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  1. Huiray that was well said. I know I have many things as well that others may look upon with disdain. Do I care? not in the least. The entire point is to cook and eat what you like, and hopefully to share it with those we are fortunate to love as well. I would be proud and delighted to eat any of the meals you have posted here!
  2. I still have my original Poppin'Fresh that I got for my 7th birthday in '72. On another note, he also has chocolate crescent rolls ( choc. inside and then drizzled outside as well). I've not tried them ...yet.
  3. At our local Asia Mart, they are sold frozen, and yes it does affect the smell. I pick up one each time I go trying to decide if this will be the time I buy one. In their frozen state, they smell , to me, vaguely like a strong cheese, milder than Morbier, certainly not as strong as Limburger. Really on indefinable scent, Huiray, if you have smelled them , help me out here! :-)
  4. So glad you are back out on the road , cause I definitely need the diversion from the cold ( we are under a winter storm warning w/ ice possible tonight). Looking forward to your adventure!
  5. Huiray, Both of these last 2 dishes are drool worthy, and if I don't stop, I'm going to short out my keyboard. Making a note to get over to Asia Mart soon. I NEED some of that pork! :-)
  6. Huiray, I love your pasta dishes. They always leave me drooling. ,almost all of them but especially your carbonaras and the one you occasionally make with the gorgonzola and walnuts. MMMMMMMMMM!!!! ( and I love you Limoge)
  7. caroled

    Dinner 2014 (Part 6)

    Anna. tell me about the Blue Cheese Butter.... Is it as easy as it sounds? with only the 2 ingredients or am I overthinking it and want it to be more complicated than it is? Looks right up my alley!
  8. Huiray, Is young freshly harvested ginger different in flavor to the regular tan skinned type I would get at a regular market?? Is it milder or stronger in flavor and does it have a more tender texture? Do you cook with the green shoots as well?
  9. caroled

    Pimento Cheese

    Kim, thank you for posting mama's recipe. I was coming here after work to do so , but you've beat me to it!. It is really good and so easy. I do a version of it with a couple adjustments. I omit the mustard,and replace the L&P and fresh ground pepper with the McCormicks Worcestershire pepper. I know there are people who'd say nay, to preground pepper but it just works here. Takes between 1/2 and a tsp.and the 4oz.jar of pimentos are juice and all, do not drain. It makes a nice creamy spread and really accentuates the flavor. Takes about 5 minutes or less to make.yields about a pint. it's better if allowed to sit a few hours or overnight. The cheese absorbs the sauce and thickens a bit. Edited to add: It's really good served with a nice pepper jelly, store bought or homemade!
  10. They look beautiful, and as you seem to have an extra lying around, send me one! ha! Have you tried it yet??
  11. Kerry, I want the recipe for that olive salad. Yummmmm!
  12. I keep seeing the breads you have been making, but what are you doing with the yellow squash?? they are probably my favorite summer veg. (have cooked them 3 times in the last 8 days plus eaten the leftovers the rest)Had them stewed with onions last night, and planning a casserole this weekend. Any suggestions? how do you use them?? ( I don't have a garden . but they are on sale for 88c a lb, so I enjoy them while I can)
  13. This looks so delicious, hardly even needs any meat, I'd be satisfied with just the veg. (But I do love shrimp lo mein ) Bravo!
  14. Beautiful little eggplants! Can't wait to see what you do with them. Huiray, please chime in here.
  15. Ooooh, So sorry about your bread and your day.... Put your feet up and have a cocktail ( or 3) and relax. I'm so pleased that you gave it a try, and hope once you are back in your own home you will again. It really is delicious. And Toliver's idea for a bread pudding is on point. We have done the very thing before. ( This morning I took leftover date nut bread... a not very sweet one and sliced it thick, buttered both sides and pan fried/toasted it in a skillet til dark and crusty brown and served with homemade strawberry pineapple jam). Most things can be repurposed someway and may be even better than the original. And you are such a creative adventurous cook. LOVING this blog. Thank you so much!
  16. As I read the instructions in the link, there were only 3/4C berries, crushed and strained and of that only 1/4 C of resulting juice/pulp to be used. It looks as though you used much more of the juice/fruit and all?? How much did you actually put in the cake? I'd likely try the recipe again to the letter as written, or as you mentioned, to fold the juice into the batter and then swirl into the overall batter before the baking. Good luck with your next try. And welcome to the forum!
  17. Anna here is the recipe. Hawaiian Banana Bread Preheat oven to 350* Pregrease and flour 2 9/5/3 loaf pans 3 C AP Flour 2 C sugar 1 tsp soda 1 tsp Salt 1 tsp ground cinnamon 1 C nuts( we always used pecans but you could use walnuts) Combine all dry ingredients set aside 3 eggs beaten 1 1/4 C vegetable oil 2 C mashed bananas 1 8oz can crushed pineapple (juice and all) 2 tsp.vanilla extract... the best you have. combine all wet ingredients and fold into dry, until just moistened. spread batter evenly between the 2 ready pans and bake in the preheated oven for app. 1 hour or so until done.( cake tester comes out dry.) Cool in pans about 10 minutes and then remove from pans and allow to cool completely. Enjoy! Now I want to make that blueberry torte. I have 10# fresh ripe ones in the fridge. Maybe tomorrow!
  18. I love the shot of your grocery bag, with the " extra old" cheese.... new way of saying aged I guess. Also Anna, I want to send you my granmother's banana bread recipe. if you'd be interested. we have always loved it.
  19. Indiana... it's more than pork and corn... ( although we're proud of those too! )
  20. Mrs. Kim, your fuzzy mushroom looks like a tribble! ha!
  21. caroled

    DQ Blizzards

    I recommend that you try this with malt powder added. I ususally get 3 scoops added to a large blizzard. ( 1 scoop per size increase) It really enhances the flavor.
  22. Had had the pleasure of making a Father's day brunch for my family today. My stepdad was recently in the hospital so I really wanted to make things I knew he would like, all served buffet style on the sideboard. I put out a nice cheddar with crackers and homemade pimento cheese. Fresh toasted buttered salted pecans. Croissant french toast, and creamy scrambled eggs ( one of the first things he said he'd like after getting home from hosp.) Strawberry sauce and caramel topping for the FT. Brown sugar broiled pineapple. Tomatoes ( grape/ cherry etc...red ,yellow,orange, zebra) tossed in a screaming hot wok with olive oil, salt and fresh thyme. Filet mignon... preseasoned ,brown butter, HOT skillet. A riff on a New Orleans style BBQ shrimp,( Not all the cayenne ) but lots of buttery garlicky sauce served with a choice of grits, white rice and crusty baguette for mopping up sauce. And Brownies for dessert. My not yet 7 year old niece, after taking a bite of her French toast topped with strawberry sauce and whipped cream said to me..." you really outdid yourself!" And now I've just had some of the leftovers for dinner!
  23. you could keep that liquid going indefinitely? sort of a "master sauce" for collards
  24. Shelby, That's a fine looking burger on that onion bun.
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