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  1. So this is the control panel on a airplane galley oven. I'd love to know how they use the steam function...and what the instructions are for reheating.
  2. It turns out that I have a copy. McGee does a nice historical analysis of the reports of GI distress and methods to combat it. Boiling extracts about 50% of the inulin. Long slow cooking does even better. Roots harvested in the spring, that have spent all winter in cold soil, have lower inulin levels to begin with. So how to apply this? A 50% reduction of a lot of inulin is still way more inulin than my gut is used to processing. I think I'll reserve sun chokes as survival food in the North American wilderness.
  3. I've prowled around google and can find nothing authoritative on how to tame the fartichoke. A couple places say cooking it might help...but cooked sunchoke is what caused me problems, so... Apparently Harold McGhee in The Curious Cook discusses it. Anyone have a copy?
  4. Something about the age of sun chokes determines if they are edible. They contain a funny sugar, inulin, that we can't digest resulting in cramping and flatulence. I forget whether it's letting them age a month...or refrigerating them or something. But, be warned. I have seen the intestinal consequences first hand.
  5. Treasured Culinary Mementos

    Been looking on eBay for that mushroom for years....
  6. Worst cooking show ever

    here you go https://www.eater.com/2017/12/11/16761410/mario-batali-sexual-harassment-chefs-reactions-twitter
  7. Yes. Me too. Not one kitchen thing is emotional for me. Maybe the cutting board or the old Vulcan I parted with easily.....Plenty are useful and well-appreciated eg Darto and CSO...but I guess I'm not wired that way. Perhaps a deficiency on my part.
  8. Worst cooking show ever

    True @rotuts. Common decency isn't so common and is a complex issue in any event. But, yes, I was mainly thinking about sexual issues. Sadly, being a POS is "standard" behavior in some businesses and it isn't limited to those in powerful positions (though that is all the worse).
  9. Worst cooking show ever

    Apparently FN was bringing back Molto Mario with new shows....
  10. Worst cooking show ever

    What'll be interesting eventually, after the revelations are over, is who among the celeb chefs turns out to be a decent human being. I'm betting on Emerill.
  11. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

    Sausage and peppers