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  1. @chefmd, is the gelato good?? I almost got some this past week and didn't , but can go back!
  2. @Kim Shook, rationing is highly over rated... just buy more!!!
  3. Those look like they'd be good with some nice cheese as well.
  4. @blue_dolphin that fennel and apples would be a fabulous side dish for any holiday meal. I would love it for Thanksgiving!
  5. TNT and TBS both had a showing tonight not sure if it was the first entire episode. . Can't say I saw anything such as dining. I'll save my reviews for a more appropriate forum
  6. @aperture I've never heard of this being a thing. I can see where something low and heavy would be ideal for the task as it would not easily tip over, but woe unto anyone who tried it with mine!
  7. Will definitely ask my 91 year old German neighbor. She loves sweets and would probably have one.... as soon as we get around to getting my oven fixed (sensor is out!)
  8. @Kim Shook Been wanting to make one of these since I saw them on Pinterest. I have a tube pan, but no bundt, and no storage for one.
  9. It's not a thing per say, it's just that when we were in MS when I was growing up, we did a lot of gardening and canning. it was not unusual to can any where from 30-40 gallons of sweet pickles each summer. They were an integral ingredient in both of my grandmother's chicken salad recipes. Both of my grandmothers did equally as much canning as long as their health allowed. Because we don't have access to that much produce anymore, we don't have the pickles, but the brine is an easy fix/substitute. (we do make and use cheater pickles)
  10. @Shelby That meat looks so good. No hunters in this household, but if there were I'd definitely be using the dark meat.
  11. caroled

    Pimento Cheese

    @Kim Shook I've got a batch in the fridge right now, bring the crackers and get over here!
  12. Now made even easier by buying the already shelled ones!
  13. caroled

    Pimento Cheese

    Indeed it would, just no breads with too light of a crumb, as the oil just seeps through. I will give the Triscuits a try next time I make the spread.
  14. caroled

    Pimento Cheese

    @Lisa Shock, the store I worked a made this fresh in our cheese shop. Merchandised as Jarlsburg dip. As you know, it is way too thick to dip, but my favorite was to eat it was as a cheese toastie. Spread on a nice Kaiser roll or pretzel bun...something substantial that will hold up to the resulting oil melting from the cheese and mayo. Toast til melted, bubbly and browned. Makes a nice meal with a salad.
  15. caroled


    I'll look for those. I try not to linger in the chip/cracker section as it is too tempting.
  16. Mama and each still have a doughboy in our kitchen, mine the one I received for my birthday when they first hit the market in 71/72? I believe. He'd be so sad if I didn't let him handle some of the cooking!
  17. caroled

    Breakfast! 2018

    @Shelby, that is my kind of brunch. I made that cheeseball for our Christmas, with one exception. Years ago my grandmother was going to make one and sent my granddad for the jarred dried beef. He came home with a canned corned beef. She used it and never made it the other way again. try it sometime!
  18. My grandmothers both taught me pie crust as well, but I never make it, The doughboy has never failed me yet.
  19. caroled


    Just got back from Aldis and totally forgot to look for these apples. I did buy a lot of post holiday items, chocolates (gold and silver coins , for a Harry Potter party) marzipan/dark chocolate covered logs, marzipan stollen , truffles, holiday sprinkles for next season... for an absolute steal, 25c each, and my stepdad's favorite, Queen Anne cherry cordial for 10c a box. A good $75 worth of products at a regular retail grocery for maybe $5-$6. Now I need to make room in the freezer for the 5 stollen!
  20. @Shelby, I know some people are all about the homemade, and I learned from 2 grandmothers how to make them... really good. But 9 times out of 10, I will still go for the ease and convenience of Pillsbury frozen biscuits. If I can buy as good or in some instances better items than I can make, why not? I'll make no apologies
  21. @blue_dolphin, I cant begin to tell you how delicious that finished dish looks!
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