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  1. Id be happy with any of them in my firehouse...and Rachel...god I cant remember her last name. I think Id be a god in house if I could pull off getting her in for dinner. Thinking in terms of any of them posing for pix in my fire gear as a souvenir for the house. Id get ribbed mercilessly for my coat smelling like a womans fragrance....but if one of them was the source...do you think Id honestly give a rats ass?
  2. Ive been cooking for 30 years and use both of these...and I havent killed anyone yet. that I didnt intend to in the first place but seriously.....people are enamored by the concept of firehouse cooking. Yknow how much of the frozen and dried stuff we use in a year? And I do at home too. I just dont have the luxury of the fresh stuff round here. So I keep a ton of Whole Foods frozen spinach in the freezer. Ditto French cut green beans when I make my moms recipe with them. I dont have patience to shred two pounds of the damned things. Also, almost *every* firehouse kitchen Ive been in has a bottle of Gravy Master and a box of what is that bay flavoring...Old Bay? And we crank out some damned good meals in those kitchens. Sorry this is off topic.
  3. Whole Foods creamy. No sugar added. Sugars a nono for me...
  4. Fashionable smashionable~ Is it GOOD? Then for cripe sake just DO it!~ I hear ya. And believe me, I eat it anyway. I like what I like, regardless of its trendiness. oooooo~ you best believe Im in LUV el-you-vee!~
  5. Fashionable smashionable~ Is it GOOD? Then for cripe sake just DO it!~
  6. homemade hot chocolate and a generous shot of rumpleminze chocolate chocolate chip bread pudding and raspberry puree chocolate butterscitch bread pudding chocolate brownie and sauteed bananas in honey cardamom sauce
  7. fennel seeds, cardamon, basil, wheat free soy sauce, no sulfites balsamic and red/white wine vinegars, plum vinegar, got mirin somewhere, mint leaves, jordanian zataar (anyone ever try the other kind....syrian is it?)
  8. wow....thats quite a website. Im surprised they can publish photos and names of inmates like that. Im just disappointed the full size report only stays open for a second before downsizing. I like reading crime stats like that.
  9. so have we or have we not confirmed..... mahi is dolphin, flipper was a porpoise. And wasnt it porpoise that people were all pissy at the tuna industry for snagging them in their nets too? I knew dolphin was the food fish as opposed to being flipper. The USNavy Submarine badge is a pair of Dolphin flanking the oncoming outline of the bow of a submarine.
  10. nyfirepatrolchef

    gas stove

    Methane does NOT support life. Chances are, choice *A*
  11. the point I was making was what the hells the use in the first place? Back on topic enough?
  12. Besides theres one thing that people dont seem to be grasping...especially the duct tape and plastic fans....unless you hermetically seal your home....thereby totally occluding oxygen....youre NOT going to keep out the nasties theyre scaring the shit out of us about. The only form of radiation you MIGHT have a shot at stopping is Alpha. According to my early training eons ago as an Auxiliary Firefighter (thereby making me part of the Civil Defense system pertaining to radiological situations) Alpha is stoppable by a sheet of paper I think it was. Beta and plastic? Yeah right. Gamma? The concept of put your head between your knees and kiss your ass goodbye applies well here. Now should we talk about Bio/Chem? Right now I wish I was a rural milkman somewhere.
  13. What exactly are people stocking up FOR? Are we going to rationing like WWII? Last time I heard, the war was gonna be going on in the middle east. Granted, lots of very not nice things are expected to happen here once this mess gets going, but the concept of storing food seems as ridiculous as the concept of duct tape and plastic over windows.
  14. nyfirepatrolchef

    gas stove

    this includes battery operated devices AND telephones...anything with a possibility of generating a spark at the opening or closing of a circuit. Also...little know fact.... there is a narrow window of percentage of atmosphere during which a methane explosion will occur...namely between 5 and 15%. What most folks dont REALIZE also is.....theres TWO periods during which that range occurs....during buildup AND during ventilation. Dont forget...just as it goes through the 5-15% range building UP...it ALSO comes back DOWN through that range.
  15. I kinda teeter (totter?) on the fence on how and in what context I use spices. My main train of thought is jeez people dont psychoanalyze food just cook and eat! Its like back in macy*s when someone wanted everything short of a DNA panel on a side of smoked salmon. And my answer was always look....sample it..if you like it dont worry about it just buy/eat it. If you dont...dont. I know what I like...I dont consider reasons, triteness, covering up (because if I need to cover up bad cooking then I screwed up somewhere and if so Ill be a miserable bastard for a while), etc etc. I just use it because *I* like the way it tastes. But then, well, if Im doing something ethnic, I (maybe misguidedly) like to use stuff thats considered (by whatever source) as authentic and proper. Like if I know a 75 year old German born woman who learned to cook something back home and grew up on it, and pretty much everyone else she knew did it the same way, and she teaches ME to make it...then Im not gonna look the dish over and say well why DID she use spices...is it this is it that.....all Im gonna do is shovel some into my mouth...if its good Im gonna go YESSSSSS!~ and keep shoveling.
  16. Since we're on the topic of flaming snack foods, visit http://www.twinkiesproject.com and click on the "Rapid Oxidation" link. Please note that no toaster was involved. Try lighting m&m's sometime too! Always worked like a charm for me when I was bored.
  17. Advice from Fire Marshall Bill: Do not butter said 'Tarts before placing them in the toaster. The ensuing grease fire will toast more than your tasty pastry! Hey~ you tryin to put me outta work or something? You say that likes its a BAD thing!~ MIND YER OWN DAMN BUSINESS!
  18. Cool. I'm out of work. Damn, Im REALLY sorry to hear that Elyse....that concept scares me more than pretty much anything.
  19. Yknow Liza~ theres plenty of submissives whod probably pay YOU to LET them do it. Think of the potential...never AGAIN having to wash a dish. N'est-ce-pas? Editors note: YES This IS my version of really offbeat humor. Not as offbeat as SOME of the great stuff thats gone before me and will undoubtedly come AFTER, but hey its a first attempt.
  20. um....... does that include individual issues of Chocolatier, PA&D, Cooks Ill, spare copies of The New Firefighters Cookbook, etc etc? In addition to the walls of my office/computer room (aka THE BUNKER)
  21. The joy of containers is you dont have to wash them....Im a lazy critter... containers If I have sticks...sticks, if not, the western way. Sidebar here.....one of the greatest joys for me is getting off work at 8AM, heading to Big Wong on Mott Street and being the only non Asian in the place. Its slow, relaxed, QUIET thank god.....and the staff know I get my chicken congee with peanuts and ginger scallion sauce. The guys behind the counter even talk to me for a while now.
  22. Much discussion of this already on the media board. Here's a link. Yeeeah I know that now, but at the time, I couldnt resist including a dinner table discussion of bodily functions as part of a quick plug for the REAL unsung firehouse heros..THE COOKS. Made me feel right at home in the kitchen at my damn near century old firehouse...
  23. And what about fire patrol chefs? We smoke all the friggin time!~ Our brand? T~n~T Tenements~n~Taxpayers!~ Yup...we only smoke BUILDINGS. *tip of the helmet to Mr Bourdain. * Saw the show last night at work...if I recall you were in a part of Brazil with lots of African influence. How long was it before your lower GI and you were on speaking terms after that?
  24. nyfirepatrolchef

    It's Sunday

    scratch made blue corn waffles with lots of almond extract in the mix, no nitrates turkey bacon, simple OJ for her and mixed OJ/ruby grapefruit juice for me.
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