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  1. @rotuts is that "woe" that it isn't or "wow" that is, finally coming out?
  2. adey73

    DARTO pans

    .... don’t they usually do a Christmas/NY 50% sale, anyway?
  3. adey73

    "Modernist Pizza"

    ..................posts been up for 5 hours and no arguments about pizza taxonomy, yet. I hope they don't publish for that reason alone!
  4. Where about you seeing the super cheap lobsters?
  5. adey73

    Gesiers D'oie Confits

    what's your cure ratio (and why haven't you written a cookbook/manual) ?
  6. ahh back when chefsteps used to be interesting.
  7. Anyone got any ideas, resources, experience or thoughts on the Japanese chef techniques of dry ageing fish?
  8. adey73

    instagram & "sick"

    I realise we are united by the indeterminacy of the language..... I have just been looking at some kelp cured cod photos (I know, am a wild one) and next to it someone had written... "I tried that and it tasted sick" In Americanese is that puke sick?
  9. adey73

    Japanese curry

    how you rating the curry though? Instant coffee isn't exactly Desi, but looks interesting ingredient list?
  10. adey73

    Electric Flour Mills

    can these things grind anything unctuous like vanilla beans?
  11. am probably looking in the wrong place but that place doesn't look jumping either?
  12. surprised this topic lost momentum almost 2 months ago..... no new experiments or results?
  13. adey73

    Electric Flour Mills

    what was the rub? ... or was it the lack of rub?
  14. adey73

    Electric Flour Mills

    The Mockmill was designed by the guy who developed the KOMO?
  15. adey73

    Electric Flour Mills

    Jo is the KoMo recommended in Modernist bread? (and did you ever find out about the homogeniser?)