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  1. Grr now the washing machine has gone wonky sigh

  2. Solving the Riemann hypothesis would be easier than transfer gas and electricity supplier

  3. Written while after waiting for a driver change some arse wont pay fair or get off so 40min to BrixtonGetting on tube ....

  4. I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/9cL2Pyn Portal: No Escape

  5. Surprised there was not more comment on this series. It was low key but every episode I watched made me want to go off and cook something. One program he made rhubarb crumble, I really wanted a good old fashioned crumble after viewing, and a hour later was eating wonderful spiced apple crumble. Another he did a plain risotto. Again, I wanted to make it, but I discovered none of my chicken stock left in the freezer but I spotted a scrunched up bag of dried porchini and had some chestnut mushrooms handy mushroom and red wine risotto was created. And when he did Piedmont peppers, I'd eaten but was thinking about them all the next day until I made them for a late lunch and ate four as I'd forgotten just how good they are. This review says it all http://www.guardian.co.uk/tv-and-radio/2011/jul/23/the-good-cook-grace-dent-tv-od
  6. What's qr.net/eyqa all about. Domain info qr.net/eyp9 + bio hazard sign,

    guess protest about toxic finance and public paying for cleanup

  7. Rise of planet of the apes - loved it

  8. Birthday celebs start 11:30am Sun, End 9pm Tues not bad for 48.

    Would have gone for longer but the wheel came of my mobility scooter, the artificial hip has seized up and I've lost my bus pass.

  9. Can you believe nPowers systems are: leavers and joiners; customer account; outgoing etc. All distinct with no x coms between them #FAIL

  10. Frustrated at being good in prep for birthday celebrations tomorrow. But want to enjoy my birthday meal and have mega energy for fun after at the Vauxhall tavern etc etc

  11. The incompetence of nPower in transferring my gas supply is shocking

  12. Camerons "hug a hoodie" http://t.co/Gz0OpJm have a read LOL

  13. I liked a @YouTube video http://youtu.be/YItK1izQIwo?a Nick Clegg "warns" of riots if Tories are elected (11Apr10)

  14. Bet the hackers were trying to improve the recipe http://t.co/1SvHGdF anyone notice new http://t.co/hr1PVss are a bit hershy. Ughhh

  15. Well it depends on a lot of factors:- First the hot thing How hot is it How large is it What's it's heat capacity Where in the fridge is it Next the fridge What is the temperature of the fridge What's it's internal volume What's it's cooling ability What food is in the frige and where is it placed. So in a 2 litre fridge and placing a litre container of boiling water on the base and a 1/8 litre bowl of rice above it. Unless your fridge cooled like liquid nitrogen that bown of rice will turn into a breading ground for germs. Similary if you've a 100 litre fridge and place a warm (30C) cake on the top shelf, chances are nothing is going to be affected. So just use some common sense, transfer hot food into s suitably sized container, why cool the whole pot. Keep hot foods away from temperature sensitive foods and place hot foods above cold foods is possible. Also placing hot food into a fridge makes it work harder and use more energy, so not a good thing to do from an energy saving point of view.
  16. You answered that yourself but the Dover sole will take you over your £30 budget at £38/£48 you could do the crab at 19.95 but worth a splurge I think.
  17. Snarled up in a bus jam in Brixton and station closed due to police investigations. Wish these rioters would give advance notice. Got to see dr's at 1pm at this rate will need to leave for it as soon as I get in!

  18. Volume 1 of a modernist cuisine finished 4 more to go

  19. Torchwood - it grates the full on USA with the BBC make do, ironic will it settle down into something OK.

    OK - my guess is the kids taken by the 459 were freed by what happened in "Children Of Earth" and this is their revenge.

  20. Wow as good as it said on the tin, my new shaver Panasonic ES-LA63 does give a shave as good as a wet shave well impressed

  21. Oh dear, here's one for all you teapot collectors who are Amy Winehouse fans http://t.co/eqFAS0i

  22. Nasty horrible mosquito got me on the had, so it's now all swollen and anti histamines not helping

  23. A security tag on a £2 block of cheese WTF http://t.co/3emxuEm

  24. Great, ME ME ME. Lets assume they change the system from pooled so you get all the tips. So either those people will now be on a lower wage so they will leave for a better paid place (as they must have been good enough to earn that or management should be on there case) so all the good dishwashers, preps, sous chefs and even the chef may leave and on the same base salary will probably not be as good, so standards will drop, less customers, tips will go down etc. The alternative is they raise the salaries of the back office staff and you can keep the tips, this works great but the prices on the menus will go up, also when times are lean management still need to pay back office full wages so more risk of lay-offs. While a pooled system can "encourage slackers" there are things that can be done to sort this out. E.g. If one server consistently gets 10% tips and another 30% tips then that's a server problem to be investigated, addressed and penalised or rewarded. If tips drop/rise when a certain manager or chef etc are the same goes. I strongly prefer the pooled "Optional Service Charge" + "Living wage" . I.e all staff get a basic living wage (This may be higher than minimum e.g. London, NYC etc) to this a service charge is added automatically as a percentage to your final bill. (In the UK this is 10 to 15%) this service charge (And we're on the case in the UK of some reassuringly who take this and do not pass the full amount on to staff - ask if so pay the bill by card and the rest by cash) is then pooled and split % wise depending on your role. The key things are "Optional Service Charge" which means as a customer I do not have to pay this IF I did not receive the reasonable service. They can also choose to pay bill and service charge separately. For establishments that include service, while under UK law service charge can be withheld I've only ever done it a few times, however if service is above average most people will leave a little more. So in the UK you can walk out of a restaurant and have paid your bill no problein NYC due to perhaps customer ignorance you have a server screaming where's my tip. In addition in the UK you get customers adding 20% to a bill that includes service (My restaurant is ..... please visit) And the French Laundry was the first restaurant I found in the USA that included the service charge (Ok for all food, can you match the wines to food up to equivalent food value and add 20% on for yourself) - bill arrived, wine matching was 50% of food cost, zero service as it was factored in (left a few notes) but as it should be
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