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  1. I will never again use basmati instead of arborio for risotto, ending up with congee porridge.... I didn't go to the fourth oldest university in the english speaking world for this level of idiocy; that came free.
  2. but the ladies facilities have twice as many "traps"!
  3. adey73

    New Anova Pro

    does the app on the Joule have a data-logger?
  4. @btbyrddo 'elastomer' boards meet the Hi Soft criteria ?
  5. @THS if you were to start over again, what specifically would you buy? And how do you measure the temperature of the fluid inside the vessel you’re seeking to reduce?
  6. what about using a degassing chamber used for silicone rather than the pyrex lab glass? this has always interested me, please add more photos when you've achieved the new set up.
  7. @LWB what's the advantage of using both whey and caseinate proteins, don't they do same job?
  8. The Patented Portable de-Gentile-izer ?
  9. Wow I just thought of her two days ago whilst looking at the now massively increased Argentine wine she told us all about in 2010... Then I saw this... Very sad... Katie also in a private message told me about how to preserve opened wine with argon gas back then.... A trick from her managing bars days I think, now a a cottage industry with all those single serve wine systems like Coravin et al.
  10. adey73

    DARTO pans

    There's a slight kink on the rim of the 15cm. anyone seasoned theirs? ..... I see the Australian no rivet brand recommend using an abrasive prior to seasoning to help the polymer adhere to the interior of the pan. Anyone tried this..... ?
  11. adey73

    DARTO pans

    My haul of 15, 20, 25cm ...... Am I only one that misses the calico Darto branded bags?
  12. if you want to go -10c in the condenser what cooling liquid do you use ..... and if it's alcohol based won't it evaporate?
  13. that Peel is a 106 of the Queens pounds on Amazon uk !!!
  14. I've been sliding pizzas onto the steel with parchment paper, then as the dough par bakes whip the parchment out from underneath and finishing the baking with the pizza directly on the steel. this works..... but overall I've never been thrilled with any of my experiments and I've been doing it for almost 2 years.... Naan breads however are great.
  15. did the unit maintain the preset frying temp or did it over shoot trying to compensate after the addition of the chicken?
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