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  1. Hoping @Anna N isn't so weak from hunger that she can't type.
  2. Thank you!!! I think I'll throw one in the freezer then. It'll be nice to have a dessert ready
  3. Can this pie (minus the whipped cream on top) be frozen?
  4. Yeah, and again, think of the poor person that has to eat that on 8/21.
  5. This has to be a special hell for @liuzhou
  6. Carrot loaf 🤢 I think the kitchen is having a contest: Who can make the least appetizing meal each day.
  7. Good grief. I don't think that looks good at all. But, is that a real plate? Not paper? I've never seen that around here. However, we also don't have to pay to watch tv.
  8. I just hope that you can outta there asap--and eat those snacks at home!
  9. Oh Anna, I'm so glad Thanks @Kerry Beal you're awesome!!!!!!
  10. 😵 Also, I feel sad for the person that gets a batch of those chicken sandwiches on 8/21. How in the world would the bread hold up that long???
  11. SPAM! Also, tell her to bring an extra white coat and stethoscope. You can escape!
  12. There must be some sort of toast and egg shortage.
  13. Yeah. Don't make us all come up there and kick the kitchen folk out. 'Cause we love you enough to do it
  14. Good LORD and I am looking up to our LORD. I can't believe this. My mother-in-law and my father-in-law both have been in the hospital for extended times. At the very least they can order off of a menu! However, it wasn't good most of the time. I remember one lunch was beef stroganoff. UGH. My father in law wouldn't take a bite. And , when I walked out of his room to go to the bathroom, I discovered that no one in the whole ward wanted it either.
  15. Girl, you're gonna come outta there skinnier than a Barbie Doll.
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