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I am Peter Gruber MD from Switzerland. My friends call me Pedro. I am a retired eye surgeon engaged in sous vide and general cooking @home. My special interest is the "why" which should automatically result in the "how", so my most interesting cook-books are Harold McGee On Food and Cooking and a few others like Hervé This-Benckhard, Robert L. Wolke, Jeff Potter, etc., and of course Nathan Myhrvolds Modernist Cuisine (arrived April 7th 2011).

My first sous vide equipment was a SousVideMagic 1500A (6 segments programmable) from FreshMealsSolutions with a VEGA stockpot (9L 400W side-heater). Tuning this equipment made me buy a calibrated high precision thermometer (Greisinger GMH-3710 with 0.01° resolution) and later a data logging thermometer. For sensor calibration experiments I used a digital camera set to take pictures of the SVM displays and thermometer displays at 30sec intervals. I became a beta-tester for FreshMealsSolutions and had the privilege to undertake hundreds of tests and PID-tuning experiments with a prototype of the new SousVideMagic 1500D and later with a prototype of the FreshMealsMagic 2000W immersion-heater/-bubbler. I have no financial interest in FreshMealsSolutions; Frank Hsu of FreshMealsSolutions sent me new hardware in exchange for test results and suggestions for improvement.

See also My profile on sousvide.wikia

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