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  1. I'm just sitting here , laughing: most of those combos sound like "The Munches" to me!
  2. I bring my own. I've heard that the best food is on the Concorde. Barring that, going first class from Dallas to Japan was an interesting experience for a friend of mine. He was called by the airline the day before and asked what his preferred wines were for the flight. Sometimes, for the heck of it, I reserve a "special meal" ( kosher, Lacto-veg, kid's,low-cholesterol.) They all suck, but at least you get served first!
  3. It's not "eating": it's showmanship. Join a circus for heaven's sake
  4. I like freshly ground black pepper on tropical fruit salad, one with minced serrano peppers in the dressing. Food is all about yin and yang....
  5. I 've been frantically trying to keep up with Jorge , too! I have this mental picture of all these Tex Mex lovers playing hide and seek with Jorge! My all time favorite ( read: that's the only thing I've ever ordered for the past 27 years because I can't help myself ) is the half order of Vegetarian enchiladas with Bean Sauce, and corn tortillas. Along with a Frozen....ahhhhhhhhh Yeah: we should all get together some time. How bout that Texas baseball team!!!
  6. What's the name of the bakery on Lygon: the baker there is really rude, scowling, especially if you show up at 3 minutes to 7 and they aren't open yet...but their breads and pastries are great. If you're walking down Lygon, you pass the cemetery across the street , but keep walking a few more blocks. ( Sorry to be so vague, but it's been a year since I was there, North Carlton area). Would it be Filou's?
  7. I love "Cookwise " by Shirley Corriher ( another food scientist ).
  8. Customized jello shots... Laugh if you will....
  9. Lidia: I had the distinct pleasure of attending a wine class taught by your son, Joe, at Central Market in Austin, Texas. My question is, how do you , as a mom, suggest that parents go about raising children to be discriminating, appreciative food lovers? ( By the way: Joe did a great job! You can be proud of him!)
  10. Had 2 fabulous meals: one was at La Marque on Causewayside, the other was at Skippers Bistro down on Leith Walk.
  11. Thanks to everyone! It's off to Edinburgh next week! I'll let you know where we ate.
  12. Bittman is really nice. I got to work with him when he taught at the cooking school where I work. CRS is selling for $16 a lb here. I wangled a free half pound from my favorite seafood guy. Heated a skillet, added a little olive oil, seared the skin side only til crispy. Covered it for 2 minutes to finish cooking. Ate it. It really IS good!
  13. Trudy's, off Guadalupe ,does a good migas, and they have the poquito platter so that you don't over eat and explode. Cisco's ...wow...I used to eat there in the mid-70's. Maudie's migas were introduced by Jorge Arrendondo, of Casita Jorge's when he bought Maudies. Any place Jorge has opened a restaurant, the Tex-Mex is good. Anybody ever eat at Enchiladas Y Mas just off the freeway near St. David's? That was his place too. I'ts moved somewhere, I can't remember where. God bless Texas...and Tex-Mex!
  14. Have you tried Wick Fowler's chili mix? It has separate packets for the various herbs and spices, including the salt so you can leave it out. It's not bad. Main thing is, make chili the day before: let it sit overnight for sure. Use good quality beef ( I sometimes use TVP instead for a vegetarian chili). Drink lots of beer. It'll taste good.
  15. Where's La Michoacana, netrover? ( I'm in Austin. too.)
  16. Migas ( and my favorite is at Trudy's) is a combination mixture of: scrambled egg, cheddar cheese, corn tortillas and sliced jalapenos, all mixed up and stir-fried.....mmmm....served usually on a plate with refried beans and Spanish rice, with tortillas and salsa on the side....wash it down with a strong cup of coffee. Heaven.
  17. Hi Fat Guy! I 've lived in Austin for 25 years. I work at Central Market: did your hosts take you there?? We have awesome produce, the best seafood case in the USA , 750 cheeses, etc. etc...I'm a Foodie: answer customer questions, help them with recipes, find stuff for them. We also have a cooking school. If you've been to IACP, you may have met the staff there. Come back and eat at my house! By the way, Fonda San Miguel is excellent. But the food at my house is good , too, and cheaper!!
  18. Thanks so much , everyone! This was my first foray into egullet: this is TOO cool! I lived in E'burgh in the 70's, and all I could afford was chips and the occasional visit to Henderson's ( still there, I hear!). I love ethnic anything, using local produce, etc.
  19. foodie52

    Breaded fingers

    How about putting the breading in a deep cake pan, putting the eggy fingers in the pan and then shaking the pan? Kind of like panning for gold! You know what I mean, right? Then you can fish them out with tongs.
  20. Anyone have any good restaurant suggestions for Edinburgh, Scotland? Not too pricy: definitely not pretentious! Thanks.
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