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  1. What kinda critter yields Kishke....since its a derma..Im 99% sure wont look like a jackass if I assume that literally means skin. If I cant eat beef or pork, am I screwed with Kishke?
  2. Bushey~ I also love my (coddled) eggs to death with chili powder. Just gives em a nice ZING that black pepper doesnt. Pitter~ *quote from Bugs Bunny cartoon....After all, they laughed at the man when he discovered Penicillin!* The first time I told someone I put a mustard/mayo mix on coddled eggs over toast they looked at me like I was nuts. Can someone say DEVILED EGGS? or EGG SALAD? You do it cold so why the hell not HOT?
  3. Whats weird with eggs an ketchup? If I dont have ketchup readily available I use red pepper flakes or mix in some chili powder
  4. hmmmm with the fish could I sliceit an put it on yop of a piece of fish Im grilling? If so Ill keep some in my locker at work. How do I prep it for the lemoncello, powdered sugar etc? Oh, whats lemoncello?
  5. my first day as a volunteer at Ninos http://www.ninos911.org I was thrown into duty to fill in as the egg man for breakfast service. Normally theyd have been done on the grill...but I got to use a pair of huge pans on the stove. Youd turn the stove up to afterburner level...full blast....heat a liberal amount of cooking oil.....then pour a pitcherfull of eggs into the pan. Just spend the next couple of minutes pushing the curds to the center...when they were shiny yet not runny...and god help you if you browned the bottom in the very least of spots....give the pan a toss to flip them mass....then into the tray. I learned quickly there really IS such a thing as green eggs...if you miss that small window of time between undercooked and cooked just right...when they go out to the chafing dishes....if theyre not done right then put over sterno...the miserable @#$%^&*#@#ers turn GREEN!
  6. Ive heard of black olive sauce...sounds killer!! Can anyone give me a recipe please? ***AND*** I love preserved lemons. But aside from just munching them out of the container, I dunno really what to DO with them. Suggestion box is open for business!
  7. Research~ if I didnt pick up on it before...sorry my brainsa bit leaky lately...OPA DAMN IT!!! My late mum was halg Greek (her pop was from Sardis Limnos...) so lets pull up some avgolimono and chew the fat off some leg of lamb...kourabiedes and Greek coffee for dessert! WOOHOOO!
  8. yeah but have you got something solid white to bass your clam on? Or could this just be a fluke
  9. yeaaaaaaaah BVOOKLYN IN DA HOUUUUSE!!!! WOOHOO!!!~
  10. Slowly but surely Im workin my way through the olives at Sahadi Importers http://www.sahadis.com they have damn near two dozen kinds, and also Preserved Lemons and capers in bulk. Im a calamata junkie myself in terms of general addition to food like pasta sauce and tuna salad.
  11. WOOOOOHOOOOOOO~ Wishes of break a leg to both Malawry and Chefchelle! Just get in there, kick ass, and have a GREAT time. And tell us all about it of course. Dont be intimidated by your teachers, theyre just people with sharp instruments Enjoy! Oh and by the way....for the ultimate protection against hot grease and just plain fire in the kitchen....try cooking in fire pants and boots....not only will you look totally hot but youll develop great leg muscles schlepping around in those.
  12. nyfirepatrolchef


    how does one store cherries...room temp or fridge?
  13. first time I nuked a knish~ carefully nibbled the edge to test temperature. Figured ok its good...not knowing (my first time nuking ANYTHING) that it gets hotter in the middle. So I snarf right into it at full speed. The lousy stuff cooks the roof of my mouth and I cant initially get it out. If I enjoyed pain Id have been in seventh heaven at that point.
  14. nyfirepatrolchef


    Im about to kick myself for NEVER thinking there was a way to have duck besides a la Canal Street. Man, grilled duck breast. What a concept. As for roasting separate legs...how hot is *hot*? And ballpark figure...how long?
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    stuffed with sopressata.... rapture...bliss...just plain WOW! Tip of the helmet to you~
  16. nyfirepatrolchef


    I dunno what kind they are....but I picked up 4 pounds on Canal St this AM for just as few bucks...and there hasnt been a clinker in the bunch. Seeing as how I always loved sweet with pork...especially mostardi....which a friend in Italy's Vigili del Fuoco used to send me every year...i could see doing something in that vein. Exactly what Id have to set my twisted lil mind into....but thats what doing a 24 hour tour at work is for. And theres nice lychees out now too....
  17. Definitely Congee...the few times a year I allow myself dry scallop..otherwise chicken. When I could eat it..New England Clam Chowder. If it was good..Manhattan as well. Unfortunately I never got to make my grandfathers recipe for it before I had to stop shellfish. Lately I can live on chicken soup with barley. Minestrone...tomato fennel, as long as I know it doesnt have nasties like preservatives and sugar, dairy, I can dive in.
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