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  1. Sheesh, that writer has zero fact checking skills. It was a middle eastern restaurant per the Faces of Death (completely staged and funny) scene. I find the mushroom relation hard to swallow as well a big hole in the table. How would you keep it secured to bash it's skull? Insert a cage? Westerner's aren't smart enough to piece all that together. 🙈
  2. Right right. Frisee should be the proper term to avoid confusion as they are both in the chicory family.
  3. It's Chicory! Delicious semi bitter green typically used in salads. Quick rinse in the horse urine to get the bugs out and you're good to go.
  4. Probably, but it was over 30yrs ago when I made the discovery. (I was likely thinking more about girls than sushi roll ingredient authenticity)
  5. 5/7 (missed the skipjack and hoki). As for the mislabeling I kinda trust a couple local stores but usually go w what I know anyway. From the health aspect, I go moderation and don't buy too much of anything and avoid farm raised esp tilapia and the red dyed salmon (crazy the dying still goes on). Been lucky last few years w the neighbor giving us a lot of what he catches from our local reservoirs. This all reminds me of when I discovered crab stick used in maki contained no crab. I felt violated. Also wondered if Californians were extra outraged.
  6. Luckily we have an H-Mart about 25mins away. Credit to Acme and the other's who've ramped up last cpl years though. The Asian, Indian, Eastern Euro foods and condi aisles have expanded. I think it's more a result of internet/Youtube then demographic shifts (at least by me).
  7. I'm in Westchester (~45mins from NYC). But Acme is shit too, just a bigger one.
  8. The sandwiches are pretty boring but I'm ok w their soups and the baguette on it's own (dipped in the soup) is awight. @weinooMy big box Acme carries Lee Kum Kee prods so you really are 'Heinzing'. Isn't chinatown like 2 blocks from you? C'mon, we expect more from you.
  9. Wasn't it just 10yrs ago that cooking meant a long boil? Now it's the Fat Duck menu using only a hot plate.
  10. Thought the same. Do Brit students cook so much that these books popular? I think ours typically get their chow from a cafeteria w the occasional in room micro for ramen.
  11. Watched the first (Emilia Romagna) episode last night. Nicely produced, beautiful cinematography (as expected for a well funded show). Not that much any food centric person hasn't seen before. Tucci comes off a bit too cocky and more knowledgeable than he is. Not as off putting as Zimmern but not too far off.
  12. Yea, I used to get bummed when a season ended too. My favorite show for so many years. Got as far season 14 but then I can't remember why I didn't continue. Maybe I'll see if I can stream 15-17. If you had to pick one?
  13. Garlic, mushroom, creme fraiche!!?? - You learn to do this at Olive Garden or Dominos? No, Gordon Ramsey. haha
  14. Ahh, missed the local only shipping, too bad. Bucatini for dinner then? (A la carbonara?)
  15. I don't see it on the products page but the other stuff looks right up your alley. Would love to hear more about that beautiful bucatini. 🙃 https://the-pasta-lab.myshopify.com/collections/all
  16. Eatmywords


    No more dirty rice or jambalaya at mine. Down to red beans & rice, coleslaw, cajun fries and mashed. The chicken sandwich remains pretty good (and juicy). Will try the fish at some pt but I really like tomato on mine and that doesn't look like an option.
  17. Eatmywords

    Dinner 2021

    Venison 'bolognese' (come and get me Italian food police) - cannellinis, spinach, onion, red wine, chick broth, butter, tom sc, paprika, cumin, dry herbs over Rice a Roni (when's the last time you had or thought of that? My little had asked about it so why not. Was pretty good : )
  18. I think that was the point - to doubly piss off Italy - break in half and use ling instead of spag : )
  19. Eatmywords

    Burger King

    Totally. Ours is fine. I do a whopper maybe twice a year out of circumstance. The meat qlty decline is apparent (for me). After consumption I feel like shit sooner and for longer.
  20. Hmm, looks a bit like daikon but hard to tell. I would kill for a squid burger.
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