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  1. Whole foods very expensive but did manage to get a vinegar mother so pleased about that ;-)

  2. Loving Undone by Rotersand must play Alive after it for nightmares

  3. What about using Gellan http://www.molecularrecipes.com/gelification/saffron-tagliatelle-consomme-recipe/
  4. Having a Sparks moment

  5. Getting peeps together for #cabininthewoods on the 13th

  6. I've joined team #geeks in the race to the #cabininthewoods to win a trip to Barcelona. RT and join: http://t.co/vWHx1TXs

  7. This hiss before the valve pops up is normal - if you help it you can cut this short. What then happened to first red ring - normal pressure Then second red ring - normal higher pressure Then more than the second red ring - you are now into pressures above the two defined by the red rings. So above normal, so you should start to expect venting and finally the safety valve to blow. You went way past the 2nd red line in the video. With the Kuhn Rikon using say induction on full power to bring to preasure then reduce to what you think would be static can be misleading. I tend to go full power till it hit's the bar, then down to 5 when that holds steady, down to 4 and then 2.5 h will keep it steady. Full power then down to 2.5 never works/
  8. Arse, body clock so messed up after being ill last most of week woke up at 2am and now still awake! Let's try 5-HTP

  9. "Texture - A Hydrocolloid recipe collection" can be found here http://blog.khymos.org/recipe-collection/ and it is an excellent body of work
  10. Microsoft onenote also a great note taker and available on iPhone etc, and with a windows live ID everything syncs up nicely. If you've bought office, depending on the version, you may have it on you machine already so a zero cost option. Not dissing Evernote in anyway
  11. I have an AEG steam oven, here's the latest model http://www.aeg.co.uk/Products/Cooking/Ovens/Steam_ovens/BS7304001M Not as sophisticated as a true steam oven buy very usefull, also great for low temp cooking and the food probe makes it great to get food spot on.
  12. Look what my m8 Dan spotted in town http://t.co/gr3yulhN

  13. Roast figs with goats cheese and black truffle honey #noms http://t.co/9c0YoooK

  14. Just had a weird #nosql moment replying to a comment on comment that wasn't there - the little bunny will catch up #geek

  15. My mum got potatoes for #mothersday but they were tiny Jersey royals #noms

  16. I liked an @YouTube video http://t.co/FKCnFpOl Raquel Welch - Aquarius & Let The Sunshine In

  17. #Alien are cats the equivalent of canaries, if so happy bunny as got 2 of them.
  18. Loving watching Alien again on Film 4 - unexpected benefits of being on escalation

  19. Citric Acid has a molar mass of 192 and has three - ions available. Sodium Carbonate has a molar mass of 106 and two Na+ ions available. So 192acid = 3ions, 106base = 2 ions or 192acid = 3 * (106/2)base so acid/base = 168/192 = 0.875 So for 7.85g of Citric Acid to convert to Sodium Tri-Citrate you would need 6.68g of Sodium Carbonate or if using bicarbonate (1.312) 10.3g So no wonder it was acidic
  20. Just had my first jersey royals of the season, tiny, covered in soil and tasty like the old days, set mum some for mothers day #noms

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