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  1. well, looks like i will be sending john up to poughkeepsie tomorrow with sweet and sour meatballs, danish meatballs with caper sauce, a quiche for him, portugese sweet bread and a black forest mousse pie since i have to work till 5 and go back to work the 26th. guess i'll be shoveling the white stuff and i think i'll pull some homemade soup from the fridge and, if the power holds, maybe i'll bake some rolls. a bottle of red wine and a quiet day... sounds good to me.
  2. kim, there is no such thing as having too much champagne(or sparkling wine). i like iron horse, too. the vintage is great but i even loke the wedding cuvee. as for cheese - i finally convinced my husband that what bothered his ibs wasn't lactose intolerence in cheese but the fat levels so, for the first time in years, he had a bit of bleu, aged cheddar and swiss - and it didn't bother him. as long as he doesn't overdo it...
  3. Ever since my husband installed the pole and mirrors in our bedroom, I find the whole bar scene a little blase. well, after all that is the hot new exercise in hollywood... with the hot peppers and pole dancing those last few pounds will melt away... thanks lou - the sandwich was great - and i am not a bread eater but every bite was gone and the half i didn't finish at lunch was dinner at work that night. it was a pleasure meeting all... my one regret is tommy couldn't make it.
  4. i'll be there though perhaps a few minutes late. we are having my father-in-laws 70th birthday party sunday night then we head south early in the day since i have to work from 4-9 pm on monday.
  5. just stay safe. my thanksgiving at the hawk watch soy yoghurt pb & j on whole wheat apple pie home homemade macaroni and cheese with hot dogs salad since the husband will be up in poughkeepsie and i have to work friday and saturday i am cooking to please me; stuff my husband can;t eat
  6. while i don't have a family of five i have never had a dishwasherand enjoy the cleanup as well as the cooking. i used to let my husband help but since he is obsessive-compulsive way over the border to neurotic we used to run out of hot water when he rinsed the dishes - and i have a 40 gaollon hot water heater!!!! odd - i enjoy the laundry and ironing too.
  7. i'll bring mine from work that says "library goddess reference"
  8. is it too late to add one more - though i may be 15 minutes late- depends on how the traffic is from poughkeepsie. i too am looking forward to acutally meeting the people who's words i read. plus i don't have to be to work till 4 that day.
  9. i'm so glad it is almost december when the hawkwatching winds down and i can get back into my kitchen. i love to cook for people, for myself. we were discussing this at work the other night and one of the other people said they hated it when they spent hours cooking and her husband and kids shoveled the food in and split. maybe because the nights we are able to eat together are limited by the nights i work and if he is on travel we celebrate the food and each other - candles, a fire, classical music. if it's summer we put music on the outdoor stereo and sit looking at the lake with the tiki torches burning. i can;t get away for thanksgiving so i'm sending up homemade bread, a green bean/pearl onion/mushroom casserole, and black forest mousse pie - my sister-in-law is buying desserts, my mother-in-law is cooking the turkey breast and heating up the corn. at christmas i still astonish my mother-in-law by being able to turn a meal out all at the same time - i guarantee that when they sit down to eat at 3:30 on thanksgiving the turkey will have been out of the oven at least 2 hours and she will be frantically trying to heat the corn and the casserole in the microwave. the women i work with tease? me and don't want their husbands to hear that i make my husband breakfast, pack him a lunch and make sure he has dinner. they keep saying that then their husbands will want them to do the same as i do. i cook for my husband because he has problems eating many processed foods, it is cheaper and i love to do it for him. guess i'm the odd one out - except on this board
  10. suzilightning

    Chicken Soups

    at the restaurant i used to work in we made senegalese soup: onions, butter, flour, curry powder, chicken stock, egg yolks, light cream, shredded chicken and toasted coconut. my husband still prefers a chicken vegetable noodle soup but i put garlic in both the stock and the finished product
  11. for my birthday i treated myself to some of the back issues of art of eating and am doling them out a bit at a time, savoring them immensely i am also reading: on rue tatin chile death(a mystery) by susan albert whitting strong women stay slim amy's answering machine bad heir day i also have a few romance novels by the late betty neels in my gym bag in case it rains and i get a workout instead of counting hawks
  12. suzilightning


