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  1. chinese - since my boss decided to clean the fridge and threw out the beef with garlic sauce i brought in monday. actually have something at home one of my husband's coworker's mom made- softened banana leaves filled with cooked rice, shrimps, egg yolk and...something else i think. guess that baby is going to be nuked when i get home tonight
  2. suzilightning

    Dinner! 2003

    last night was: prawns with garlic and lemon green rice mixed baby greens with grilled asparagus tips macerated mangos with mango pineapple sorbet tonight: leftovers sigh - unfortunatly the mad weeder(my boss) decided to defrost the fridge at work and, as she ususally does, tossed out all the food. the beef with garlic sauce i had bought monday was an unfortunate victim,,,,
  3. thirsty moose does wings - not breaded - with mild, medium or hot sauce. went out to lunch last week and ordered wings and a green salad. the wings came out hot and crispy, with enough sauce to thoroughly coat each crevice and pool gently under each of the dozen pieces. mmmmmmmmmm...
  4. the paperback edition of fanny farmer... actually found another copy at a used bookstore and took it to our local book bindry so it stays in (relatively) pristine condition
  5. at work and just had a coffee(black) and 2 Hersey toffee & almond limited edition kisses needed it as they are dismantaling and installing a new desk and we seem to be at 6s & 7s
  6. well, we're back and got out two nights... friday, with the rain pouring down and having gone for a 'stroll' on the beach, we decided to stay local and snagged reservations at Marie Nicole's in Wildwood Crest. beautifully decorated with a warm, rich decor there are two dining rooms and, when you first walk in a bar area - which can be a bit tricky since people tend to bottle neck. besides the wine list that was offered to my husband with bottles ranging from 25-150 there was a special board at the bar listing that night's wines by the glass. appetizers ranged 8-12, salads which were a la carte 5-8, entrees19-35 and desserts around 8. as to be expected there was a strong emphasis on fish and seafood. specials were recited without prices. john started off with a whiskey sour and fresh bread was broght to the table. that night you had a choice of an individual french loaf or individual olive bread and these puppies were HOT as in just out of the oven. the bread boy accomodated husband's request for olive oil very graciously. appetizers were crabcakes - two small ones with a spicy sauce, gaufrette potatoes, served with watercress and duck rolls which were crisp and filled with jullienned vegetables and shredded duck served with a spiced duck sauce. john had the house salad of mixed greeens with lardons of bacon and sunflower seeds, i had the beet salad which was the house greens with walnuts, crumbled blue cheese and 4 1/2 slices of beet. entrees were a miso glazed halibut with jasmine rice and stir fried vegetables and a grilled bourbon brined pork chop with mashed sweet potato, greens and an apple/sultana chutney(usually this is served with a grilled peach chutney but the peaches weren't in yet). dessert for john was a glass of port we had enough that breakfast the next morning for each of us was half our entrees. the seafood was exquisitly fresh and the chop was grilled to medium as requested. total bill 118 plus tip saturday we hit up Matini Beach - just in it's second season of operation. we both loved the concept and the food of this place. ever go to a restaurant and have the appetizers appeal to you more than anything on the menu? i do - a lot!! here most everything come in tasting(3-4 pieces of the dish) or sharing(double that) sizes. you can order one sharing or several tasting sizes. we started out with a cosmo and bubblin' o martini(stoli o, champagne and fresh squeezed oj) - really well made. the amuse was grilled pita and a dish of olive oil with balsamic vinegar. unfortunately the oil was so viscous you couldn't get to the vinegar easily. we went for tasting plates and tried:grilled sweet and sour shrimp with andouille sausage, duck spring rolls with huckleberry sauce(john actually preferred this sauce to the one at Marie Nicole's), coconut shrimp, lobster avacado crostini with lime vinaigrette (all i can say about this one is WOW great taste and texture),thai beef salad with asian slaw and a grilled salmon with a chantilly sauce and a potato side. because john explained that butter and cream do bother him the chef substituted a house vinaigrette for the chantilly and more asian slaw since the potatoes had both butter and cream in it. dessert was a glass of bele casel prosecco and another cosmo. total - 115 plus tip we both loved the grazing/tasting aspect and can't wait for next year's trip - this place is definitly on the list to visit.
  7. suzilightning

    Dinner! 2003

    just taking a break while dinner is finishing up... a little cook and rainy here plus i'm trying to use up all perishables before vacation on tuesday so... meatloaf garlic and parsleyed mashed yukon gold potatoes sweet and sour broccoli salad enough leftover for my dinner at work tomorrow night and sandwiches for the drive to south jersey
  8. suzilightning

