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  1. You don't think 'fussy' and 'picky' is judgmental? You might as well call it "Western brats who eat but nuggets/fries and the parents who allow it" When westerners began making enough money (middle class?) to afford options eventually it trickled down to the children allowing for the dilemma we're in now. Does your observation include the children of the affluent? It will change there too. Give it time.
  2. Great pics and detail! The beet salad is whispering to me.....'come here now'. So pretty. Love that your visiting the non touristy areas.
  3. Such pretty pics! Agree w Heidih, not what you imagine when you think Greece (tho I imagine you'll be taking us there soon). I don't get the plastic apples alongside the edibles but what does my taste know. Where next?
  4. Right, the blend of roe, lem juice and OO just tastes a lot like traditional mayo
  5. Yes, I'm looking frwd to this too, thank you! Greece has been on the list for so long but haven't made it (yet). Guessing you don't speak Greek? Was there a language barrier?
  6. Poached egg over chicken meatloaf over mashed potatoes drizzle of McCormick packet (chicken) gravy......(slightly off from the original dish)
  7. I think this all boils down to, well, boiling.
  8. Ahh, nothing like the first time you smell fresh durian. It's a 'how is this possible?' moment. I think of not showering for a year and combining that smell with spoiled onions and garlic. Delish. Jackfruit is heavenly in comparison.
  9. Thank you! And is the straw to protect the soil? I just started composting using a double barrel system. One of them is full and ready. Do I sprinkle some around each plant and when, given the plants are less than a 1'? thank you
  10. Thanks Ken, I started most indoors and finally got 1/2 of them in yesterday - 16 assorted beefsteak, cherry, roma, couple hybrids so I'll need to cut/slit larger openings, no biggie. So yes, I'm familiar with the concept but was looking to know exactly what @kayb used and if she had any tips vs mulch?
  11. Your garden looks great! I'm late and getting everything in now. So you just use regular weed stop in all the beds w no issues? - Doesn't get too hot or damage the plants? Getting tired of using mulch so maybe i'll give it a shot, thx!
  12. I get there is a market for books like these. I just think it's a stretch for pizza (no pun) which is simple in nature. - Good ingredients, equipment, experimentation, repetition.
  13. It's ok, after the first story I no longer want it and it wouldn't want me. Requires more patience than I'm capable of.
  14. Are there so many secrets on making pizza contained in these books to justify the cost? Are they written by hand? Perhaps each purchase includes a pound of saffron?
  15. Right, I think in order for it to be 'TN whiskey' it must first be bourbon. The extra step of sugar maple filtration makes it TN whiskey. I don't know if that's a required label (legally) or by choice but I agree it seems they wanted to separate from bourbon so consumers knew it was something a little different, sweeter.
  16. I've heard/read the single barrel shares no similarities w Old #7 and is a seriously crafted release. I kind of think they should've separated themselves with a different brand name as JD is so synonymous w Old #7. At $55 and up, not an impulse buy but def want to try it.
  17. We had a bourbon bar by us that covid killed. Sadly, the couple times I visited I wasn't as interested in bourbon. A couple of my local stores offer Pappy (not sure the releases) in the $500 range. Not happening anytime soon and just crazy to me in general. Plenty of great stuff well under $100. I've been meaning to sample ER and Larceny. Both get much praise. Oddly Eagle sells for much more the MSRP by me so I might wait to find it at a reasonable price. thx
  18. so the green ones aren't premature red ones?
  19. Just about everything you read or watch on WT101 agrees which is why I was so disappointed when I couldn't jump on the wagon. For the abv it's thin, runs hot yet finishes quick. I wondered if the the recipe or some process changed on the newer releases. I've come across a couple comments agreeing so I wonder.
  20. that was the joke, Ken. this other place is in CA. I think Weinoo got it w his In n Out ref. (Why can't we have one? 😔)
  21. Haha, well you have to like JD or they'll deport you. I've tried to find 'a way' but have the opposite take. It's unbearably sweet while bourbon (decent/good bourbon) is less so. It's expected as Tennessee whiskey is sweeter based on the sugar maple filtration used in the style. I think you mean Elijah Craig (I couldn't find Walker) and really like the small batch 94pr (as mentioned above). If that's not what you have I highly rec. I love scotch too and Irish whiskey/tequila/rum. Maybe I was bored w covid but when I discovered bourbon I found it had more dimens
  22. Is it true they're working with Danny Meyer to put a Shake Shack 50 yards away (like EMP) in case diners get hungry?
  23. Never got it w JD. It shouldn't be lumped in the bourbon cat. It's labeled 'Tennessee Whiskey' and sweeter than bourbon due to it's finishing process. (Otherwise the mashbill is similar). Had it maybe 5x in my life. Always off-putting. Although the barrel select stuff is getting much praise right now. Would try that.
  24. Yes, a few years ago EC dropped the age statement to keep it affordable by combining younger blends but only as low as 8yrs so still nicely aged for entry level. Called Small Batch now. I think it's great neat since it's only 94pr (w sounds crazy to anyone not used to going over 80pr for anything). Was one of my first purchases at $27. It's got nice depth with the classic profile of caramel, vanilla, nuts, baking spices, etc. A real bargain. I'd love to try one barrel proof release sometime.
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