    I have a meatloaf ready to be baked in my fridge at home right now. i used a mix of organic beef and veal, minced red and green peppers, onions and carrots. oatmeal with a bit of milk, an egg, some fresh herbs and kosher salt. i free form it and bake it draped with bacon. i'm doing that this weekend so my husband can have meatloaf sandwiches for lunch/breakfast while we are doing our hawkwatch. i baked portugese sweet bread and will pack some herbed mayonaise, ketchup and mixed baby greens for him. since we are outside from about 8 am to 6 pm we have to bring everything with us and it has to be easy to hold with one hand while using binoculars with the other. this week the menu includes breakfast wraps,soy youghurt with fruit, pb & j sandwiches, homemade chicken nuggets with dipping sauces, tuna and whole wheat pasta salad, tons of ice water and herbal tea.
  13. what is sad is that i had the same exchange three years ago at harlequin cafe in wharton. i finally asked for the wine list (which didn't list the by the galss wines atthe time) selected a bottle then the waiter broguht me the wrong bottle(year and producer) he couldn't understand why i got ticked off - go figure
  14. since tomatoes are in season a homemade bruchetta or a chilled gazpacho an olive tapenade would also complement the tomatoes salmon(i work just around the corner from perona farms that makes a dynamite smoked) with cre fresh or cream cheese cream cheese mixed with chutney and smeared on endive then sprinkled with grated nuts stuffed eggs most everything can be done ahead of time or in just a flash
  15. more likely to be punched out skate wings. since the scallop is really the adductor muscle that holds the shells together cut open the "scallop" and if the grain is vertical it's a scallop, horizontal and it's probably skate. having opened bushels and bushels of these suckers as a young girl i ought to know
  16. or, and this is a plug for my profession, read or borrow it from your local library(at least if youare int he states) i've been picking at this during my meal breaks. loved ronger angell's piece since i am a 40something who about 10 years ago discovered the joy of a really well made maritini. i also felt gopnik was quite negative about the greenmarket. the cartoons on pgs. 83 & 124 were great - especially since my other addiction is hawk watching kolbert's article on health inspectors brought me back to when i took my food handlers certificate and the horror stories the sanitarians told us about some of the restaurants they inspected. on tap for today's lunch hour i think will be the batali aricle and, if i can get it in, the trillin.
  17. i hate being sick(especially since it usually goes into bronchitis) but i head directly for : theraflu; hot, sweet tea with bourbon; homemade chicken soups that i add a generous bit of garlic to(always have soup in the freezer) and, though i may crave ben & jerry's coffee heath bar crunch, i have some kind of sorbet since dairy is the worst thing if you are likely to produce mucus. now - go home and rest.
  18. Thirsty Moose - Jefferson Township(Lake Hopatcong) Krogh's - Sparta
  19. suzilightning

    2000 Port

    my husband has just gotten into port in a big way- something to do with the 20 year old bottle i bought hin for our 20th anniversary. he has also picked up '77 vintages for about 100 at several places up here in n.jersey - dow and warre and possibly one more
  20. this is one of our favorite meals and some of the things i make include: chicken or turkey refridgerator velcro* soup sweet potato soup with cinnamon and maple syrup leek and potato onion manhattan clam chowder scallop chowder brunswick stew venison stew * refridgerator velcro - whatever can be added such as leftover rice, pasta, couscous, vegetables which includs my favorite 1 lb. bag of frozen peas
  21. lone star beer frito pie hush puppies frogs legs the open pit in texarkana okra sweet tea chicken fried steak
  22. carrot seed - 1945 harold and the purple crayon - 1955 my mom used to read to her second grade class all the mrs. pigglewiggle stories. i especially liked the one about the fussy eater. some new favorites are "i will never not ever eat a tomato" by lauren child "thunder cake" - patrica palacco and check out the recipe for her grandma's thunder cake in the back "alphabet soup:a feast of letters" by scott gustafson "cloudy with a chance of meatballs" by judi barrett and for non humans - "feathers for lunch' by lois ehlert
  23. i'm lucky my bday is in august and i'm on the east coast. my favorite meal right now is: baby greens sliced fresh jersey tomatoes(both red and yellow) topped with crumbled blue cheese and drizzled with catalina dressing fresh silver queen corn or, if the queen isn't in, butter and cream on the cob steamed lobsters serve the above with several bottles of marquis de la tour in the backyard on a table spread with newspaper i'm not a sweets person so i'll finish with a glass of la grande dame when i was about 9 it was the tomatoes, succotash and cube steaks or lamb patties on the grill - go figure "burgandy makes you think of silly things; bordeaux makes you talk about them and champagne makes you do them" - The Body in the Cast
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