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  1. demiglace

    Sonic Drive-In

    pls delete
  2. demiglace

    Breakfast! 2018

    Thanks so much! I love the look of it. I'll have to try it.
  3. demiglace

    Breakfast! 2018

    I've never seen this before, can you describe the cooking process? Thanks
  4. demiglace

    Breakfast! 2018

    Great news about Moe. Your food, no doubt, quickened his recovery.
  5. demiglace

    Sonic Drive-In

    Thanks, I Googled Coney Tray and they showed pictures of baking pans. Thanks for clearing it up.
  6. demiglace

    Cheese Fondue

    In the late 70's I was invited to a boiling oil fondue. I quite enjoyed it but was sure that before the night was out that someone was going to be rushed to the ER. My friends were drinking a lot. I might have been too. I would love a cheese fondue to have pieces of pepperoni sticks, pretzels and some kinds of battered onion petal or part of an onion ring. Have fun with your new toy @HungryChris
  7. demiglace

    Sonic Drive-In

    Ok, so a coney island tray is a baking pan. What is a coney tray, a disposable CIT?
  8. The smile on this kids face is worth a million bucks! Well done.
  9. demiglace

    Camping, Princess Style

    It looks wonderful, I hope you feel better soon.
  10. Looks great. I really need to make biscuits again. I think I'd try cheddar and chive.
  11. I used to make my Yorkshire puds in that pan. Worked out well.
  12. demiglace

    Canned corned beef

    Yes, this is how my Dad made it, with mashed potatoes like a hash or patties. He was from the Merseyside.
  13. demiglace

    Sad News about Katie Loeb

    Yes, I remember well Katies posts back in the day. Such sad news. She is an amazing woman.