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  1. Hey, my eiPOT from 2013 ist still going strong, the temperature probe has been in the water 24/7/365 for 9 years without a failure. For short time SV I use the combi-steam oven, but for LTLT or when the combi-steam oven is occupied by veggies, I am still happy to use the eiPOT.
  2. Welcome to Sous Vide Victor! There used to be a sous vide page in WikiGullet, but unfortunately WikiGullet has been completely discontinued. I saved this sous vide page to the sous vide Wikia.
  3. As rotuts said, instead of one professional oven you might consider two Electrolux EBSL70SP so you can e.g. use one for sous vide and the other for baking at the same time, or any other combinations. They also have vacuum-sealer drawers that fit beneath the ovens.
  4. Hi KitchenQueen, welcome to the sous vide community! In The Sous vide page from wikiGullet you will find basic information and an extensive chapter on egg cookery as well as a link to Douglas Baldwin's Practical Guide to Sous Vide Cooking which contains the important tables for cooking times and temperatures. You will have a lot of satisfaction with sous vide cooking.
  5. Now finally I got the answers from Electrolux: Model EBSL70 is not marketed in the US and there are no plans to do so later. Demineralized water is aggressive and may influence corrosion of certain parts. I am now doing sous vide for a few hours in the steamer, for longer cooking times I still use my SVM/FMM.
  6. PedroG

    Sous vide fish

    A temperature drop from 44°C to 32°C by adding some fish that's not even frozen is a strong indicator that your SV bath is way too small! A recovery time of 20 minutes means your heater is way too weak or your PID-tuning is not adequate. I never had such a problem with a 16-liter bath and a 2000W heater (SVM/FMM). What is your SV setup? If you are not obliged to pasteurize your fish, I would recommend something like 46-47°C core temperature for an optimal organoleptic outcome.
  7. PedroG

    Sous Vide steak tips

    Exactly! Brushing the dried steak with oil and using a dry pan instead of pouring oil into the pan avoids much of the splashing and oil mist wafting all over the stove and counter.
  8. After sous vide pasteurization, unbagging, cutting and rebagging, surface pasteurization by dunking a few seconds in 80°C water should "reset the clock", so (according to Douglas Baldwin) you can keep it below 5°C for max. 10 days or below 3.3°C for up to 30 days, provided you did not poke into the meat.
  9. One day I might do a bit of homework as has been proposed. I plan to repeat the experiment I did six years ago, but with one probe in the center and one just a few millimeters below the surface, doing the same experiment with the same vacuum-sealed pile of wet rags (which in contrast to meat slabs can be reused ad lib) once in the steamer and once in the SVM/FMM water bath.
  10. Specific heat of water is 4.186 J/g/°C whereas latent heat of steam is 2256 J/g, that's why condensing steam delivers more energy than surrounding water. Edit: Oops, the previous posts were faster!
  11. My old convection oven had to be replaced, now I have a combi steam oven (Electrolux EBSL70SP). Temperature stability is much better than with the old convection oven which oscillated by 13°C around 55°C; the new oven has a sous vide function (100% steam) which allows setting temperature in 1°C increments from 50°C to 95°C, and at 55°C it oscillates within 2°C with a periodicity of about 9-12 minutes; at 75°C it oscillates within 3.4°C with a periodicity of 2.5 minutes. My first experiment was "perfect poached eggs" 16 min at 75°C, they came out the same as I am accustomed to from the sous vide water bath. My second experiment was racks of lamb (vacuum sealed with marinade and mustard about a month ago and kept at 1°C). Thickness was 45mm, so scheduled time was 3 hours at 56°C. Then I unbagged, dabbed dry, painted with HOLL rapeseed oil and started searing in a dry hot pan, but then I suddenly was called away, I returned the unbagged rack on a plate into the oven at 55°C / 100% steam for another 3 hours. After that, drippings on the plate were minimal, I seared the whole rack, cut in 2-bone-chops and seared the cut surfaces, and they came out fork-tender, perfectly pink and succulent as I am accustomed to from the sous vide water bath. My guess is that temperature swings of 2-3°C in a steam oven will affect only the outer few millimeters of the meat which will be overcooked anyway by searing afterwards. Maybe one of our mathematicians can calculate how many millimeters of meat it will take to attenuate temperature swings of e.g. 5°C to e.g. 0.3°C. An earlier experiment showed that core temperature swings are attenuated to within about 0.1°C with temperature swings of 13°C in a convection oven. Another question is how much shorter cooking times will be assuming a heat transfer coefficient above 200 W/m²•K in condensing steam instead of 95 W/m²•K in a water bath as assumed by Douglas Baldwin in his tables. Maybe new tables would have to be calculated for sous vide in combi steam ovens? I may do short time sous vide cooking in the combi steam oven in the future, but for long time cooking I sure will still use my SVM/FMM water bath.
  12. I just had a phone call from Electrolux Switzerland: 1. So far Electrolux combi-steam-ovens are not represented in the USA; Model EBSL70 is brandnew. 2. Regarding tap water instead of distilled or demineralized water they sent the question to the factory, we may have to wait a few weeks for the answer.
  13. The article in the wikiGullet "Impact Of Sous Vide Bag Position On Temperature Uniformity" has been deleted, please read the original article on WIkia.
  14. If you are looking for the sous vide page of the wikiGullet, you will see a blank page (wikiGullet is no longer being maintained), but you can view it in the internet wayback machine or in the sous vide Wikia.
  15. If you are looking for the wikiGullet article on the Danger Zone, you will see a blank page (wikiGullet is no longer being maintained), but you can view it in the sous vide Wikia.
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