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  1. Got my lumpen steel arriving tomorrow.. I have flaxseed oil but before that... what % percentage lye crystals in water do people recommend? Do I pat solution on the steel whilst wearing full chemical warfare fatigues? what is the best vessel to store the steel overnight, for lye to work. I wash off lye solution next day (in full fatigues ) and dilute remaining lye liquid before pouring down drain?
  2. Kris, does your fantastic looking marshmallow contain gelatin?
  3. Thanks Paul. Have you also tried placing a Cordierite stone under the steel to aid thermal recovery?
  4. I want to get my own steel chopped for oven insertion and pizza production. The problem is I want to know if 'mild' steel of structural use is safe for food use. I'd buy in the UK where S275 is easily available and somewhat comparable to the famed A36. BUT EU specs & US specs aren't the same... anyone know probabilities of heavy metals leeching out etc?
  5. Thanks! Been looking for the best option to strip and restart a Darto.
  6. Oven cleaner generally has lye in it?
  7. after telling myself I definitely wouldn't buy from them again (after the errors in the first MC & the shipping damage when they sent out MC@H naked), I've bought. There must be crack addicts with more self control than me!
  8. yeah it's the feet that makes me want it. I did google "grate feet" but didn't like the photos!
  9. does anyone recognise this grate/grid that Antonio Bachour is using in this picture.....or what the correct name for this bit of kit is....? I like the height and I want one...
  10. Electrolux buying Anova?

    They already sell domestic "sous vide" ovens in the EU controlled by steam using a tap fillable reservoir. Controllable to 1c.
  11. Am glad they've got the cash for tooling. hope a later iteration won't need the transformer.
  12. DARTO pans

    I had that too, but the other way round 27 came out a treat but 23 is a blotchy mess. Oven cleaner and then start again, anyone?
  13. Thanks Anna. I'lll wait for Annova smart oven.
  14. Since the price went up, as far as I can see, no extra backers have been attracted. And many people are skint in January.