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  1. he also said it won't clear-up stocks, via twitter. I wonder if it does work for those, to mak consommés
  2. if you get chance could you post something about your experience using them? ,,,,,,,I bought a dual textured Global whetstone with my knives about 15yrs ago, but I also got the ceramic sharpener, which is easier to use.
  3. is there anything about Indian Naan or Turkish flatbreads? and can you say they use the homogeniser for, that was in the video of the kit they used? (I have pre-ordered)
  4. but apart from the hammer forging on the blade, is there any difference between yours and THIS? And have you bought 3000 & 8000 grit stones?
  5. ...............I should never read your posts Brandon, anywhere. Rosewood Handle?
  6. ...........................................video? Amen to that brother, I've been putting that down to my age. But seriously is there a lot of embedded video on the website to access after purchase?
  7. ........Doesn't do the beef jus or clarify stocks according to Monsieur Arnold via twitter.
  8. it does look good..... but still optimistic that one day a 230 volt and 1 litre variant will arrive.
  9. so those who bought the first run, does it feel like a quality build?
  10. As I am truly terrible at shimmy-ing anything off pizza peels... would constructing the pizza on a 2 millimetre deep piece of aluminum and placing that on top of the preheated steel work?
  11. ......is that sonic boom?! did it come with the clip-on coffee filter attachment, that Dave used on the first videos?
  12. "It has a nice balance that speaks a lot to millennials." just lost interest and choked on my coffee reading that venal statement! Damn am too old for pink chocolate.
  13. so you people in the field and in the know, has anyone tried this supposed new variety, any thoughts? https://bakeryinfo.co.uk/news/fullstory.php/aid/18418/You_92ve_had_dark,_milk_and_white__96_now_Barry_Callebaut_unveils_ruby_chocolate.html
  14. Dave, I've just heard, has decided to cover/absorb the VAT OF 20% on the first run coming into the UK for the EU The final preorder closes on the 7th of August. Am torn because I want one but the £pound is still so low against the dollar. but 20% saving is calling me....... Anyone else in the same predicament?
  15. adey73

    Dinner 2017 (Part 5)

    liuzhou you cut the fish yourself or is that readily available in your neck of the woods? were there pin bones?
  16. It's a great proposition..... great size and prefer the interface than the app only Joule. I just note it's available to the EU, but not in the U.K at least as pre-order...... so it begins.
  17. adey73

    DARTO pans

    Also there's a mid size paella pan being worked on now. I know a few people have been interested in this....
  18. adey73

    DARTO pans

    This offer is only open to Argentinians. International discounts will be next month according to Nicolas.
  19. adey73

    DARTO pans

    How do you actually pay??? last time I went straight to PayPal.
  20. can you link to the strainers please?
  21. adey73

    DARTO pans

    50% off and free shipping to Europe must be highly, highly unlikely.... would love a second 23" and try a 20" and a couple of mini paellas. But wish they'd make an intermediate paella pan.
  22. A weak pound and you talked me out of it! Didn't Dave hint that inevitably overtime they'd come down? ......January sale 2019 perhaps.
  23. I found it... https://www.instagram.com/cookingissues/?hl=en
  24. gas anyone got the latest update after Dave's recent trip to China?
  25. surely Chris the UK was better value at the moment because of our adventures with Brexit and the fall in the value of the pound? I've always avoided Timberyard as it always looked like it aping new Nordic. Did you get to the 'Scran & Scally' a pseudo pub by Tom Kitchin, a 10 minute wander out of town?
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