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  1. Happy Birthday, The salad looks good. An honour to your Mother and Grandmother. Thank you for sharing.
  2. demiglace

    Breakfast 2020!

    "is photographed in a completely new area of my house" hilarious @Anna N
  3. Thanks for taking us with you @Kerry Beal I really enjoyed Amsterdam.
  4. I've been given "ham" sandwiches that weren't. It could very well be a generic term for deli meat. Interesting.
  5. The flowers are beautiful, thank you. Mac and cheese not too shabby either. lol (delish!)
  6. Thank you for throwing in the photos of the desert flowers. It's all new to me.
  7. Amazing trip, thanks so much @Kerry Beal
  8. I think I just lost consciousness there for a moment. Do you know the flavour of the ice cream sandwich @Kerry Beal
  9. I was going to say the Valentines candy and pink cookies are out. I hate it when they change a favourite candy. I remember Brachs from when we used to camp in Maine. The camp store had a display of them. Yum.
  10. Yes please, I would love to hear about Christmas and New Year.
  11. I remember dropping a bag of milk and watching it explode all over the sidewalk. Instant frozen milk! I never knew the metric system played a roll in them existing.
  12. It all looks so good Kim. Congrats on pulling it off!
  13. Glad to hear that you are alright. Hard to believe Timmy's ever closes.
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