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  1. if you could Brandon would you swap your Joule for the newer induction powered Polyscience breville/sage hydroplus with the smartphone looking display rather than the chefsteps app? (am not buying!)
  2. Remember the heady days when the UK forum was abuzz with us allegedly bad of tooth and poor of food Brits being abusive to one another.... which we regard as traditional wit... but moderators regarded as offensive and deleted and so everyone left? well let's all come back together not to dog-pile onto this man on social media but just to wallow in these fine words starting at 5.13 of this video, let me quote... "In England people don't even eat Fish & Chips that much, it's not a common part of your diet in the UK" Ed Szymanski
  3. what temp is your liquid? The Q700 has a built in thermometer port for a K type probe. if you look at the flow cells that Qsonica and others have they always have refrigerated circulators pumping around the beaker. are you using a programmed pulse ?
  4. Anyone think it would work for the techniques and temps in book 2 of Mod Cuisine… like the cheese powders?
  5. Brewdog has struck again! their promotion of 10 winnable Willy Wonka style gold cans are actually plated brass 🤪 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-57650685
  6. yeah the beer is pretty good. And they are so sharp on the marketing, shame what was apparently happening behind the scenes. They have installed a new chairperson.... but the gesturing against the giants of the brewing industry is at best unsustainable when you have your very own, "Managing Director of Brewdog Shareholder TSG Consumer Partners". Maybe it's time for an honest rebranding of their best selling IPA from "Punk" to the more accurate name "Tory". https://dailybusinessgroup.co.uk/2021/06/brewdog-installs-chairman-to-quell-fear-furore/
  7. I've read a few allegations and disputes in the American craft brewing news about macho "bro" culture, in recent months. Now the Scottish brewery whose PR quickly capitalised on Boris Johnson's senior advisor Dominic Cummings travelling from London to Barnard Castle for a claimed eye test, (while everyone else was in lockdown and the elderly were dying in care homes) swiftly launched a beer to celebrate such hypocrisy called 'Barnard Castle Eye test' https://www.brewdog.com/uk/barnard-castle-eye-test This week however former and current employees signed an open letter highlighting the companies array of low quality manoeuvres all in the name of their Espirt de Corps "Beer, People and Planet.... But in response 'The Tsar didn't know' https://www.instagram.com/p/CP-2JyiJtvb/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  8. fry-up and PANCAKES!!
  9. can you set each rack in the oven at a different temp for holding? (... or did I dream that capability)
  10. Kerry did you know they had one of your machines?
  11. Welcome Sargun. I've got a large 'real' vac chamber and as Paul says I can use it for more than just sous vide bag sealing, that I bought mine for all those years ago (13 I think). but when it goes, I will buy a small countertop model like you say, just for freezing as much as anything.
  12. the Singularity sent me this... Excellent conversation covers not just Combustion inc, but the beginning of Modernist Cuisine.
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