    Dinner! 2003

    friday night since husband is getting back from business trip before leaving tomorrow to visit his mom for the holiday rainbow roll (take out) 1 dozen beggars purses in hot peanut sauce (take out) 1 dozen sherry-ginger marinated shrimp, grilled hajiki salad (take out) mangosteens for dessert
  9. is this on tfn or the oprah show - which he was on about 4:30 edt this afternoon. she was doing a whole food theme show - he uncle's fried catfish, popping in on her memphis neighbor's to see what they were cooking then emeril comes on to make okra and shrimp gumbo with andouille and green onion cornbread sorry if this adds to your #$*&^)!@ angst chef
  10. closest i could come is between 9 and 15 kcal and 2-3.7 mg cho(carbohydrates). these are for Listerine Throat Lozenges and Halls cough tablets. source is Bowe's & Chruch's Food Values of Portions Commonly Used or call your local reference librarian goddess Oh please don't send him to me (no longer practicing -reference librarian goddess), these are the kind of questions we guffaw about after the people walk away from the desk and talk about for years! ah but torakris - i'm still practicing and after 23 years......
  11. closest i could come is between 9 and 15 kcal and 2-3.7 mg cho(carbohydrates). these are for Listerine Throat Lozenges and Halls cough tablets. source is Bowe's & Chruch's Food Values of Portions Commonly Used or call your local reference librarian goddess
  12. suzilightning

    Dinner! 2003

    before i left for work set up chicken dredged in flour and spices smothered with olives, lemons and garlic for husband to get in the oven at 3:45 pm e.d.t. planning on making some couscous and grilled asparagus for husband last piece of chocolate mousse pie for dessert
  13. how about teaching aides like at this site: http://www.millikin.edu/staley/fluff/peep_...Anchor-Th-56460 (it was a slow day at reference - though i was working circulation)
  14. i just found pocky for the first time at Captain Fresh Seafood & Farms in Ledgewood thought the chocolate almond crunch was a bit too sweet but like the green tea mousse
  15. thanks all for your input - will let you know what himself wants to do
  16. suzilightning

    Dinner! 2003

    just pulled a scotia out of the oven. think stromboli without the meat - served by my friend joyce's mom, connie, whenever a sicilian/napolese family need something to eat without meat for the holidays. homemade pizza dough rolled out in a rectangle, topped with a tomato sauce(no meat so NOT gravy), and romano cheese chunked, grated fine and grated like mozzarella. baby greens, evoo, and a little extra sauce for dipping the pieces in. ohhhhhhhhhhhh....... another 10 minutes and it will be cool enough to eat.
  17. turkey bacon - 1minute 45seconds in microwave for blt with cheese
  18. tommy - husband loves cream of cauliflower soup with saffron simmer 2 cups of water and 2 cups of chicken broth. take off the heat and add 1/4 tsp crumbled saffron threads saute 2 cups of chopped onions in a mixture of butter and olive oil till tender but not brown. add 1 1/2 pounds of cauliflower cut into 1/2-3/4" pieces and stir. brown lightly. add the broth, bring to a simmer, reduce heat and cover, simmering till the cauliflower is tender. cool. puree half the mixture in blender then add back to pan. bring to a simmer. season to taste with salt and pepper hmmmmmmm..... kinda cool still. perhaps i'll visit apple tree and experiment with some oven roasted cauliflower soup
  19. suzilightning

    Cottage Cheese

    breakfast(but that's another link) for me usually is low fat, small curd cottage cheese with fruit in season. if i'm making lasagna i also let the cottage cheese drip through a coffee filter and it becomes thicker - then mix it with minced garlic and chopped flat leaf parsley and some torn basil. use instead of ricotta course husband's grandmother (born in germany 1902) always refers to it as "college cheese"
  20. i use a mix of spanish and sweets - maui, oso. sometimes i just slice them suckers up - other times i will make roasted garlic and onion soup and coarsely chop the onions up in the blender. since you are on soft foods you might want to go the puree route.
  21. we're scheduled for the annual pilgrimage to the crest may 13-18 and, since i'm not getting to the pig out i want to take the husband out for a nice meal on our anniversary(15th). i will NOT go back to the lobster house except for take away - john has gotten better at eating a wide variety of things so - any suggestions? i checked that other dining forum as well as ardore's site. maybe the old top of the marq or ebbit room many thanks - as usual
  22. gosh darn it nick- it's my wedding anniversary too but we're down the shore maybe next year - and i'd be happy to volunteer as a kitchen slave
  23. and you say that as if it is a BAD thing chocolate - rich, cream , smooth.....
  24. lamb - i most second that emotion. though i think for females you really don't feel really grown up till you lose your mother. a truly defining moment when you become the adult and it's funny how so many of the food traditions drop into your lap. i was 36 when i lost my mom - my mother-in-law is 69 and her mom is still around. she has yet to pick up the traditions( not that she can cook and i have most of the recipes from her mom) yet years ago i started with our traditions - oatmeal and portugese sweet bread for thanksgiving and christmas and easter. the fruitcake ( no citron) started on thanksgiving day. stuffed eggs for easter monday... i'd love to have one last meal of crispy bacon, boiled potatoes, fried flounder and lima beans for breakfast just like esther used to make.... since we don't have any kids who have survived us(a definite 20th century advance if you look at enough gravestones) - all i can hope for is to help some one to remember the past and make the future better - cousin, neice, nephew or an adopted relative
  25. my mom - almost 13 years and i still miss her. OR sara moulton - was going to say tyler florence but he would BE dessert
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