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  1. This is one great and informative blog so far, keep up the good work The dinners looked fantastic, especially the parmesan crusted tilapia. I even went so far as to log it into the Weight Watcher sight, Recipe builder to get a points value on it and saved it as a 'favorite" . I definitely intend to try this one out on the near future.
  2. I am loving this already. Randi, I have a kitchen full of items with points already marked on the packaging as well. I also do Weight Watchers , but I pay the monthly pass price and attend the meeting. Part of the price allows for the use of free e-Tools on their site which include Points tracker and Recipe builder which will calculate the points in your own recipes, IMO well worth the cost right there. Is our third blogger up yet?? Tell us more??? edited for spelling
  3. Good morning all, This is going to be great. I'm always interested in someone else's pespective on weight loss. Looking forward to this one more than you know. Now, let's get this party started!
  4. I too, vote that you continue with the blog. I have been checking back periodically the last two weeks in the hopes that your computer would be up and running again .YEA!! Hope the powers that be see things our way and let you continue. I look forward to it (fingers crossed )
  5. Guess that's why we had a hard time telling her cookout burgers from the briquets. She was not yet in her teens when I met her, and the first Sunday dinner at their home was a perfectly LOVELY meal---gorgeous fried chicken, stupendous desserts--but I was taken aback when she and her younger brother took the chicken plate, moved all the chicken around and carefully picked up and ate all the little dropped-off crispin crumbs. They were just kids, but did they HAVE to call them scabs? ← My aunt was absolutely notorius for this. I did have one occasion to see her put a slightly different spin on this. Her 2nd husband Earl( as opposed to her first husband Earl) didn't like them so dry. One day I happened to catch her cooking his dinner. On the counter were two beautiful rib eyes.Lots of beautiful marbling. She got out a really big cast iron skillet and preheated it .Hot. Then just before the steaks went in she added about 1/2 cup of oil .When it was just about to flame up the steaks went in . After a few minutes on each side,and they had (considering the circumstances) a wonderful crust, she then proceed to add a a measuring cup of water and turned the heat as high as it would go and BOILED them. I could not believe it! So as not to lose sight of thread topic, I did have a few horrendous meals at her house. One in particular included a nice big pot of turnip greens ( one of my favorite things) that had an unbelievable sweetness and a distinct crunch with each and every bite for the amount of sugar that was in them ( I think an extra cup full went in just before serving) It was almost gag inducing
  6. I just had my "snack" or rather meal for the morning. Today it was my dinner leftovers, consisting of a whole wheat pita stuffed with guacamole, turkey breast and vidalia onion, with a side of 1/2 cup tiny green peas and 1/2 cup of baked beans made with sauted onion, roasted red peppers and black beans...they were really good!
  7. Just wanted to bump this back up. For those of you who have watched ( and loved :wub:0 this show as much as I have, just wanted to let you know. The final episode will air on May 15th. I am assuming ( although I haven't read as such) that there is one more episode before that one this coming Tuesday , May 8th as well.
  8. Not weird at all. I am just up and getting ready for another nights work and have just had my breakfast. It consisted of 2 ears of corn roasted on the grill,also grilled asparagus,a small baked potato and 4oz. of grilled eye of sirloin. I am doing weight watchers, and have to keep my food balanced with lean meat ,veg etc.... As much as I love cold cereal and other breakfast foods, I find I lose too many of my daily points on cereal and milk, and it just doesn't keep me going through my work day.
  9. I say to each his own. As a long time night owl, and now someone who works the graveyard shift, my hours are not typical of most. I am usually up in the evenings between 7:30 and 8:00 pm. and have to be at work by 10:00. I do most of my cooking ahead of time,and I find that I for the most part like to have a more savory meal to start my work day than cereal, or the traditional bacon and eggs. By the time I get home from work in the mornings ( and the time does vary form day to day) I like to have my "dinner" and the convenience of a ready made meal keeps me from waking the rest of the household up @ 6am with the smells of curry, pasta, etc......... Now having said that, eggs (and bacon) are probably one of my favorite foods. I just don't believe that they should be reserved to just certain hours of the day. growing up, breakfast for "dinner" was always considered a treat and breakfast at my grandmothers house always consisted of eggs and bacon usually biscuits and sometimes the roast and gravy left over from the night before along with a plate of fresh sliced tomatoes, when in season.
