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  1. demiglace

    Lunch 2019

    Had to Google Texas caviar. Yum.
  2. It's happening out here too. Thrifty's (Sobeys) is working with Autism BC to make it happen.
  3. There should be a fine involved.
  4. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. You travel to areas I've never experienced so it is a real treat for me. I always learn something new! Glad you are home safely, better weather ahead.
  5. If your town has a Culinary Arts program the students might like the books that you want to get rid of.
  6. demiglace


    Yay, it's popsicle season!
  7. Congrats! 250k won't buy a 1 bedroom apt. where I live. Good health and happiness to you and yours! Enjoy the hell out of that kitchen.
  8. A restaurant I cooked for years ago made great chips. Russet potatoes prepped the night before, soaked in water and kept in the walk-in overnight. After a good drying, they were pre-cooked at 325f til just before they browned. They were kept in fryer baskets in portion sizes that were popular and cooked to a nice golden brown at 350f. We served halibut on newsprint but the piece closest to the fish was clean unprinted paper so no issues. Good luck.
  9. Not exactly your everyday lunch! Glad the food was good.
  10. I hate those corner cabinets. I've lived in a few places that had them. Lazy susans or not, they never worked for me. My knees are shot so I would have to lay down on the floor to see what's back there. Now I just keep a hockey stick in the kitchen. It can get anything out.
  11. It's funny, I've been meaning to ask you if you had made blondies for the meeting folks. Your CC Butterscotch bars look wonderful!
  12. demiglace

    Breakfast 2019

    Beef drippings on toast. I had that at a restaurant in London, a long long time ago. My memory is that it was pretty damn good! Thanks, Okanagancook, good times.
  13. Hope it's not a harey ride to get him where he's going!
  14. Thank you for taking the time to report. You're doing a great job, much appreciated.
  15. are you out of reindeer broth too?
  16. I'm not a chocolatier but I wore splints through the night for a few months and it really helped my pain. Had to change the way I did some things but was able to avoid a surgical solution. Good luck.
  17. I cooked at a German sausage place for a while. We didn't have that many types of sausage but we parboiled and refrigerated. We reheated to order on a flattop.
  18. So there are people who have trouble throwing outdated food away. They clean out their cupboards and donate the food to homeless shelters and food banks. Please don't do this. A lot of people who get this food are ill, many with compromised immune systems. They can't afford to take risks with their health. If you know anyone who does this please do what you can to stop it. Thanks.
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