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  1. I got to 45L at up to 90c. didn't see how long it could constantly run at, anyone? The Anova Pro's have frequently been half price in this troubled year, this unit, at least to me, looks pricey.
  2. In the Vegas youtube video there was talk of the unit recycling steam and dehumidifying the oven when you opened the door to save cupboards from steam damage. does it do that when you open it, suck the steam inside?
  3. that's the largest sized one isn't it? would love to see it in action.
  4. Anova is boasting 5 litre (1.3 Gal) and 24hrs continuous steam. how does that compare to the BSO (i.e. above) ? .......And when are we betting the Anova Precision Oven Pro, will be available? 😁
  5. the sites crashing on me. now ok... Uk price is 649 quid. anyone handed over credit card details? ..... Can't wait for Black Friday 2021! (if i am still breathing)
  6. how does the stated 5L reservoir and 24hr cook, compare with the BLUMLEIN Steam Convection Oven, that you're all having fun with elsewhere?
  7. is the heat equally distributed across the griddle or just where the coil is?
  8. i have a range of Kuhn Rikon's from 2.5 fryer to 12L Hotel and use them on 2 Vollrath Mirage UK models... If making stock I can/have left the larger format PC's overnight with complete stability using the 1-100% power setting... the other setting by temperature is in my experience inaccurate.
  9. forgive me if someone has already posted this.... but those of us who were wondering where the competition is to hopefully lower the price of precision induction, Vollrath released a range of induction/probe based units in January. https://www.vollrathfoodservice.com/products/countertop-equipment/cooking-equipment/induction-ranges/4-series-induction-range @btbyrd put me onto the Mirage Pro and I love mine. This new iteration have larger coils plus the probe and are more powerful. However only found one review, that spoke of noisy fans and crashing of s
  10. and what are your thoughts on the new Nuvola flour from Cupto?
  11. is this what you suspect too?
  12. has anyone seen this, the Girovap by 100% Chef in Barcelona, a supposedly kitchen/bar grade rotary evaporator https://www.100x100chef.com/en/product-chef/1093-30/girovap am hoping @JoNorvelleWalker is interested! 😁
  13. blasted any seafood yet?
  14. I don't know anything about the company, Jo, or their products but they do look interesting, that's why i asked. So I nosed towards About Us and found the video there, if it doesn't twang your acid reflux, you have a higher tolerance for corporate bilge than me.
  15. looks very interesting, this company a known quantity? US designed, Chinese made? Edit...................... just watched the corporate video and vomitted on myself ( and that's pre-alcohol).
  16. although they are now confessing Brevillites, Chefsteps latest offering on the advantages of smaller countertops made me want to know pricing and delivery of the Anova even more!
  17. adey73


    I just use a kitchen towel, i have never cut myself with it, though it does exude a seriousness of intent that the plastic or ceramic ones, do not.
  18. adey73


    looks like the classic Bron Coucke French one. Perfect for dauphinoise and precise slithers of human knuckle.
  19. Anova's instagram feed is sporting 2 new posts of bread baked in the oven.... though they aren't answering any of the moot questions about price and release date. interestingly (well to me), Scott Heimendinger who's been involved with oven, has left Modernist Cuisine to start a venture building something new..... anyone any idea what? .... Also has Dave Arnold mentioned his long touted next product? ......maybe this oven isn't the only toy coming soon-ish
  20. smeared nostrils on windows aside, i want to know why they aren't coming down in price and why a renowned competitor isn't seeing a margin, in bones or clams or whatever you call them?
  21. the recapturing and recycling of the water vapour that's mentioned sounds novel.. But this also makes me think it's going to be North of 500quid or bucks. I'd have to wait until Black Friday 2021 to justify such an expensive kettle.
  22. if you just search "anova precision oven" on youtube it comes up number 2
  23. a new video..... (at least to me) states a 1 gallon reservoir and the bottom lip is actually a drip tray to collect vented steam. Sorry if this is a repost but I haven't seen this information anywhere.
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