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  1. Does that mean even chicken parts thatre gonna get pan seared then finished in the oven?
  2. tap tap~ hellooooooo is this thing ON? 39 views and nobody knows whether or not theyve tried it or even heard of it? Oh COME now folks... Anyway....have a four star Thanksgiving people...be well..eat even better...and just enjoy!
  3. why not do something really Noo Yawkish...dress to the nines and belly up to the counter at Grays Papaya at 72/Bway? YES damn it Im SERIOUS!~ Take up some of the local atmosphere. Hell the first time I ate there, I was next to a couple in tux/gown and heels. It was the totally coolestr thing.
  4. They (JM) certainly do. While on a foodie expedition with a former restaurant manager/foodie...we stopped in and took one look at the fish case looked at each other....went and finally and walked out.
  5. skip dinner and go right to dessert..cappuccino and some chocolate at Jacques Torres Chocolates!~ 66 Water Street (well he DOES always tell people to eat dessert first!)
  6. Years ago, a friend really had me finally convinced he was crazy. Told me insert the turkey in a clean brown paper bag then into the pan and oven. Just make sure the paper no touches de oven he tolls me! Dont worry he say...if you get a whif of hot paper before theys the juices running and saturating da paper. So even without brining the succulent lil sucker....I did just what he tolls me. Bestest lil turkey I ever et! Course now I remember the concept of roasting a fish in parchment. Anyone ELSE ever try this out at home?
  7. nyfirepatrolchef


    I keep all my stuff like that...capers..olives...preserved lemons in the fridge just on principle. My calamatas keep a couple of months without a speck of mold (unlike the ones we sold at macy*s)...the other varieties I used to keep...smaller olives I cant remember the names of...but they were green to begin with...they turned moldy on me in a comparatively shorter time frame.
  8. only if he does a get together for a signing...I hate unsigned books.
  9. Applegate Farms No Nitrate Uncured Turkey Hot Dogs. They look like hell on a gas grill..never tried a grillpan. Most of the time I do them a la kielbasi...braised for a few minutes on a bed of Guss Pickles (supposedly no sulfites) Sauerkraut and a wee bit of water.
  10. I know through the end of January. Soon as I get a 2003 calendar I can keep going. Im gonna need safe food....which we can discuss privately....these folks dont need to hear it again for the umpteenth time. And its magdangonificent of you to do this on my behalf..es mucho appreciado....I promise not to wipe my mouth on the tablecloth. Thats why god invented shirtsleeves.
  11. And in lieu of dishwashers....Probationary Fire Patrolmen! *HEY PROBIE WHERE YA THINK YOURE GOIN>>>GET THE POTS!*
  12. The thing that never ceases to AMAZE me is the fact that I work a grand total of 7-8 days a month as my full time schedule...and I have 35 paid vacation days...yet even WITH all that time off...I manage to miss so much good stuff I wanna do! WHO SAYS I AINT A GENTLEMAN??? I wanna commend their power of observation!
  13. Dana~ You just hit it on the head!~ Sometimes you just gotta disconnect the lobe of the brain that says too much..overpower...not right...shouldnt do...and say hey look....if I LIKE it this way....then its RIGHT!
  14. I can disappear into cooking for hours if it werent for other things to be done. It keeps me sane...or as close as *I* can get during my 24 hour tours at work. Its where I do most of my brainstorming. In general its very therapeutic for me...for a couple of hours I can just not look at troubling stuff in my life...vent..create...be silly (most of the time the tape in my kitchen casette player is the audience participation tape from Rocky Horror Picture Show) and just relax. Even when crush time comes for the cooking and assembling of my meal...I face it with the same verve as someone running with the bulls in Pamploma. It *is* Pamploma isnt it? Right now were renovating the kitchen at work so we havent been doing too much cooking lately. But soon I hope to get back into things.
  15. and of course I was working that night....awesome to see you all had a great time. The menu looked great...and the photos...yowza!
  16. Ironically, if I could eat cheese...itd be the GCT outpost thatd be a schlep. Unlike when I was a kid and my mom didnt seem to realize what The Village was aside from the clean wholesome family stuff....I did my in town hanging out with her in Midtown. Now that I know better...I avoid Midtown like oh well pick any unpleasant reference you like. But granted the GCT Market is KICKASS! And come to think of it I havent been to Zabars in eons for stuffed grape leaves. Time to get my shots in order and make a pilgrimage north of the 14th parallel.
  17. Ironic as it is that I grew up with Greek food around....my mom n e v e r made Avgolimono. Had to do that myself. Got the recipe from The Complete Middle East Cookbook by Tess Mallos. Somehow I dont see we Greeks as Middle Eastern...but hey its HER book!
  18. roast turkey stove top stuffing creamed spinach roast sweet taters mashed white taters some form of frozen biscuits hopefully one of the guys is swinging a cheesecake from his mom in law to be....all at work yaaaaaaaaaaaaay holiday OT to the MAX!!
  19. I have both a hand cranked one for strand pasta and sheets....I have a manual press type ravioli tray...I love them both....the cranker is minimal mess...
  20. If it doesnt conflict with work...you betcha dupa Im *IN*!!! Id need someone up on the cuisine to help me figure out what I can EAT. Im dyyyyyyyyyyyyying to meet some of you happy folks. Just dont EVER ask me to go to Peter Lugers. If you want to know why....PM me. Its not a very nice reason. Ummmmm...looking back at some of the posts leading before mine...have I missed a chance to make a gathering? Im skimming here....someone fill me in please?
  21. Back in my macy*s Marketplace days....the senior guy on my crew used to tell us how while we Americans freak over limited mold spots on cheese on display.....that in European markets it would hardly raise an eyebrow. Input please.
  22. For the first time...a BLT made with turkey bacon...considering it was my first form of bacon in about 3.5 years since I was yanked kicking and screaming away from my beloved pork...it was total heaven. Im able to use Applegate Farms no nitrates turkey bacon. Its got the slightly chewy bacon feel....its much more meaty (less fatty which I LOVE) and has that nice salty sweet taste. Life is incredibly good sometimes.
  23. 12 inch Wagner cast iron...wonderful thing...got it about six years ago at Westbury Fortunoff for about 20 bux....
  24. One of my Bosses at Nino's used to manage G&T...always wished Id had the time to have us sit and pick his brain about the place. I work about five minutes from the place. Always wondered if it had safe stuff on the menu for me. Would they mind me calling up to check a couple of things out y'think? If anyone replies to this, please do it via PM...cuz Im gonna forget this thread is here lol.
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