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  1. It's looks like some of the chocolates on one of the other thread of the cosmos. What color will it be when ripe?
  2. Chris stopped by a farm stand and the lady tried to give him 2 plastic grocery bags of beans that had bean sitting all day. He wanted to pay her something so she finally accepted .75c. After stringing and snapping, we had 3 gallons of beans. Yesterday I cooked a big pot like this, minus the ham and potatoes,, but with a nice chunk of ham jelly. Cooked for app. 2 hours. They do get the khaki green color, but these held their shape nicely. Chris said they were the best he's had in an age.
  3. So what's been raised with the intent of becoming soybean oil and soy meal is not edible in it's green, undried state? I never knew.
  4. I grew up in the MS Delta. Abutting our acre on one side was a field of soybeans (the other 3 were cotton). If we'd known how delicious these were then, we'd have been our stripping those plants on a daily basis!
  5. @Anna N, Have you pulled your 48 hour shank yet? it's time!
  6. I did mussels and prawns ( 3#/ 1#) last Sunday night with lots of garlic, butter and white wine. For only 2 of us. With salad and bread. We finished them all! oink oink!
  7. I just got to read this, start to finish. Thank you for letting me tag along. Quite the adventure.
  8. caroled

    Butter Tarts

    @kayb, a Southern girl after my own heart!
  9. @pjm333, that is a serious load of macarons. Are those cabinets in a freezer? or do ya'll sell thru that many in a couple days time? And as always, you know I love your chocolate dessert work!
  10. caroled

    Butter Tarts

    I did notice that and all the recipes I've seen don't seem to call for all that much butter. For so little needed, it looks like you'd go for the real stuff. Said by the person that is forever looking up and collecting recipes for them and still never getting round to making them.
  11. caroled

    Butter Tarts

    @Lisa Shock, 'bout 3 seconds!!
  12. So @Duvel, what did you think? Bun is pretty much as depicted, and I see the sausage, but the chicken is hiding itself. The wedge fries in the photo do look good.
  13. I see a number of poles with hoses attached at the bottom... some sort of improvised rain head spray system?
  14. @pjm333, oh my...one of the most beautiful renditions of probably one of my favorite desserts ever.
  15. I love the name of the one you had...
  16. I'm so jealous...Now that's what I call lunch.
  17. But now you can get rid of those pesky shells ahead of time... after all, that's the hardest part of a boiled egg, peeling it!
  18. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Still an enjoyable read after all this time. Seeing how things have changed over the years , the photography, garnishes, food styling, I love seeing that.(on another note it is lovely to see the names of so many people who aren't here anymore , being able to go back and see their posts. and hope that they will one day drop back in for a visit..)
  19. Oh you sweet lady , yes! I couldn't remember the thread title, and tried so many combinations in he advanced search , to no avail. How far down the rabbit hole did this take you?
  20. Oh I totally understood the different ends of the spectrum, where she is carting around a pretty well loaded kitchen , fridge, freezer, appliances, utensils, vessels, fresh and frozen foods and a well stocked pantry, you have much planning with what will and will not keep for a set amount of time, along with the items that will or will not be worth the effort to carry to the site. I only meant that she has opened my eyes to the vast array of foods that can be cooked while traveling and camping out... it's not all about burgers and dogs anymore.
  21. One of my favorites to read was by Daniel, in NY, and a pork dinner he was cooking. I haven't been able to find it in ages, but would sure enjoy it if any of you come across it in your viewing. a nd like Shelby, I am a great fan of the food blogs. Love seeing all the changes that have occurred over the years
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