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  1. Copy of Julia Child and Company signed by Julia AND her husband, Paul who insisted on signing it after she did. "After all," he told me, "I did all the photography."
  2. foodie52

    Fish Skins

    I don't understand why it would be unhealthy, unless it is a fish that is farmed and fed antibiotics and such, in which case the entire fish isn't doing you any good, and not just the skin.
  3. Could Mr. Petrini perhaps be Eurocentric? How old is he, anyway? And how much has he traveled in the USA? I'm wondering how offending the hard-working vendors at the SF market helped "his" cause.
  4. Hi David! Looking forward to your Austin visit!!! (You came to my birthday party 5 years ago after a class...)
  5. foodie52


    I used to buy it before the days of "partially hydrogenated oils". Now I can't help but be an ingredients reader and I put it back on the shelf...
  6. I'll have to give them a try!
  7. foodie52

    I want REAL cream

    Or a creme anglaise.
  8. "They eat at McD all the time and aren't overweight or unhealthy." How can you tell if someone is unhealthy unless you're a doctor and do blood work for starters? Just because someone isn't overweight doesn't mean that what's going on inside their body is healthy. It's easy to justify all of our food choices.
  9. Herradura tequila shot with pomegranate juice
  10. I dunno.....if it's great Chinese, I can ignore the company. I'll do that for great Chinese.
  11. With all due respect, the fact that others in the world haven't enough to eat, or any choice of what they eat, is not a reason to eat bad, nutritionally questionable or distasteful food. In fact, quite the contrary. That "there are people starving in . . ." mentality is, ironically and sadly, the reason many people in the US develop eating disorders. Really. ← Excuse me. That's NOT what I said. I'm trying to SAY that food is to be respected. It's got nothing to do with obesity issues. If you've traveled at all anywhere in the world, you would realize that. People get together to share food. Even if it's a freaking cricket roasted over an open fire. Obviously this family wanted to eat together and one person tilted their universe. Was it necessary? Just grow up and suck it up. Sometimes we have to do things we don't particularly enjoy. I've sat through dozens of junior high band concerts, not because I anticipated excellent music, but because SOMEONE I LOVE was in the band. And I enjoyed them! Get the analogy?
  12. It was a social situation. Everyone breaks bread together. Doesn't matter if the food is good or not. It's FOOD. And lots of people all over the world would be happy to have it. Respect it. Since the beginning of time, people have gathered to celebrate having enough so that they don't go to bed hungry. What a wonderful privilege. Take part in the celebration. Doesn't matter if it's Cheese Whiz and crackers. Enjoy.
  13. The term "First Cold Press" is moot. It doesn't mean anything any more. For most olive oils (except for the artisanal presses) the oil is extracted by sinolea - small knives that cut at the olives over and over, and then centrifuged. Oil is classified as "extra virgin" only if it meets the less than 1% standard of acidity. "Pure" and "Virgin" oils are oils that have the higher acidity due to a number of factors, including method of harvesting and length of time before oil extraction: sometimes they get a little extra virgin thrown in for flavor. Heat and chemicals are used to extract oils from inferior olives. Is there an olive oil expert on the board? I would like to know if the above is correct.
  14. Do a big pan of gingerbread and serve with sweetened whipped cream or a lemon sauce.
  15. And even if they stale, you can slice them up and make bagel chips.
  16. Carob-coated almond. It would have been OK except that I was expecting chocolate. The above posts are why I refuse to eat at fast food joints.
  17. Sounds passive aggressive. Ask him to dump his cooked crap before he leaves the house at the end of the weekend, or take it home with him. Buy him a lot of Tupperwear so that he can haul it all off.
  18. There are a couple of good department store-like shops on Prince's Street where you can get good carry-out food. Buy your lunches there and take them across the street to the Gardens. Not eating in restaurants will save you a lot of money.
  19. Farid Zadi is going to be doing some cooking classes in Texas this month - I'm totally clueless about Algerian food and want to come to his Austin class with a little knowledge about what I am going to be eating. Does anyone have any good suggestions for reading material? Thanks.
  20. The Slow Food Movement started in Italy and I am sure that they didn't worry about how it sounds in English. It's easy to join. Check out their website and find a convivium in your area.
  21. I wouldn't use it again for anything other than poaching more fish. You can tell when olive oil is rancid from the smell. It should keep in your fridge indefinitely: just let it come back to room temp and give it a sniff and a taste the next time you want to poach. I'd probably use it once or twice again for the same purpose.
  22. The cake board - what a great idea!
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