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    greek seasoning (earth to ma....you never told me about THAT one....)
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    oooooh... pop used to take the flesh off the tail structure.
  3. Suzanne~ (babe? oooooo!! hee) Now that sounds like it wont leave me with an oil slick at the end. Mine was tasty but oily as hell. Dstone~ Actually I did serve it with spinach. Seasoned with salt, garlic, and nutmeg and a bit of soy margarine. Thanks guys!
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    I concur~ bread and fry. Never heard of leaving them on the cartilage (elaborate please?) though if I understood right. When we had some caught wed do them on Friday nights in lieu of meat. The Eastern Orthodox do that too. Used to get our in Shinnecock Bay. somehow though I like the idea of doing them with corn on the cob better than with pasta all these years...but recently my Italian Captain clued me in on Italian restaurants that are now serving fish of various kinds with pasta and red sauce. So pop might justve been ahead of his time. Go figure.
  5. Muir Glen, Barilla, and there was a line we used to have at macy*s...cant remember the name...but it had balsamic in it...I think a couple of these needed a wee bit of doctoring to get right...like a bit more garlic...maybe some mushrooms....but they worked nicely.
  6. everyone...one two three.... AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! Sounds like hes got a crush going (imagine that...free fish!!!) But seriously...sounds like a really decent guy...the fish counter folks at my local one are decent too.
  7. not only is standard equipment in my fridge capers...but pitted calamatas and preserved lemons :). Ill see if Cooks has a search feature on their site....I DO like that magazine....scientific as it is. Thanks!
  8. Hey kidz~ I tried the TVFN recipe, only one they had for me. It tasted ok, but it was like an oil slick. Never having had the stuff in a restaurant, I have nothing to compare against for good or bad. So give give please....I want GOOD chicken picatta/piccata..ohh THAT stuff!
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    ground turkey...and a whole bunch of stuff...salt, pepper , chopped garlic and onion , no wheat soy sauce, ground fennel seed, sage, egg, grated potato. If you want specifics, let me know and Ill try to come up with some. I do mosty of it visually.
  10. I just really enjoyed your evaluation of youself...it sounds like you have a grip on what youre doing...what needs work...and that youre doing it. Growth in anything positive is a great thing. Dont change a thing...more of what youre doing !!!
  11. I followed Fat Guys protocols for cleaning and seasoning my five pieces of cast iron....still have the burn scars to prove it (gloves huh...used FIRE gloves and still got burned lol)...they came out (to my knowledge) beautiful...as close to nonstick as I think theyre ever gonna be...andI LOVE them... but I get the little schmutz on my paper towels too when I touch up the oil sometimes too. I scrub out with a metal scrubber..hot water...no soap. Heat on full blast burner for two minutes...light schmear with oil...cool it...then wipe out. Thaaaaaaank you Fat Guy. NYFPC
  12. hmmmmmmm~ would depend on what theyre pickled in....I remember wine and cream sauces from my macy*s Marketplace days.....major nono for me now. but Im open to looking into it. THAAAAANK you woohoo! Always did like herring.
  13. Sure thing~ They are indeed on Orchard Street....west side of Orchard just south of Broome. The office/storage takes up a couple of addresses so its something like 87-93 Orchard. New wrinkle however...they now have a location in Cedarhurst out on Lawn Guyland (Long Island to those of you who dont live out here) from which they also do all their shipping. It now costs fifty bucks to ship the minimum Gallon of product. Jinmyo~ Major dietary restrictions for health reasons. Excludes beef pork dairy alcohol white processed flour yeast chocolate sugar *sigh* Good thing I cook and have a copy of Culinary Artistry or my food life (the tattered remains of it) would be dead boring.
