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  1. adey73

    Black Garlic

    you going to do a quick sodium carbonate soak then freeze or after? what temp is the C.S neutralised?
  2. adey73

    Black Garlic

    would a lye wash do it?
  3. Glad to see it has an internal probe. am speculating $499/£450
  4. adey73

    Black Garlic

    did you ever get to the bottom of this?
  5. The Paragon is an extraordinary price. Anyone think this steam oven is going to have an internal probe attachment, like commercial units do?
  6. what do people think below $500? if Anova's stated aim is to have a fully connected kitchen and this appears in January's CES, then a precise induction unit must be in the background too.
  7. did anyone spot the price?
  8. not that I can see, plus there would be the phaf of getting a converter.
  9. in Europe there's the Rocook. The only third party reviews I could find are on amazon.es & amazon.it. All state the low quality of the bluetooth probe and battery duration, making longer sous-vide cooks virtually impossible according to those stated opinions. I'd want to play with a Rocook to see if it could sustain and recover temp while deep frying, but the highest temp is only 180c.
  10. @JoNorvelleWalker you planning to deep fry with it soon?
  11. $99 !!! Have Paragon folded with that price? that's a steal just to play with... ! I really thought Vollrath would have brought out something with real precision by now.
  12. I will never again use basmati instead of arborio for risotto, ending up with congee porridge.... I didn't go to the fourth oldest university in the english speaking world for this level of idiocy; that came free.
  13. but the ladies facilities have twice as many "traps"!
  14. adey73

    New Anova Pro

    does the app on the Joule have a data-logger?
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