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  1. Vein is a euphemism for GI tract with whatever it is one usually finds in a gut. Not poisonous but something I would rather not eat. It is rather easy to remove the "vein" after cooking so your guests can do it for themselve.
  2. Zucchini quickly fried in duck fat while duck breast is resting. While cooking in one pan. While renovating kitchen. Damn, this almost sounds like a poem. It surely tasted poetic.
  3. chefmd

    Dinner! 2013 (Part 4)

    Baselerd, Wow! Makes me want to run to my dehydrator and start making fennel chips. Also, your hamachi looks exquisitely fresh. I need to start reading Uchi cookbook.
  4. Saying "excellent choice" every time I order something. Which begs the question: what would be the bad choice on your menu?
  5. Thanks for Rubbermaid suggestion. I have a large plastic container for sous vide and that should do. Here is how the kitchen looks now. Just realized that light fixtures need to be replaced as well...
  6. Refried beans. I like my beans whole and with some bite. Except hummus.
  7. What a shame because your kitchen is really quite beautiful. Too bad it doesn't work for you. Kitchen actually looks better in the photo (professionally taken when condo was for sale) than it did in real life. New doors and plastic veneers were attached to old frame and were falling/peeling off. When cabinets were removed, the date on the back was July 23 1975.
  8. As a lot of you suggested, using bathroom sink for dishes proven to be the major obstacle. But i's amazing what you can cook and serve using one skillet and one plate per person. Here is dinner Burrata and tomatoes salad. Steak with quinoa and arugula as side dish.
  9. Thanks for suggestions everyone. I also hate to use disposable plates but will have to do it for at least some meals. Late lunch today. Leftover half sandwich from work and arugula salad with shaved parmesan. Due to the kitchen austerity mode, salad was mixed directly in the other half of sandwich container.
  10. chefmd

    Potato Leek Soup

    There is a recipe in Modernist Cuisine at Home that uses diastatic malt powder for what they call (what else) modernist vichyssoise. They also recommend passing potatoes through a fine mash sieve if you don't have malt powder. I was recently intrigued by this sieve mentioned in chef steps. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004LZ4WO0/ref=as_li_qf_sp_asin_il_tlie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B004LZ4WO0&linkCode=as2&tag=delvkitc-20
  11. Thanks Kerry. My husband does not do the kitchen. In fact, if he tries to do some home project, it costs me more in the end to undo the damage by professionals. I do have an electric grill on the balcony! Thanks for reminding me. Unfortunately no laundry sink but we do have a bathtub in the guest kitchen. Chicken recipe looks awesome. Will add it to my list of things to try (very long list, very little time).
  12. This is my new make shift kitchen set up: Refrigerator, induction burner, microwave/convection oven in the foyer. Posters in the background protecting wall from splashes. Few plates, glasses, bowls etc. in the coat closet. Espresso maker, soda stream, kettle in the guest bathroom. Vacuum sealer under the counter. And washing station in the other bathroom. I also have easy access to pots, pans, kitchen appliances. Any suggestions on what to cook while in kitchen austerity mode will be greatly appreciated. What did other members do during kitchen remodeling?
  13. It is time. To redo the kitchen. Not only it is country style which is completely different from the rest of the condo. It also falls apart, literally. It is fun to watch the guests to open the cabinet door only to find out that it one of the hinges unhinged. Oops. This is the professional picture of the kitchen (taken by realtors when the place was for sale. We managed to save beautiful granite but that's about all we could use.
  14. chefmd

    Sous Vide Octopus

    ChrisTaylor, what is your usual cooking temp/time for sous vide octopus?
  15. chefmd

    Homemade Pam

    Try DeBuyer blue steel crepe pans. After initial seasoning (with potato peels!) they are really non stick and produce gorgeous crepes. Additional use: searing steaks.
  16. Steak tartar and Vesper martini (blue cheese stuffed olives instead of lemon peel).
  17. It's 2 hour drive from Washington DC;). You have a place to stay...
  18. Went to Toki Underground for the first time. They had 8 course dinner tonight instead of the regular menu. Dinner was honoring their late chef Thang Le who died last year. Chefs getting ready for the night. Oyster with green tea noodles Scallop, turnip, black garlic sauce. There is also a little sliver of mackerel wrapped in shiso leave and a thin slice of radish. Super imaginative combo! Congee with pig's tongue. Winter roots salad with parsley puree. I could (almost) imagine becoming vegetarian. Pork neck, prawn, rice noodle. OK buy not spectacular. Pork neck was room temperature and I would definitely would like it to be steamingly hot. Red mullet, pumpkin, bamboo shoot. Fish was ahem... fishy. Did not care for it at all. Quail with sticky rice. I will eat sticky rice in any incarnation. Blood orange and lavender panna cotta. Server was trying to convince me that panna cotta was flavored with strawberries.
  19. Plus one on that. Just finished listing all my cookbooks on eatyourbooks.com and that should help.
  20. If I wanted to cook dinner and shut up I would not be on egullet. Noooooo! I want to talk about it with like minded people who may or (gasp!) may not share my opinion.
  21. Is gas stove Modernist? Not in 2013, but it sure was compared to the wood burning stove. Is Induction burner Modernist? May be. But there is no gas in my Condo building and Induction for me is preferable to electric. Others may disagree. Is pressure cooker Modernist? I remember my grandmother using it in Soviet Russia. She surely was not cooking Modernist Cuisine carrot soup in it though. The list can go on and on. We all use chemical ingredients to cook. NaCl (AKA table salt) is the most common example.
  22. chefmd

    Breakfast! 2013

    Steel cut oats with a splash of cream and freshly grated Parm. Lots of Parm.
  23. chefmd

    Dinner! 2012

    Second the amazing bacon. Made tuna and avocado stack. Avocado is simply dressed with lime juice, olive oil, and salt. Tuna is mixed with chopped scallions, sesame oil, ginger, and soy sauce.
  24. chefmd

    Dinner! 2012

    It pays to become friends with fishmonger. Today she saved me two colossal shrimp. Those beauties are exactly one pound! U2, not too bad. You can see 10 inch chef knife in the picture just to give an idea about the size... And cooked with corn grits and sautéed mushrooms. Very sweet, taste very similar to lobster. Next time will cook sous vide.
  25. Mashed potatoes server in martini glasses with toppings buffet. Potatoes are usually cold by the time they are served. Add cold toppings to that... I prefer vodka in my martini, gin if you must.
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