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  1. Non-stick pan suggestions

    Not a big non-stick fan. I have two that gather dust. I use steel eg Darto/Matfer for every nonstick application I can think of except scrambled eggs. Even Omelets slide right off the steel so long as I keep it seasoned
  2. St.Patrick , AKA CornedBeef 2018

    I cold smoke my corned beefs and then cook SV.
  3. There was a time when Rayner was a regular participant on eG
  4. I can see blueberry and horseradish as a pair sort of. The rest....not really. Mushroom and strawberry..seriously? Maybe I need to read the book.
  5. I had a very nice meal a couple mos ago at Sandro's. I think you could get in under $75. Lovely pasta. https://www.sandrosrestaurant.com/#Location
  6. Burgers/Meatloaf--Cook-Off 10

    @rotuts Do you rest your loaf after baking?
  7. Burgers/Meatloaf--Cook-Off 10

    Beef + Pork is more tolerant of higher temp than turkey, I think...I'll pull out at 145 or, if I'm not alert, 150F
  8. Burgers/Meatloaf--Cook-Off 10

    Two thinner slices allows for a good pan-fried sear on 4 sides instead of just two. Crucial. As is Russian dressing or sauteed onions
  9. Two different things, really. Im not a fan of thick cut chips. French fries are great. Thick chips have a bad surface to volume ratio. The surface has the fried goodness. The interior is just mealy russet potato. If they are on my plate I might eat two. Maybe. Unless there is mayonnaise.
  10. Methode Rotuts

    http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-40362094 Blogger killed by whipped cream dispenser
  11. SV (136F 3 hours) pork loin roast with fennel pollen, garlic and roasted red peppers.
  12. Ahh, Bisto! The Gravy Mix

    I use Gravy Master for color, ...wondra , or starch to thicken or, rarely, a roux. Six of one...
  13. Burgers/Meatloaf--Cook-Off 10

    They won't know. It really does taste better. You could call it "unseasoned breakfast sausage"
  14. Burgers/Meatloaf--Cook-Off 10

    I have a very nice meatloaf recipe. 3/4 beef, 1/4 pork....1 cup of diced andouille sausage mixed in ... 3/4 cup fine diced onions, Panade (garlic powder, worcestershire, 1/2 cup milk, 1/2 cup dry bread crumbs, 1 egg, salt and pepper). I make the panade and let it sit for 5 min or so to absorb the liquid and then work it into the meat. 375F for 45 min or so Let rest for 30' under foil and a towel to firm up. Slice to serve and top the slices with Major Grey's Chutney from Crosse and Blackwell. It is really delicious.