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  1. Why do I irrationally feel I want one if these!

  2. Except I'd be illegal there

  3. I can recommend this

  4. Shocking.
    We now have a law where giving someone a bunch of flowers could get you 7 years for supply of materials that had a psychoactive effect. E.g. it made someone happy.

    And Sylar Majesticoon is not going to like it that Catnip is now technically illegal too.

    Interestingly this leads to a situation were if someone was sold talcum power instead of the cocaine they expected and it made them angry. The person selling it could be done for supply in exactly the same way as if they had supplied cocaine and also done for another charge of fraud!

  5. Part 2 - Well After Dr Leon this looks like the next step http://www.xnnsystems.xyz/#/

  6. Well that's a novel way to promote nuclear missiles!

  7. ermintrude

    Pig Spleen

    Had the Rolled pig's spleen at St John on the Bar Menu and very nice it was too.
  8. Welcome, to egullet from a fellow Londoner.
  9. I did a trial with some stewing steak, one I did nothing with,the other I used the jaccard on then cooked both sous viide at 60C for 4 hours with a small of gorgonzola in each bag, the jaccarded steak was preferable and softer than the non jaccarded steak. Interestingly the small amount, and I mean a smear, of blue cheese really brought out the beef flavor and was eaten even by a guest who will not eat any form of cheese.
  10. Could they have used one of these on the meat?
  11. You can believe a lot of wacky things that are only incidentally about cooking and still be a great cook. Eric Ripert for example, believes that menstruating women can't make mayonnaise without it breaking. Interesting, a friend of mine who is a female head chef, told me she can't make mayonnaise at that time of the month. I'd never heard of Eric Ripert comment before.
  12. I've always followed what my grandmother said, eat a bit of everything and not to much of anything.
  13. Here's a clasic recipie http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/egg_custard_tarts_15352
  14. A good pepermill could be an option such as http://www.unicornmills.com/ the mini mill around $20
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