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  1. Is sweet lotus seed paste red in color?
  2. Liuzhou- I have had durian turnovers for dim sum. I have also seen such things as egg tarts, red bean cake w/ coconut, lychee cake, pan-fried water chestnut cake, I know they are very different in appearance from Western cake, but I was wondering if one can buy them in a Chinese market? And, are they traditional dim sum fare?
  3. I live in a large urban area, so I have limited space (but huge plans!). I have two mulberry trees which I don't spray. One tree has low branches and I go out every day to collect the newly ripened berries. I really enjoy just eating them fresh. Most of the berries on the other tree are too high. My ultimate plan is to turn my entire "back-yard" into a real "garden".
  4. The first mulberries were brought in Wednesday. Today I picked the first grape-leaves, for stuffing.
  5. I was interviewing the Executive Director of local Chamber of Commerce, and I discovered that her favorite cocktail was the sidecar. Dedicated researcher that I am, I knew I needed to try one. It was amazing. And, I was further amazed to see that it did not have a thread on eG So...here I am to remedy that situation. And to ask: What is your favorite variation on this drink?
  6. If you can swing it, you should have tea at Dream About Tea in Evanston. Evanston also is home to atleast one wonderful Mexican place, but I forgot the name. Dream About Tea is an authentic Chinese teahouse.
  7. I would recommend Cai in Chinatown for Dim Sum.
  8. Naftal

    Dried shrimp

    hummingbirdkiss- Would I be correct in assuming that you ferment the shrimp in an acid of some sort? Also, I love the idea of shrimp and butter on popcorn. I wonder if this would work on baked potatoes, or (glory be!!!) on toast?
  9. Naftal

    Dried shrimp

    huiray- It sounds like har mai are not used in inland cuisines. Is this because they are only used as a source of umami in those cuisines. Or, am I really off? Perhaps I have missed something?
  10. Hassouni- I plan to eventually grow my own mint for this. So I was wondering, when cramming the pot with as much mint as will fit, do you (as I suspect) take the leaves off the stems first, or can you cram everything-leaf and stem-into the pot? I know this is probably a stupid question, but it's the kind of stuff I think about
  11. Naftal

    Dried shrimp

    Fuchsia Dunlop refers to dried shrimp as one of her "secret ingredients". I use it in my fried rice and congee. I found a wonderful smoked version that may not be authentic, but I love what it does. Do you use dried shrimp? What is your experience with this magical item?
  12. Fuchsia Dunlop refers to dried shrimp as one of her "secret ingredients". I have been using them in fried rice and in congee. What has been your experience with this ingredient?
  13. Naftal

    Dinner 2015 (Part 3)

    I decided to do a variation on a dim sum dish (pumpkin and seafood congee). I did a winter squash and seafood congee.
  14. ...I am having one at this moment. There are many fine Middle Eastern restaurants in the Metro Detroit area, but...I have just finished lunch at what many consider the best place one of the best and I have had my second disappointing experience. I should add that this is one of the very few places that serves Iraqi-style food. That may explain its popularity. The good Lebanese places are truly delightful. Also, IMHO Locum/Malban, the original Middle Eastern version of Turkish Delight is wonderful but very different from the version produced here.
  15. My raspberries have begun to flower!
  16. _john, What is milk washed jasmine tea vodka?
  17. I find this really interesting. Can anyone tell me what milk washed jasmine tea vodka is? I know what all those words mean individually, but I have no idea what they all mean together. Help!
  18. Are you familiar with the Bob's Red Mill brand? I think they may carry what you are looking for... http://www.bobsredmill.com/shop/grains-beans-seeds/rice/sweet-brown-rice.html
  19. Naftal

    Dinner 2015 (Part 2)

    Yesterday, dinner was more of an experiment than a meal. I made fried noodles with sriracha sauce.
  20. Yesterday- it was fried rice with field greens...
  21. My baby cherry tree has its first blossom! Is there anything I should know about caring for it at this point?
  22. Not sure yet, but I think I too may have killed off my mint!
  23. I brought in some green onions today.
  24. Yes, "everything in moderation", including moderation!
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