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  1. Oooooo.......Tres Leches cake! Doesn't get any more satisfying than that. (Or any sweeter for that matter...)
  2. Menudo, about 25 years ago. Bought the tripe. Cooked it kinda. Turned into a slimy mess. Even my basset hound refused to eat it, and he ate bottle tops.
  3. I followed the link and read the reviews of the dish: nobody complained about the puff pastry! I'm wondering what their final products actually looked like!!!
  4. Tongue 'n Cheek (Homage to Fergus Henderson)
  5. I love cake, but I won't order it at restaurants unless I already know that it's really, really good. But homemade cake...YUM! Any time of day. There's one Austin egullet member who will bake a cake and bring it to our gatherings at the drop of a hat. I always try to find a way to get her to bake and bring a cake.
  6. I've got one called the Euro Pro. I have no idea where my husband found this. It has a convection baking feature, also a grill and broil feature. When it toasts, it kinda convects-toasts, which means that the bread slowly browns on the edges and dries out at the same time and doesn't really toast at all. I have yet to figure out the difference between the grill and broil feature. I've spent many puzzled minutes hunched over, peering into the glass window at the top and bottom elements, wondering what was going on in there. I've baked a chicken in it just fine. And mochi. But it doesn't toast. Don't buy this one (if you can even find it...)
  7. "Gourmet" is subjective. "Organic" is objective. I hate "gourmet" as well. I also dislike the word "natural" on food products. What the hell does that mean, anyway? I love organic root vegs and tubers. I think they do taste better. I try to eat organic berries. If you knew how much pesticides are on berries, you'd gag. And call me crazy, but I like organic greens as well.
  8. We all met at a friend's house: he had the pop up camper open on the front lawn and a nice fire going on the driveway so that we could all sit around it . I made fried boloney sandwiches and there was lots of cheese whiz and a tuna casserole and also some Velveeta queso. I brought the rest of the Boone's Farm wine from our last egullet party. I'd post the photos but maybe not. Miss Nascar 1985 was there, too!
  9. I had a good laugh when I read that, being the product of the English boarding school of the 60's. Toad in the Hole was pretty much inedible because the sausages were so overcooked that the insides had shriveled and disappeared by dinner time. All that was left was the sad, overcooked casing, hard as a rock and about as tasty.... Remind me some time to tell you about the pancakes on Shrove Tuesday.....( this might be a new thread!!)
  10. So let me get this straight.... All I'll be paying for is a plate of AIR???? Pass........
  11. OR you could just buy a packet of Bird's Instant Custard.
  12. I don't know if you can get this brand in London herebut check out the frozen section of your market. I don't buy wheat bread anymore, having discovered this line of bread. Makes much more sense, eating whole grains. And it's delicious. (By the way, a friend of mine had amazing luck with hypnosis, when trying to quit ciggies. She hasn't smoked since her one session, 3 years ago.) Edited to make link work
  13. I've been making fish soup at least once a week lately. I start with a fish stock (my grocery store carries a good frozen one) and add sauteed onions, Swiss chard, diced potatoes, a handful of diced, stewed tomatoes and a touch of Tabasco. I throw in some diced white fish, a handful of mussels and a couple of sliced scallops. Last week I also tossed in a gre itty bitty baby squid...for effect! I serve it with a classic rouille, which keeps well in the fridge for another use a couple of days later.
  14. You might want to see if you can find: this product It's a great flavor base. I use a tablespoon of mushroom base whenever I make stew: it adds richness.
  15. Sounds like the English Bird's Custard...or creme anglaise! You drank this???
  16. OMG...if she's going to be breast feeding, NO ENCHILADAS OR CHILI! Easy on the garlic and onions. No cabbage. I remember pasta being quite a comfort: lasagne (but NO garlic!) especially. I didn't want frozen so much as fresh foods: lots of stirfry, teriyaki chicken, brown rice.... And if you call her blimp girl, be prepared to sleep on the sofa....
  17. Just remember that dinner is only romantic if you're not in the kitchen! Salad of field greens: dotted with goat cheese, sprinkled with dried cranberries, toasted walnuts and drizzled with raspberry vinaigrette. Make it while hubby bathes the kids. Cornish game hens - unstuffed - basted with orange marmalade, on a bed of white and wild rice blend. They only take an hour and can be roasting with hubby puts the kids to bed. Vanilla icecream with hot fudge ( gotta have chocolate somewhere....)
  18. Apparently she's been under "house arrest" for the past year in order to finish up this book!!
  19. If anyone needs achiote paste, just pm me and I'll send you some. We've got it out the wazoo here....and it's cheap.
  20. The scalloped potatoes, simmered in cream and sprinkled with fresh breadcrumbs and Gruyere...
  21. I have a Vietnamese friend:I'll ask her then next time I see her.
  22. What's up with the constant presence of corn? Corn doesn't grow in Japan, does it?
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