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  1. They look similar to what we in the South (US) grew up with as purple hull peas. What length will these grow to, and do they have a distinct pea inside? I'd be interested in seeing one if they do.
  2. I ordered some from earlier this week. From Amazon I got the DK Harvest ( Dien Khanh)brand ,I had ordered the Tellicherry, but was sent the Vietnamese black. The peppercorns are tiny, but have a wonderful peppery taste and fragrant aroma...nice and fresh, air tight sealed bag. Only $8.90 for a 16oz. Would definitely order from them again.
  3. Unless you plan on renting a car, have the beer!
  4. Typically it is greener, but with everyone and their cousin making and posting a version of it on Pinterest, it seems to be morphing into a glorified ranch dressing. Epicurious has a buttermilk version that is much like I make and remember from my childhood, but they also have one that uses a large quantity of watercress and is full on pea puree green.
  5. That cheese looks like someone was trying to warm it in their hands before presentation!, the other components look pretty tasty. I've been craving Green Goddess dressing for a while now. Must get the stuff to make some.
  6. caroled


    For those of you who do frequent Aldi , I went to my local one today, and the butter , both salted and unsalted, was one sale for $1.47 lb. Didn't need heavy cream so I didn't pay attention to the price. Now having said that I don't know if the prices are by the store, regional, or nation wide, but just an FYI for those who bake and might be interested.
  7. Kintsugi...this plate would be a stunning repair.
  8. Couldn't find horrified...will one of these do?🤢🤮 I love corn 🌽
  9. I've also seen it made with the addition of a bit of lemon juice to balance the sweetness. I love this stuff and stay away from it as much as possible.😁
  10. In the largest photo, I can totally see the yolk and "white" parts of the century egg, but what pray tell is the large plum colored item on the upper right that looks like an acrylic nail?
  11. After I had posted, I realized, if it had been double sided, you'd have flipped it up to show both fabrics. I hope if she's still out there reading this she knows how much she is missed.
  12. That looks very much like some Mama has... Is it possibly from the same source?
  13. This year from my 92 year old neighbor, I received a 1# bag of shelled pecans from FL and a gallon bag of in shell pecans from LA. The Louisiana pecans were the longest I have ever seen., between 1 1/2" and 2". I also received an IMUSA 14" light cast iron wok and my first Insta Pot, a 6 qt. size. I have only ever used a standard Presto pressure cooker, so this should be fun. My stepdad said they were not given for purely unselfish reasons. 🍖 Also a handful of my favorite silicone spatulas, pastry brush, whisk, etc...in my stocking.
  14. caroled


    I'm in Indiana and our closest is app. 3 miles as well. It is my primary shopping outlet.
  15. Dayum Kim!!! I'm impressed and jealous of all those who get the chance to take home some of these goodies!
  16. I just had a similar conversation with @Kim Shook the other night about having no room for new kitchen toys.
  17. @blue_dolphin, Have you thought about redistributing the filling on the H&C square? it's been my experience that when any ham product has been frozen, they release a good bit of the water that was added during the hams production. The extra surface coverage might allow for more of the moisture to bake off rather than collect underneath the filling and allow for a more even bake of the pastry.
  18. You are correct... that is why I only said they "look" like. 😋 I almost explained a MP, but even though they are a graham cracker like layer, they never tasted like a graham cracker to me, so I just went for the resemblance as far as the lovely even layers.
  19. @Kerry Beal, they're like standing on the shore of a distant planet, looking across their ocean , staring out into space.
  20. It looks like a southern treat we know as a Moon Pie.
  21. Are they crispy enough to crunch shell and all? My family looks a me askance when I eat the ends ( swimmerets ) whenever I happen to have fried shrimp if we are dining out. I only like them if they are really crispy.
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