tastes very similar to what I remember but you can make much larger amount in rice cooker.
  4. Made short grain white rice on super steam 300 degrees for 30 minutes as recommended in Cuisinart booklet that came with the oven. Rice was perfect.
  5. chefmd

    Dinner! 2014 (Part 1)

    C. sapidus, shad roe tastes as a mildly crunchy delicate fish. If skate and grits had a baby, it would be shad roe. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed. Mrs. C's fried plantains look delicious.
  6. Did anyone try making black olive bread using Forkish method? That is my favorite bread ever. With nice high fat European butter and a glass of <insert beverage here>.
  7. chefmd

    Dinner! 2014 (Part 1)

    It is running in my friendly Harris Teeter. I am in Northern Virginia (which is completely different from the rest of Virginia if you are not sure what I mean). There is a very special fishmonger in the store near my house. She is managing to order seafood that rivals Whole Foods for literally half the price. I just ask her: "What should I get tonight?". It is magical...
  8. chefmd

    Dinner! 2014 (Part 1)

    Shad roe sautéed in brown butter with pencil asparagus (although asparagus was thinner than your average pencil).
  9. Overnight white bread. I need to buy whole grain flour to take this bread to the next level although it is pretty darn tasty as is.
  10. Bought this oven at Williams Sonoma outlet. They have it on special for 149 dollars. They will also ship, not sure how much it will cost. I wanted it, was not sure I needed it, had to take it home for this price. Now the fun part: cooking with it.
  11. Saturday White Bread (on Sunday). I only made one loaf, half recipe. We do not need two loafs at a time. Used water close to 95 degrees to allow for smaller volume. Final temperature was about 80 degrees instead of recommended 78. Now, the most important thing is not to eat the whole loaf in one sitting...
  12. Where in VT? My son lives in Burlington and I would love to break good news to him.
  13. Tartine bread Kindle edition is on sale today only for 2.99 on Amazon. May be someone can provide eG friendly link.
  14. I just got email from MC: ebook is now available, 50% off for registered MC@H users until Jan 15th. We’ve transformed the award-winning Modernist Cuisine at Home into an immersive, portable eBook for your tablet, smartphone, and laptop. To celebrate, we’re offering registered owners of the print version of Modernist Cuisine at Home the opportunity to purchase a copy of the eBook companion for 50% off the $79.99 list price. That’s nearly $40 in savings! When you’re ready to purchase the eBook, simply log in to your account at ModernistCuisine.com and click the ‘get promotional code’ button located under the icon for each print version of Modernist Cuisine at Home you registered. (Not registered yet? Here are step-by-step instructions for registering your book.) We will e-mail you a unique, one-time-use promotional code for your 50% discount on the Modernist Cuisine at Home eBook from Inkling.com. Save that e-mail—once we’ve sent you a code, you won’t be able to retrieve it again. Then visit www.inkling.com/modernistcuisine, add the eBook to your cart, and enter the code at checkout.
  15. Utah company making anything Buzzed? Hmm. Oh, there, it is Barely Buzzed.
  16. I once accidentally ate in a "living food restaurant" (my husband's friend suggested a place in San Francisco). Nothing was heated above however few degrees Fahrenheit, don't remember exactly how few. The food was vile, repulsive, heavily laced with raw garlic. And I happen to love garlic but it was toooooo much. I will tell you that "living food" was no exaggeration. It tried to stay alive in my GI tract. There were a couple of toddlers in our group and I came close to asking their parents if I can share froot loops with their kids.
  17. We were in Ford Lauderdale, walking on the beach, dinner time, no reservations, no particular restaurants that we wanted to visit... You know, lazy evening. Lets have dinner at Ritz Carlton, they have a nice terrace, surely they should have decent menu. Ordering risotto which is always like playing Russian roulette. It arrives greatly overcooked, almost porridge soft. I complain, ask for it to be replaced. Waiter looks down at me (OK, he was standing and I was sitting but it did feel like a condescending look) and says: risotto is our signature dish, our Chef if FRENCH! And that is when I quickly order steak, rare. Steak was actually rather tasty.
  18. chefmd

    Dinner! 2013 (Part 5)

    My husband collects plastic college cups. This one is VA Tech Hokies. Wanna see another college cup? Just ask. There is a good chance that we have it.
  19. It is. Not sure I love it but the size is perfect for Art Culinaire. Top magazine on each level gets dusty and sticky from exposure to kitchen elements. Thats why I am so happy with surgical cabinets that have sliding doors.
  20. Very thrilled with bookcases. Craiglist find. Formerly used as medical cabinets. Now need to add color with art and little useless things on the counters. When are you and Anna going to come to good old USA to cook? Why should Manitoulin island have all the fun?
  21. Belated pictures of new kitchen. Very happy not to cook in the bathroom any longer! Please note my special pride and joy kitchen faucet from Kohler.
  22. chefmd

    Dinner! 2013 (Part 5)

    Sous vide lamb shank with cranberry beans/spinach/roasted tomatoes. I was hoping for some left over meat to serve with pasta tomorrow but sadly there is nothing left.
  23. I've signed up as well. Can it really be free? Oh yes it is.
  24. chefmd

    Dinner! 2013 (Part 4)

    Baby greens salad with flash seared king oyster mushrooms.
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