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  1. Is there anyplace worth stopping between the two cities? Anywhere to eat? To sleep?
  2. I tend to agree with you, Carlovski...and I live in the USA. I've tried most of the butters mentioned ( I work in a high end grocery store ) , and the only one I use all the time is the American Plugra. To be honest, it's the freshest tasting. There is something to be said about eating locally. The European butters that are exported, to my mind, do not stand up well to being transported and are not particularly impressive once they finish their journey. Now, when I go to Europe, I love the local butters: I have family in Switzerland: I can't resist eating as much yogurt and butter as I like when I am there!
  3. I pan sear trout fillets: takes all of 5 minutes, turn off the heat and let them continue to cook, covered. Meanwhile, I throw a handful of field greens on a plate, sprinkle some leftover whatever from the fridge ( lentils, peas, sunflower seeds...) over it, slice a tomato or avocado, put the fish on top, top that with store-bought mango papaya kiwi salsa...and dinner is served. Not only tasty, but also meets our current diet criteria!!
  4. The most recent Riedel brilliant marketing device is stemless wineglasses. That's right, stemless. You still get the correctly shaped bowl, but no stem. The glasses look like goldfish bowls. Kinda cute, actually. The premise is that you can put them in the dishwasher and not worry about breaking the stems, 'cause there aren't any!
  5. fifi: I believe you are in Houston? Central Market carries White Lily flour: the all purpose and the self-rising. It comes from the HEB warehouse. If your Central Market does not have it, ask the grocery manager to call the Austin store for the order code, or to look it up in the planogram. Or leave a note for the specialty foods director: FB Godinez, and ask him to get it in for you.
  6. Let me put in a plug for Austin Slow Burn Rosemary Habanero Jelly. It's my favorite, too. The owners, Jill and Kevin Lewis, are two of the nicest people you'd ever want to know. I've included a link to show how their labels look: it's their hot apple pie jam which I've actually used as apple pie filling, along with a few fresh Granny Smiths. Gives the pie a real kick! The rosemary habanero has a "warm glow" to it. It's amazing over cream cheese....and spread lightly in a grilled cheese sandwich. Spread over baked brie...basting a pork tenderloin. It's really good. Slow Burn
  7. My grandparents who died before I was born. I'd like my mom to be there too, so that she could beam proudly and say, "See? See what she can do???"
  8. good olive oil, some garlic and lots of wild mushrooms!
  9. So how many of these guys are going to be diabetic and with false teeth? How old are we talking? Go for the sugar free chocolate pudding pie with whipped cream.
  10. Cheese....let's talk about cheese. Queso con chips is American. Right?
  11. Mother's Cafe ( local ) Cashew Tamari Dressing. One of the BEST dressings on the planet, by the way. For years we begged the owner of this restaurant to bottle the stuff. This year, they finally did... Other than that, nothing. No guar gum or Xanthan gum in it. Is sold refrigerated.
  12. Thank you for this thread! I thought it was just me...some chocolate chips or chunks in icecream are a waste of calories: no flavor at all until the warm up in your mouth.
  13. foodie52

    Cuban Coffee

    My first Cuban coffee was at Colombia Restaurant in Tampa..and this was only last year. I couldn't believe how delicious it was!
  14. 7-11 has been bought out by a Japanese company.
  15. Robb: As an Austinite, I get a craving for Tex Mex at least once a month! However, the craving usually starts with a desire for a margarita, and goes from there... My question ... folks here are mighty particular about their Tex Mex: one person's favorite restaurant is another person's idea of a dive. What are the quintessential components of the perfect Tex Mex meal? By the way, Pato's Tacos is open again: remember that dive? Best frijoles in town ( they used to use lard, but alas, no longer....!)
  16. Fool......blackcurrant fool..... It's been years since I've had that.
  17. Hatch chilis:read about the festival here are actually Anaheims that are grown in New Mexico. Nothing beats a bag of freshly roasted Hatch chilis....take them home and use them in everything while they are in season. Freeze the rest. I have friends who buy 20 pounds every September and use them throughout the year. They are addictive. Looks like a field trip for you, Nullo!!!
  18. Wow: I didn't know that about cashews. I love cashews. What 's up with them being close to poison ivy???
  19. I just wish it wasn't so...so....full of fat!!! I love cheese. All kinds. I work at Central Market in Austin Texas. We have 750 different cheeses. I sometimes work in the cheese department just so I can wrap them ( and taste as I go..) At the same time, the best cheeses I have ever eaten were from Melis' ( sp?) in Edinburgh.. Steve: what's next in cheese in this country? I am seeing more artisan American cheeses. This is so exciting! What do you see coming down in the cheese world in the next few years???
  20. Roasted , salted peanuts in the shell: spitting out the shells onto the concrete floor while watching college baseball in the park.... Pure BLISS!
  21. Once again, Central Market carries great fish. They have sushi grade that has been flash frozen. Just ask for it.
  22. If you like, I can send you some dried chipotles and anchos and guajillos. They don't weigh hardly anything. PM me if you are interested!
  23. Re; knife sharpening. Try calling anywhere that sells lawnmowers. We have a local place that does that and sharpens your knives as well. If you have a restaurant supply store in your area, they may be able to help. Barring all that, if you are a patron of a particular restaurant in your area, ask if the chef knows anyone who can do it for you. I live down in Hot Sauce and chili heaven: would love to send you some dried chilis if you're up to the challenge!!
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