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  1. Which Marketplace Dept was the one you went to? I spent almost three years at the one at macy*s Roosevelt Field. Sad thing is they were running a food operation with a retail mentality...and it just didnt work. The Department closed in July (17th if I recall) of '97, seven months after I left for the Fire Patrol.
  2. Back in my macy*s days we carried a number of *better* brands...one of which was Muir Glen(n?) and another I cant remember, that introduced me to the concept of Balsamic in red sauce. With a bit of doctoring, ie~adding sauteed mushrooms, maybe a wee more garlic, they were quite nice. On *regular* store bought...Barilla.
  3. Now how is that gonna effect pricing? Will the removal of the *middle man* namely the butcher, reduce price or will the processing before the store increase it. Hey CO2 doesnt grow on trees yknow How if at all will it effect flavor and quality. Does being left intact on the slab of meat until its cut and packaged in the store have any effect? Im theorizing, right or wrong, I dont know, if the sooner its cut and packaged...does that have any effect on it? Such as moisture (fluid) loss etc.
  4. thank god....I thought *I* was the only one around with entirely too much time on my hands...the Peep site is a total gem...KUDOS!~
  5. Saturday at work...in light of my newfound German Potato Salad Recipe (thaaaaaank you again Peter B Wolf!~) pan fried pork chops (salt garlic pepper nutmeg) German Potato Salad German Style Sauerkraut (or what I grew up know as such) Kosher Kraut, Grated Apple, Caraway, some brown sugar Five people cleaned out just under a cup of five pounds of salad. It was soooooo nice.
  6. Peter~ could you possibly provide some guidelines for this? Like do you cook the onions in butter first, how much vinegar (what vinegar is authentic?), how much chicken stock? And in what proportion of marinade to what amount potatos? This sounds the closest to what Ive had in German delis and am trying to duplicate. Would the Valkyries come and get me if I blaspheme and add some bacon and fat? Thanks very much!~
  7. you tellum hon! Scones, blue cornbread, why not both? One of these days Ill actually get off my ass and do baklava!~ Oh I know...had a recipe thats safe for my diet for eons...Im just too much of a *net* addict lately to get off the keys and into the kitchen...pathetic isnt it?
  8. Used to use Drostes Cocoa (of course brought home from the macy*s Marketplace Dept when I worked there), half and half, sugar, salt, vanilla, and a shot more or less...or rumpleminze.
  9. you tellum hon! Scones, blue cornbread, why not both? One of these days Ill actually get off my ass and do baklava!~
  10. nyfirepatrolchef


    Sometimes its got the muddy taste sometimes it doesnt. Had the same experience with catfish. When its not muddy I love Tilapia. I do it a few ways: kosher salt pepper granulated garlic (at work...I like to get it done fast) ground fennel seeds dredge in rye flour saute kosher salt pepper garlic chili powder dredge one side with flour, eggwash and pecan crust sear on top of the stove finish in oven if I feel like heat I cajunize mayo with some spice and heat...chili powder, maybe a lil cayenne, paprika, a bit of lemon to thin it a bit. Makes a nice sandwich, a nice sandwich (rest in peace Leo Steiner!) If you want it on a plate, I tend to do an orange juice reduction (with recipe #1) with a wee bit of honey, and sundried tomato, naturally a bit of kosher salt, finished with some (in my case) soy margarine.
  11. this is all sounding reeeally good....keep em coming! Thanks guys
  12. okay...good start...thanks! For education...mine....why that particular pepper?
  13. Im in experiment mode. I crave the concept of an OJ reduction...maybe a bit of honey to take the acidic edge off..but I want a LIIIIIIIIIITTLE bit of a bite to the sauce...on say tuna or tilapia thats pecan crusted. Ive never TOUCHED a chile before...no clue where to start. I know theres more kinds than I can shake a six foot hook at....so how would you good people suggest incorporating it into a sauce? What kind would you suggest and in what form?
  14. yeah yeah okay so Im busted.... truth is... my Domme didnt like the way I polished her thigh highs last night...so as punishment she made me get up here and humble myself in front of people who'd see through me. Like that one better??
  15. well its been ages since Ive been able to have it...butter and all...I was flying by the seat of my bunker pants last night when I made it at work. Ive had it several ways...was wondering if there was a *classic* form. I didnt think to add the cheese to the coating....so they did afterwards on the plates...and I didnt use chicken stock...just butter lemon and (I know Iknow but I was at WORK) cooking wine. Still, they cleaned up platter off and no complaints. It was like a super lemony scampi kinda sorta. Thanks guys.
  16. What, you need an explanation? Recipes please, recipes! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
  17. Closest one I can think of is Court Bakery on Court Street. Youd need to check the address.
  18. nyfirepatrolchef


    Honey is one of the sweeteners Im allowed to use...and I love the stuff. YES! God bless Tasmanian Leatherwood...and Sahadis for introducing me to it...and Buckwheat...and so many other great variations.
  19. yeah but some people *like* things what hoits
  20. all kidding aside...if it looks like were gonna have a busy night or if we come back from a job and dinner is delayed..Ill keep the bunker pants on and demon cook while still in them...guess I shoulda oughta explained that before. Otherwise the six in boots are quite safe and comfy...we dont tie our shoes to facilitate slipping them off quickly and stepping into the fire boots or bunker pants.
  21. ah cmon~ the REAL secret is with six inch steel toe work boots or rubber bunker boots under nomex or Pbi bunker pants...for the ULTIMATE in protection from flying falling or otherwise hot stuff But to work right they GOTTA have the red suspenders!
  22. oh...and I gotta watch my sugar intake....as in no sugar...date sugar isnt water soluable....can I use something like brown rice syrup?
  23. can ya do chicken parts brined too? can it be done in an enamel pot?
  24. everybody!~ one two three *AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW*
  25. Oh sure if youre gonna worry about little things like THAAAT...aintcha never heard the phrase BETTER LIVING THROUGH CHEMISTRY? But seriously....I guess its just one of those things you just kinda take for granted about being safe. Actually I tend to worry more about them chemicals IN the bird than AROUND it. Dunno if theyre still out there but years ago there were plastic oven roaster bags for chicken/turkey. The things that developed a bad reputation for doing nasty things like explode and burn and all sorts of happy stuff. But of course being some form of plastic of course they were wall to wall chemical.
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