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  1. Cafe Amarti is one of my favorite places to eat in Bogota. Located in a great part of town (Usaquen)in a lovely colonial building.Upscale Italian, with a good wine list. They have a woodfired oven and make a bread that is blown up as big as a balloon, but hollow in the middle. Lots of antipasti options. Good risottos and great osso bucco. Cafe Amarti Calle 119 # 6-24 2149017
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    Olivia is one of my favorite restaurants in Austin and has been for around 6 months. The food is fresh and unpretentious. The chef has always been there when I have gone, and recognizes me with a smile and a handshake, which I also like. I think Olivia is what Austin needs right now: it captures the essence of this town that was lost during the high rolling 90's. I love it. Edited to add: it is also the "go to" restaurant for a lot of highly respected local chefs.
  3. This is a FIFTH GRADE school project! I'm sure there is plenty of wiggle room. As a parent and a former school teacher, I'd advise you to choose a couple of chefs and have fun with it. Don't overanalyze, for heaven's sake: otherwise it becomes a chore, uninteresting to your daughter, and YOUR project instead of hers.
  4. Those two links DO help: thank you very much! Does $3.75 per serving sound about right? I know the ingredients (nuts, chocolate) will run up the price, and carrot cake is heavy, so there will be more work constructing the thing.
  5. Well gosh, I don't know what to say. "Foodie" is my job description at work.
  6. Son and future daughter in law want two cakes: hers will be German chocolate, feeding 75. His will be carrot, serving 75. Any idea how much this may run, per serving, more or less? Thanks.
  7. I teach cooking classes to poor people once a month - people living with HIV who do not have enough income to rent an apartment. I've taught them how to cut up a whole chicken so that they don't have to pay extra for parts. I've taught them how to use eggs creatively. How to look for certain products when they go to the Food Bank. How to make canned tuna less boring. How to stretch that ground beef that comes in chubs so that it will feed 5 people instead of 4. I don't know if I would be asked back if I were to advocate what you suggest. Poverty isn't that easily solved. Solutions are hard to find when you are hungry and living on a fixed income. Or no income at all. After class, I go home and eat my organic spinach and potatoes and free range chicken because I have a conscience. Should I refuse to teach?
  8. They already know. I emailed Charles Butt with the link.
  9. I am enjoying your blog. I lived in Mikage from 1963-66 and went to Canadian Academy when it was still up on the hill.
  10. foodie52

    Using Up the Apples

    I cheat when I core apples. I make four square cuts, avoiding the center completely. I end up with a square center core which is just perfect for nibbling, or for tossing to the birds.
  11. In 2008, I will eat mostly vegetarian. I will make cassoulet one time. I will find time to go to the farmers' markets. I will learn how to pass on dessert. I will teach kids how to cook. I will read more about wine.
  12. I have just returned from Guadaloupe. It was a miserable stay at Point a Pitre because my mother had had a heart attack on a cruise ship and she was put in a hospital on the island when the ship finally reached it 4 days later. I flew there to be with her and my father. Thankfully she survived 12 days in the island hospital and is now home. The only pleasant memory I will carry with me is of the food that my sonand I treated ourselves to after long, grueling, distressing days at the hospital. We had incredible seafood, some cooked Creole, some French. It was some of the best seafood I have ever eaten ANYWHERE. Whole, grilled red snapper. Dorade. Mussels. Salt cod beignets. It was all fantastic.
  13. I'd rather see a child in a restaurant having a mildly disrupting episode which is being dealt with by a parent, than have someone on a cell phone at the next table. But that's just me. Is "ageism" a real word?
  14. This is simply brilliant, Jaymes. Edited to add: when you're sick you want comfort food from your CHILDHOOD. Keep that in mind when cooking for sick folks.
  15. Shirley is a great believer in White Lily flour. I've worked with her, making her biscuits from White Lily and then eating them with peach preserves. Her book, Cookwise, has a section on the differences between flours. For a while we couldn't get White Lily into Central Market and believe me: we had LOTS of complaints. But now it's back.
  16. King Arthur also sells a self-rising flour and it's much cheaper.
  17. If it's in a cookbook or magazine, it's there to be copied. That's why it's written. Or photographed. And when your guests compliment you, you can either say, "Yes, I saw it in a book" or you can say, "Yes, I thought it up myself." !!
  18. Leith and the Grassmarket are two areas in Edinburgh that seemed to become transformed in the space of what? 20- 30 years? When I lived there in the early 70's those were two areas of town you did not go to at night. When I visited the city a few years ago, both areas were sizzling hot: great restaurants, lots of buzz. Completely different feel. Perhaps as food has become sexy over the past decade, people with vision and backers have been confident to pursue their dreams.
  19. Anne, think of it as a sociological experiment. I'm in need of a couple of vegetable side dishes. We're going to my SIL's, and I always do the veg. Glazed carrots need not apply; I've done them too many times. ← Oh honestly . Just make the green bean casserole. It's comfort food. It's been around a long time. Isn't Thanksgiving about making people happy by serving food that makes them happy? Make her happy. It's one day out of the year.
  20. I found it funny that two shows had airplane challenges. What's up with that? Don't they know that most of us have to travel steerage? I don't give a flip what they are eating in business class. It's been very strange. Maybe Lufthansa gave them a huge chunk of change. I can't remember what airline Top Chef used.
  21. Does anyone have a recipe for whole pears encased in pastry and then baked? I know I've seen that somewhere....
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