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  1. adey73

    DARTO pans

    There's a slight kink on the rim of the 15cm. anyone seasoned theirs? ..... I see the Australian no rivet brand recommend using an abrasive prior to seasoning to help the polymer adhere to the interior of the pan. Anyone tried this..... ?
  2. adey73

    DARTO pans

    My haul of 15, 20, 25cm ...... Am I only one that misses the calico Darto branded bags?
  3. adey73

    Rotary evaporator

    if you want to go -10c in the condenser what cooling liquid do you use ..... and if it's alcohol based won't it evaporate?
  4. that Peel is a 106 of the Queens pounds on Amazon uk !!!
  5. I've been sliding pizzas onto the steel with parchment paper, then as the dough par bakes whip the parchment out from underneath and finishing the baking with the pizza directly on the steel. this works..... but overall I've never been thrilled with any of my experiments and I've been doing it for almost 2 years.... Naan breads however are great.
  6. did the unit maintain the preset frying temp or did it over shoot trying to compensate after the addition of the chicken?
  7. @rotuts is that "woe" that it isn't or "wow" that is, finally coming out?
  8. adey73

    DARTO pans

    .... don’t they usually do a Christmas/NY 50% sale, anyway?
  9. adey73

    "Modernist Pizza"

    ..................posts been up for 5 hours and no arguments about pizza taxonomy, yet. I hope they don't publish for that reason alone!
  10. Where about you seeing the super cheap lobsters?
  11. adey73

    Gesiers D'oie Confits

    what's your cure ratio (and why haven't you written a cookbook/manual) ?
  12. ahh back when chefsteps used to be interesting.
  13. Anyone got any ideas, resources, experience or thoughts on the Japanese chef techniques of dry ageing fish?
  14. adey73

    instagram & "sick"

    I realise we are united by the indeterminacy of the language..... I have just been looking at some kelp cured cod photos (I know, am a wild one) and next to it someone had written... "I tried that and it tasted sick" In Americanese is that puke sick?
  15. adey73

    Japanese curry

    how you rating the curry though? Instant coffee isn't exactly Desi, but looks interesting ingredient list?