  14. Went to the NEW location of GUSS PICKLE....stocked up on Sauerkraut for my turkey semi Reubens, full sours, green tomaters, and HOT peppers. When I sampled one...I was heard BLISSFULLY gasping HOLY SH*T THATS GOOD! HOLY SH*T THATS GOOD as a heavy smoke condition emitted from my ears and ten years worth of sinus congestion suddenly cleared. I then hauled home the last they had....a heavy quart. Now that I can see again...I need to figure out what to do with the little incendiary bombs. I cant have prosciutto or provolone....what else *IS* there????
  15. I really like Muir Glen too...Iused to live on Redpack...but found Muir Glen somewhat more conistant to my taste.
  16. WHAT a couple of TOTALLY GREAT reference sites!!!! THANKS GUYS WOOHOO!
  17. lately Im hooked on combinations of puffed corn, rice, and kamut....full fat soy milk...when I have them I add sliced banana. Breakfast every day...once a week I have coddled eggs on the side. On really miserable summer days where I dont wanna cook...or if Im first day off from a rough tour at work itll be dinner too.
  18. Always known about the mint/tomato thing...but Ive usually done with with chicken/tomato soup with pasta. For some reason though I never saw it extending to pasta...but *light bulb over head* it DOES sound good. Only I have dried leaves..can that be used reasonably well? Is there a conversion table for amounts dried to amounts fresh with herbs and such?
  19. In 20 years, I seriously doubt Ive been in a firehouse kitchen that DIDNT have a bottle of Gravy Master or a can of Old Bay on the shelf. It may be ten years old, but its there.
  20. try to burn the alcohol off of Grand Marnier by putting it in a pot, heating it to vaporize a bit, then lighting it. Can you say hand held jet engine?
  21. Do you know what the preserve tastes like? Where is it from? Thanks for sharing this. Tis Romanian! Its just I love Sahadis from the day I walked in there for the first time...and the owner is such a decent standup kinda guy I have a personal pleadge to plug his shop all I can. Havent tasted it....its got sugar...nono for me *sigh* I love Sahadis as well. Wish I was not as lazy about going to Atlantic avenue. There are two great stores opposite one another. Sahadis and Oriental Baker. Oriental Bakery has the best Basboussa and other Middle Eastern sweet. It is my own little bit of paradise in NYC. and if you treat the guys and gals with a little kindness (I love to go in and make snide remarks about the snide yuppies that frequent the place...right in front of them...not all yuppies are snooty and snotty little whine cellars...but having done the same kinda job as the folks at Sahadis....and experiencing the same kinda nonsense.....in light of how well they treat ME....Im rather protective of them) theyll go to the mat for you. I seriously doubt Charlie would have it any other way. And for GOD sake dont forget Damascus Bakery.
  22. Steve~ Thought the ALmond Milk concepet pertained to regular milk infused or flavored in some way using Almonds in one form or another. But now you point out is just an almond version of soy milk concept..WOOHOO!!!! I can do that concoction with sweetner (honey or brown rice syrup) and so on. Amounts for the do it yourself version of almond milk please?
  23. It is utterly lovely. maggie It is lovely. ANd what a great picture too. How well composes. And the roses are so beautiful. The shadows between the rose petals just go so beautifully with the layers of the cake. A grand idea. Ada would have been too lucky to have had it on their menu and not prepared enough to serve it with circumspect aura. I am sure when you find a home worthy of its inclusion, this cake will charm many. Even through the screen it moves me. How kind of you to have taken the time to share a picture. Thanks! oooooh YEAH just ROSY baby!~ *cues Austin Powers theme*
  24. Steve~ recipes for the almond/milk drink please??? if it wouldnt be too awful with soy milk substituted....Id love something new and fun.
  25. figures...the one year I dont make the damned show....Id love to have seen it....as you can imagine my brain was just a little scrambled at that point in time....I just plain forgot about the show. When I could drink it I used rose water in midestern coffee....and used rose syrup over a good vanilla ice cream. Got one of my more adventurous coworkers to try it too. she got past the funky scent and really enjoyed it...("hey mikey...pass the bottle down will ya?")
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