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  1. I will never consistently eat rice twice a day unless I'm visiting you or somewhere in Asia. And I typically make a good deal extra that we don't mind re-heating and lasts couple days. And who cares about the environment? It's the extra step and waiting for the oven to pre-heat. Let's not get 'faffy' about making rice! 👩‍🍳🍚
  2. I'll second that. The bird quality, bun and overall execution are very similar but the Popeye's spicy mayo sc sets is apart. Our older one loves fried chicken (one of the few things we are not inspired to make often) so the new, nearby location, is becoming a once a monther. One of the family deals includes 5 or 6 mixed pieces, 3 chick sandwiches, large side, biscuits and 3 apple pies for $20. Pretty good deal I think.
  3. Death by beef cheek risotto. I can think of worse. When my last rice cooker died I didn't replace it (due in large part to the war for counter space that will no doubt bring the divorce). I have one 3qt Circulon non stick for whatever reason loves the job. I can do no wrong w any variety following 2:1, 1:1 or variation and it takes less time than a cooker. Shoot me if I have to turn an oven on to make rice.
  4. I guess I'm insane because it still amazes every time I wash rice just how much starch it contains. I can be heard cursing it after the 3rd wash.
  5. Oooh, those look so good! Adding to list. Have you tried the dark chocolate chip? Insane for a commercial cookie Had the Famous Amos choc chip pecan a couple weeks ago. One of my faves. Not too many left that have the balls to use nuts. .
  6. I think that's the norm. The containers are cool but impractical if the compartments only hold a cup. A lifetime of restocking. Perhaps some colorful rocks or sea shells.
  7. Agreed, mine in Hartsdale, 90% unwrapped (but not your chilies, at least the small ones : )
  8. My girls grew up watching Peppa so a little extra disturbing (for them : )
  9. That's a sad amount of unnecessary plastic. You'd think the Japanese would be a little further along. In our big stores, unless portioned, it's out in the open and up to the shopper to place in free produce plastic bags, which can be avoided if you have your own bags. I see more and more shoppers doing this.
  10. Hmm, don't know about that. Dirt Candy is not cheap. The tasting is $55 w pairings $30, let's say $100 pp? I think at that price point, it's the same vegans that have the means to buck up for the occasional EMP meal. - To which the less alcohol consumption argument is valid. (Those are obvious meat eaters in the EMP pic btw, sickly w bad skin, bones out the side of their mouths, shameful)
  11. I'm sorry for your loss. Nice that you got to spend some with her not too long ago. Just went through the thread. Great stuff. Looked like a wonderful trip.
  12. Damn, I'm curious. How do you not try this? - Worried you'll sprout more limbs? Who couldn't use an extra arm? And is that a cat paw? Are we to believe it will catch the octopus and make the ice cream? I love the Chinese.
  13. I don't disagree on the quality but rather restraint on indulging, inline with the vegan mindset of less, healthier, conservation, etc. Multi course pairings would seem unnecessary esp in the company of like minded friends : )
  14. I would agree for the special occassioners or once in a lifetimers but I can't see the vegan regulars dropping the same coin as the meat regulars.
  15. Well, actually I was thinking they wouldn't get the same wine consumption, at least from regulars, given a simpler diet mindset. But what do I know, I'm completely out of touch w the affluent vegan life style.
  16. It was the first Chef's Table w Alain Passard at L'Arpege as Margaret noted. I got so hooked on the show after watching it.
  17. Yea, I can't see it succeeding at the luxe price point. Does haute vegan lend itself to expensive wine/pairings? Humm and team are smart though. They'll adapt or scale back if it doesn't work.
  18. Anderson interview's Bourdain's former assistant who's releasing a book they had begun. https://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2021/04/30/anthony-bourdain-remembered-laurie-woolever-acfc-full-episode-vpx.cnn/video/playlists/acfc-full-episodes/
  19. I see a one time or rare visit statement meal for supporters. Will they develop a regular set they'll need to sustain? I remember mostly monied seniors and finance types. I don't think they're down with zero flesh. Hope it works out for them. I'm happy we experienced the full menu. A great experience. Curious how the vegan foie is received.
  20. Yea, not much of a statement if banning only 'new' recipes. Are there many beef recipes to come? Do folks even use beef recipes? A stir-fry here and there but those work w just about any protein. I typically want to do as little to beef as possible.
  21. Interesting they would opt for this given gender equality (even in China?) is such the hot topic. Do they actually call it a 'ladies' menu'? They could avoid some negativity if they called it 'guest menu' and asked the reservation maker (assuming required in this fancy joint) if they'd like the menu option.
  22. Bienvenue Jonas. Oui, quel est le nom de le restaurant e votre experience avec covid?
  23. Imagine it's a break even when you're sweating your ass off burning a million carbs a day ⛏️💪 Would be very happy with that lamb and 'schnitzel'. I need more lamb in my life.
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