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  1. We attended Tasting Australia in 2005 , in Adelaide. I can't believe it's been two years. Is it on this October? And if so, what's fun and fascinating in this year's edition?
  2. This week I made chicken soup for my ailing husband and daughter. I make it in the traditional way, but when it's for sick folks, I add a knob of ginger and almost a whole head of garlic to it. Makes it warming and aromatic. I squeeze some fresh lemon juice into the bowl before serving. Husband is much better today!
  3. I've deliberately stepped on a lot of cockroaches in my time (waterbugs?) and they don't have flesh. Just guts.
  4. foodie52

    Hot weather cooking

    Tomorrow night it's going to be a Salad Nicoise. Julia Child's recipe. Yeah, you have to boil some green beans, eggs and potatoes, but that's all, and it's worth it. Keep items in the pantry for this dish:capers, olive oil and lemons. Anchovies. I love this salad.
  5. The Alamo Draft House in Austin has been doing this for years: food and film A couple of things make it work. First of all, the chefs are good. Really good. Second, the food is quirky: matches the movie a lot of the time, so it's a themed meal. Here comes the Simpsons movie! "From the moment we heard there was going to be a Simpsons movie, our imaginations kicked into overdrive. It would be a crime not to offer up a feast of truly Homeric proportions. That means you can expect such Springfield delicacies as a Homer Simpson sized Pork Chop seasoned to perfection, Blinky the three eyed fish (non-radioactive by request) and Chief Wiggum’s Chili featuring “the merciless peppers of Quetzlzacatenango”, which may or may not send you on a spiritual journey through time and space. We might even find room on the menu for a very special donut and a mug or two of Duff beer. If you miss out on this, it will be the D’oh heard round the world."
  6. A friend of mine won "Outstanding Baked Product" with her English Lemon Pudding. Yum
  7. Yup. And those of us who work in grocery stores hate that, too. In addition to the reasons you mention for hating it, consider this: stuff left out is considered "shrink" and affects the bottom line of the business and that is passed on to the customer. A couple hundred dollars a day in careless behavior by customers plus shoplifting all adds up.
  8. Tre in Austin a couple of weeks ago. Some of us got to go out with him after the class. (I prepped one of his sauces...) He's closed-mouthed about the outcome, of course, but did tell everyone that Food Network has contacted him ...and that he doesn't ever put on a bathing suit and swim in ANY episode!
  9. I wonder why Austin isn't in that above list. When I visit relatives in Birmingham, we inevitably settle on driving to Canada for a decent meal. Seriously.
  10. When I was in elementary school, I walked home for lunch every day. My mother's schedule revolved around my lunch hour. Lots of schools in Switzerland still practice this: the kids go home for a hot lunch and then return to school 2 hours later. It's expected that mom will be home for the kids. Very different from the USA, isn't it?
  11. I bet Tyler Florence had a hand in this nefarious new practice.
  12. We had them briefly in Austin. They were $3.99 each. Deep yellow flesh, a little stringy and strong mango flavor. They were good, but not four dollars good. I love the 99 cent Atulfos and buy them all the time. I guess it's all about having an appreciation for produce that is hard to source. But just because it's hard to get doesn't ( in my opinion ) make it worth the extra money.
  13. What is terrible to me and makes me angry is that the friends I have who say they'd rather eat and drink and smoke now and "enjoy" life, rather than abstain or cut back, are not thinking about chronic illness and then a long, lingering descent into incapacitation before death. They think that one day they'll just.....go..... But it doesn't happen that way usually, does it? And the incapacitaton, pain and suffering is hard on those who are caretakers or loved ones. It can last for years.
  14. Bone Sucking Barbeque Sauce. Only a frat boy would love this.
  15. Pasta. Everyone's got pasta in their pantries. All you need is a pot to boil it in and a saute pan to make the sauces. There are loads of fresh vegetables out there right now, and if you can find fresh herbs as well, you're made!
  16. Just as an aside, Tre is doing a cooking class in Austin on the 29th of this month. His menu looks great. I'm looking forward to it! Here
  17. Although there are no ceviche recipes in it, my "go to" fish book when I first began to cook fish was James Beard's New Fish Cookery, revised 1976. Very comprehensive and useful. I don't know if it's still in print.
  18. Not so much embarrassing as puzzling. I have no idea where I got this or why it is still on my cookbook shelf. Probably because it is a skinny little thing and has been hiding lo these many years. The What To Do With Tofu Cookbooklet I'm a tofu fan. Eat it all the time. But this recipe sounds simply disgusting: Hot Tofu Sandwich with Miso Gravy. It calls for 16 oz broiled tofu, miso, tahini and nutritional yeast. They insist it is a "great dish to serve someone who is hesitant aobut trying tofu." Talk about a way to lose friends...
  19. Just got back from his class. It was lots of fun. Here are some photos. David made:Parsley icecream. Chouquettes. Chocolate mocha sorbet in tuille. He also made a fabulous olive oil icecream with a chocolate souffle cake and a cranberry orange chutney.
  20. Growing up, our kids were not allowed more than 2 extracurriculars a week. One sport, one music. We ate together as a family 4 to 5 nights a week. Weekends didn't count. My grown kids now vow to do the same when they have children. The fellowship and conversation around the table was apparently more important to them than anything else. It didn't really matter what the food was. They got to talk to us. And it was a big, whopping 1/2 hour out of our day...
  21. I have an idea. Why not score cooks according to Food Network stars? Level 1: Sandra Lee Level 2: Rachael Ray Level 3: Paula Deen etc. That sounds like more fun!
  22. That's part of the problem : they DO last forever.
  23. King here is $40 a pound. Honestly.
  24. I cannot count the number of times we have had leftover veggies mixed in scrambled eggs for breakfast. And what's wrong with carrot sticks? They don't really have the "dinner only" stigma that a lot of veggies have. I don't consider the potato to be a vegetable. Nor beans. Dried fruit compotes are easy and full of fiber and vitamins. Plus they can be eaten at room temp and transport well.
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