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  1. I cant say that I remember what they taste like or if I ever even tried one... I think I just disliked them on principle.
  2. Me too! the gyros were my most eagerly awaited item. My second favorite was a corn dog. The mustard was in a bucket with a paint brush and you could slather it all over and it would absorb into that hot crispy crust! (And Liberty Land was there all season, not just at fair time.) None of us had ever conceived of all the deep fried sweets available today.
  3. I'm kinda guessing the recipients are not going to care how well it slices, only how fast they can get it in their mouth with as few crumbs lost as possible
  4. We do this same thing, except we asked our local favorite Chinese place would they sell us some of their containers...they did... they ordered an entire case for us, pint size 250 lids, 250 containers... all for around $34.00.
  5. caroled


    DDF, The Aldi's near me, maybe 2 1/2 miles away, has been undergoing a remodel. Last time I went was maybe 5-6 weeks ago. Plans are to go tomorrow...hopefully they will be close to, or completely finished. I'm out of so much stuff!
  6. TftC. I am with you now. A friend had the ones in a chip bag that look like sugar snap peas. but are an extruded crisp. I now see the ones you are referring to are actual vegetables. I have not had the green beans, but have had the okra. I really like this... It is like my favorite fried okra...cooked so crispy it is practically brown thru to the center. I am not averse to eating nearly burnt okra... mmmmm!
  7. TftC, A friend gave me some once but they seemed to have a texture of an extruded chip. more like a cheese puff. Do yours break open like peas would...this I would be very interested in trying.
  8. I've done this after a burn from an oven rack. Sour cream is the best most effective thing I've found.
  9. caroled

    Melting lardo

    Weedy, I was just watching an old episode of "Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, season 6 episode 15 "NYC; Will work for Food" ". Andrew is going to locations around the city and doing brief stints in NYC kitchens, one of which is Marea. This part of the episode is approximately 12 minutes in (taking into account commercials), They do the Sea Urchin and Lardo Costini. Onto the toast , the urchin is placed, the lardo is a fairly large piece, big enough the it is folded in 1/2 and then placed on top and put into a broiler (salamander?) as he says, " for no more than 15 seconds". The lardo is of course melted, but still showing a bit of opaqueness, not quite as transparent as yours seems to be. Sorry if this is no help, but maybe see if you can find this particular episode. You are correct about the salamander. Just looked, type in the title just as I listed into You Tube, the episode is there.. I just can't make a link, sorry.
  10. Shelby, you are such an instigator!... I downloaded my copy onto my NOOK Tuesday night. ( I found my $150 stash of B&N cards i'd been given as gifts. So I spent some wisely!)
  11. I also like the shrimp chips, although until gullet I had never seen them in their natural color. When I was growing up in the south, there was a Chinese girl in my class and we both took piano lessons from the same teacher. Each spring at our end of year recital the moms were responsible for providing the sweets buffet for all the students, parents and guests ,practically the entire county and surrounding counties were invited. This particular girl's mom always made shrimp chips, and they were the loveliest pastel colors. She always fried enough to fill 2 flats such as a case of beer came on that she had wrapped in foil and lined with paper towels. Most people were put off them by the name alone, and the color I suppose, but I found them to be so exotic that at the end of the evening the mom always sent an entire box of them home with us as we seemed to be the only ones that enjoyed them. Sorry, and I hope I didn't hijack the thread, but every time I see you have these it brings back fond memories..
  12. That is an amazing amount of work, and what riches you have to squirrel for the winter months. IIRC someone here, perhaps Shelby made tomato salt last year ??
  13. Those are some pretty anemic looking pork rinds. Everything else looks tasty!
  14. Shain, we had similar last night with angel hair, mozzarella and parmesan. Will be having leftovers pretty soon.
  15. Dayum Kim, I can't even begin to tell you how good all that food looks. That charred skin on the chicken is calling to me!! And your burnt ends lunch at home, oh wow!
  16. caroled

    Seafood stock help

    I remember years ago reading the ingredient packet for shrimp ramen noodles and seeing that it had ground shrimp shells. Many times over the years I've thought about drying the shells and running them thru a spice grinder. Anyone ever tried this? could be a nice flavoring for any real seafood dish.
  17. caroled

    Oreo Cookies

    Found 2 new ones last week. the blueberry pie ones I didn't buy, but I did get the salted caramel thins, and they were really good.
  18. Wonderful, glorious news! once you get to puttering around in your kitchen and eating good food you'll feel great again!
  19. The 2 yellow cans with the cows on label appear to be evaporated milk...and that's all I've got!
  20. I imagine the shitake helped. I buy large bags and run thru the spice grinder...use a bit of the resulting powder in soups, stews any braised meats, etc . hope you are on the mend!
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