  10. #178 Jerk food and Sushi; In Her Shoes I really liked this movie , and am amazed that Racheld has not already answered it !!
  11. SarahW is indeed correct with Valmont as the answer to #148. sorry it took so long for me to get back to ya'll....... my computer was down for almost a month!!!
  12. Funny that Ole Jack has been popping up so much, as that is my guess to # 166 Terms of Endearment
  13. No-o-o-o-o!!! ← I concur, Rock On (Didn't know that it was going to last this long, did ya ? ) Fantastic blog. I've loved reading it and am always fascinated when you do one. They are always so informative. Thanks for taking us along for the ride.
  14. Here's some more: *"I love their eggrolls" " Eat your eggs" and four perfect T-bone steaks *An oatmeal cream pie, an apple, and a family dinner featuring a turkey.
  15. Wow! way to nip it in the bud! Color me impressed. I have heard so many parents in such situations try to rationalize with a completely irrational child, and have sat there thinking, why not just take them out of here. ( Many a time I saw parents do that same thing if a child acted up in church) On a positive note, one time I was dining out at a family style buffet restaurant with a friend. In the booth directly behind us ( but in my line of vision)was a family of six. The oldest of the 4 children was probably no more than 8 and the youngest maybe 2 1/2. The parents took turns going though the line and fixing the plates for the kids, none of whom got up or even saw what was on the buffet. As the mother she knew what her children would or would not eat, or at least what she wanted them to try.One by one she came back to the table with their plates and after she and the Dad had each taken a turn getting their meal and had sat down then they all began to eat. I didn't see any of the kids take a bite until the parents had taken their seat and had blessed the meal. No one at that table was loud or rude or complained about what was given to them. I have never seen such well behaved children in a restaurant in my life( granted I've never had the opportunity to dine with any of you So as some of you have already said, It all comes back to the parents and the example that they have set and the behavior that they will tolerate from their kids. Varmit, you have my utmost respect and admiration for raising your children to behave in such a way that they will be welcomed wherever they go, now and as they get older.
  16. You are on the right track with that guess for #147!! But no, it's not "The Break Up", although, interstingly, thier huge fight happened over lemons. Not enough lemons So, it's got a food component to it as well. ← " What my Baby want's, my Baby gets" "Baby wanted 12" #147 is The Good Girl.......... she can't get rid of her teenage lover and considers giving him the same tainted blackberries that her friend and coworker ate that sent her to the hospital and eventually the morgue
  17. While he was declaring the first dinner garbage, I love her line: "It's elegantfood "
  18. In a marketplace, buying pears, Brioche, grapes, fresh cheeses, wine, crusty loaves of bread, and a fresh pork hock
  19. Very good! I thought the moon cakes might finally give it away
  20. To keep the game going: * A basket of figs *Tea sandwich eaten in the plants,Roast chicken on Sundays(shelling fresh peas) and 6 enormous cakes sliced in wedges that could fill a dinner plate *Additional clues to #103, Meat is meat: Hard green peaches. In one scene a flat dried duck is stolen and tucked under a jacket only to fall out in front of the owner( not the original piece of meat in question ,but another stolen piece) moon cakes and red eggs.Probably one of my favorite books of all time, food descriptions are everywhere.
  21. Is #138, Live wriggling worm on tea sandwiches........etc... Paradise I vaguely remember this from about 10 or so years ago, all the little old ladies out doors eating the sandwiches after the kids(Elijah Woods and Thora Birch ) had dropped the worms while up in the tree???
  22. 130 is indeed Heathers Congratulations Insomniac!
  23. Yes it is. I love a good vampire movie.
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