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  1. the Singularity sent me this... Excellent conversation covers not just Combustion inc, but the beginning of Modernist Cuisine.
  2. is it possible yet to see a video of the temperature on the timer as the probe gets stuck into something? (yes, that's as exciting as my life gets, even without Covid)
  3. ,, thanks it's defo on the list. will hit the lobsters first, though! and I am afraid I'm not that exotic fella, especially for your parts. My lot are old Scotia, I just happen to be in the Motherland at the moment.
  4. the, err, "money shot" of that sauce in the photo does not look appetising! but if you say so fella, I am planning a trip there one day!
  5. what the funk, is that?!! am hoping its some kind of Frank Zappa to something else's Rick Astley!
  6. Will attempt this weekend, they look like a luminous Millionaires shortcake.
  7. never heard of a Nanaimo bar are they traditional or new ?
  8. welcome aboard @ChefChrisYoung You've said elsewhere that each timer could take at least 8 probes, presumably we can name or colour code each probe, but will the app, when's it's finished be a data logger and be able display each probe's temp concurrently rather than skip through them like some of the bbq controllers do? (e.g. whilst using the app on a larger iPad/tablet screen). And can you speak to how the probe is powered, somebody asked about battery, if it's not commercially sensitive how do you power a small wifi probe for 24hrs: any nasties in the battery tha
  9. if Chris does turn up here, I'd like to know how the Wunderprobe and algorithm deals with, the, err, ahem, bone-in problem, say in a leg of lamb or rib roast.
  10. from what he's just said on instagram I think he's waiting to be allowed to post on here. in response to my induction question, also from Instagram.... "I’ve used mine on my GE induction cooktop and had no issues with RF interference or goofy readings that can sometimes happen with thermocouple systems on induction (we don’t use thermocouples)." So that's thumbs up from me. Whether he can speak to the per charge battery life of the probe or it's range if it's in preproduction I don't know.
  11. if this is their first product, I can easily see a wireless fan/billows like thermoworks and others have for BBQ. and that leads to the battery life per charge of the probes, as people do overnight cooks.
  12. https://combustion.inc Anyone got thoughts on this? I can see the control freak or Vollrath or even the Anova oven deploying technology like this in the near future. I was looking at the array of probes and thermometers for American barbecue in the summer and wondered when they'd start going cable free. think I want one, anyone else?
  13. Ah sorry Kerry, hoped someone could tell me pro cons of each.
  14. isn't one by the manufacturer called Blumlein ?
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