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  1. Dear Waitrose Abingdon, why you should check a poster containing the word 'count' from outside as well... http://t.co/9ZEDJlbX via @TwitPic

  2. I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/cEoMxKE0 Les Dawson - Cissie & Ada - The Art Gallery

  3. What a load of camp old nonsense - Love it! (@YouTube http://t.co/K4L6Hhn3)

  4. For James - the shoe shop sketch http://t.co/Ilacvr5s

  5. If you want to store them for longer once cooked chill in an ice bath and then keep well refrigerated (3C or lower) and use within 30 days. Cooking at 80C or above for more than an hour will kill of most of the bugs but not the spores of Clostridium botulinum that can lead to botulisum but if you keep it below 3C then they can't grow and produce toxin. Also even if there were some toxin present if then heating to 80C or above and holding for 10 minutes or more will destroy any toxin and so make it safe to eat. (Lower temps for longer can do the same but botulisum is not something to take risks with so make sure they are from a reputable source. Since we're talking SV I'd time it so core temp was at the given temp for the required duration.
  6. How too much omega-6 and not enough omega-3 is making us sick http://t.co/WU05jmdG via @zite is veg oil killing us ?

  7. Chinese truffles have a much weaker aroma and flavour, even when ripe. Nothing wrong with them if you know what your getting and for the correct price which should be way less that Perigord truffles or even Summer Truffles for that matter.
  8. Letter to nPower #nPower #FAIL

    Dear idiots

    Since my misguided attempt in June 2011 to transfer my gas and (cont) http://t.co/Dtk7iDHA

  9. emPower http://t.co/Y7hHnX3t via @zite wow these look amazing

  10. ermintrude

    Parmesan Whey

    I've made the parmesan water by using ground parmesan and water and letting it be stirred at 70C in a Thermomix for 1/2 an hour. Did not find a use for the whey as most of the flavour was in the water. However be warned once the whey sets as it cools it's very very difficult to get off, think parmesan cheese moulded into the container
  11. Which of These Drinks Will Dissolve a Mouse Fastest? http://t.co/zuuOzUFC via @zite

  12. Oh dear land line not working but broadband is. Unplugged everything but no joy, BT says no fault grrrr

  13. You should be able to substitute 1 for the other, I've no idea of an official conversion but each molecue of lactate and gluconate has 2Ca+ Ions. The molar mass of Calcium Lactate is 218 and Calcium Gluconate it's 430 so I'd try double the quantity of gluconate as a replacement for the lactate. Good luck.
  14. Temperatures above 60C for an extended period will destroy the toxin, 85C for 5 minutes seems to be what most advise. To kill the spores then you need to go to 120C for an extended period to ensure any spores are killed, generally under preasure. While filtration may remove the spores I don't know if filtration is a generally accepted way to make a commercial product safe and there are generally regulations that must be complied with if you intend to sell on a commercial basis. If in USA check the FDA website www.fda.gov otherwise check your local regulations.
  15. Mulled wine is doing the trick

  16. Well since a #Thermomix can't slice I make do with this! http://t.co/AOZyc6Kh

  17. Result one live lobster Om Nom Nom Nom

  18. Result 2kg of ox cheeks, get the #SousVideSupreme on :-)

  19. Facebook Timeline goes live: Gives users seven-day grace http://t.co/0bk8jUwj

  20. Oh dear just found out the sim I needed for an xmas prezzy was sent via #yodel they should have just chucked it in the bin !

  21. Dame Edna in Dick Whittington in row A hysterical laughter but due to humour or sheer terror! [pic]: http://t.co/0lswmyY9

  22. Stick with it, wait till they kick up pond weed LOL http://t.co/gEc8CHcj

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