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  1. Baking steel company is going to start making version 2.0 in June: griddle. I was going to buy a current version but would probably wait till the next one comes out. It has raised border and that will come very handy when used as griddle on my induction burner. http://bakingsteel.com/baking-steel-griddle-version-2-0-coming-june/
  2. Made proper daiquiri for the first time, thanks to this forum. Oh my god, what a revelation. Nothing in common with sugary artificial concoction that should not share the same name!
  3. chefmd

    Dinner! 2014 (Part 2)

    First of the season wild king salmon! The fish was so perfect, I felt it did not need much but a squeeze of lemon juice and blanched green beans and peas. " It's like butter" said my friendly fishmonger. And she was right.
  4. OK, now we are in Laos. So here is chicken larb with some sticky rice. I am really enjoying fish sauce in everything and sticky rice with everything. Also, I am finding more and more uses for roasted rice powder.
  5. Banana blossom salad. I added avocado because its creaminess seemed to be going nicely with crunchy banana blossom. Dressed with fish sauce, sesame oil, hot peppers.
  6. What about Apple Pie? What can be more American? And late summer seems to be good time for it. Complete with apple cider, apple bobbing contest, and watching American Pie movie.
  7. chefmd

    Dinner! 2014 (Part 2)

    Soba, just the other day I was trying to look up garlic broth in one of the earlier issues of Art Culinaire but I do not have that particular one. Where did you recipe for garlic broth come from? Or may be you can tell me how you made it. And BTW, you make stunning dishes.
  8. I was in Whole Foods yesterday and came upon this lovely package of pork feet labeled as pork osso bucco. What a brilliant marketing scheme! Just like coming up with name for Chilean sea bass (who would buy Patagonian toothfish)! I predict skyrocketing prices on humble pied de cochon in the near future.
  9. chefmd

    Breakfast! 2014

    Shrimp and polenta.
  10. Sur la Table has Sous Vide supreme on clearance for 269 in the store (Arlington, VA but I assume that it is the same for all stores). I already have one (and an immersion circulator as well) but the price is so tempting...
  11. A short detour to Cambodia. Unbelievable beauty. Unbelievably flavorful steak salad called Plea Sach Ko Khmer cuisine style. Thinly shave beef (I partially froze rib eye steak and sliced it as thin as possible with my sharpest carbon steel knife) marinated with lime juice, fish sauce, lemon grass, shallots, chiles, mint, scallions, a tiny bit of sugar, roasted rice powder. Move over steak tartar, this is now my favorite raw beef recipe.
  12. I want to know too. I will be there in June. Also, does anyone know if it is legal to bring spices back?
  13. Wokkingtall, thank you for you comment. I should do a thread about Russian food the way it was when I lived there during Soviet times. Weather today is terrible, it is raining hard all day. I almost gave heart attack to one of my 90 year old patients when my iPhone started to make terrible noise due to flood alert. Note to self, turn those notifications off. Needed some comfort food, had some left over chicken (mostly bones). Made Chao Ga, Vietnamese rice porridge. Stick to your bones food. I made it in a newly purchased Emile Henry pot, it was on sale at Sur La Table for 109 dollars, there was some random coupon for 10% off and this pot just had to come home with me.
  14. Chicago is a great city for food lovers. Don't know if you ate there, but The Purple Pig is a great restaurant if you want to try lesser used parts of the animal (mostly pig). http://thepurplepigchicago.com/menu.html
  15. Also you may be able to find open box items in the store at a significant discount. A little scratch does not affect use of pots and pans, you will add plenty a blemish while cooking with them.
  16. Sorry, I was referring to his travels in general. That boy likes his street food. Definitely did not mean to offend anyone. He and I were born in Soviet Union during Communist era, definitely not the best place to be born :-). Even now Russia is #72 on that list.
  17. chefmd

    Breakfast! 2014

    Elvis Presley sandwich. On home made bread.
  18. I never cooked glutinous rice but every country in Asia including Vietnam seems to enjoy it in many dishes. It seemed very intimidating. Turns out it is very easy. Soak it for several hours, steam for about 15 minutes. That is all there is to it... My makeshift steamer worked very well. Served it with pork cooked sous vide and topped with fried garlic. On the side is bottled sweet chilly sauce with addition of red boat fish sauce and freshly squeezed (very expensive) lime juice.
  19. So my son moved to Vietnam. Here you can see how tough it is to travel the world...
  20. A lot of us were there, waiting for MC to arrive especially when books were on back order. You will enjoy your purchase. And you will buy more things. And more things. Joining eGullet is free but it may cause frequent episodes of compulsive shopping.
  21. Left over noodles from the soup became cold noodle salad with cucumbers, carrots, scallions and sesame dressing. I did cheat a little and used peanut butter plus sesame oil (as a lot of recipes suggested) instead of sesame paste. Super quick and very refreshing.
  22. What temperature for pork belly? The dish looks stunning.
  23. beef noodle soup made with above mentioned beef shank
  24. What ingredients do you have difficulties sourcing? Just curious. World wide ethnic foods are now available in all major cities now. May be eGullet members can help you source those ingredients...
  25. Taiwanese beef noodle soup is waiting for the flavors to meddle for tomorrow. For now here is the beef shank picture. And drinking games of thrones beer since it is one of my son's favorite shows.
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