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  1. Thank you for sharing yourself and your family ...loved the blog..Merry Christmas!
  2. This has been wonderful Mr.Maw..thank you and Merry Christmas.
  3. You heard right, we will be opening in fraser heights in the new year. 160th and 108th ← Looking forward to it..it's a lot closer!
  4. I heard that there will be a Vera's opening in Surrey in the not too distant future.
  5. Thanks so much for the recipe! The diner was in Kits..but it's closed now.
  6. I'd love the recipe...I worked at a diner that served a lot of milkshakes and cones...I asked why we never had pistachio and was told it was considered a special order and would cost more..?
  7. That's what I was told a couple of years ago...when the program closed..things might have changed since then.
  8. The shop closed when the butchery program ended..a couple of years ago. There weren't enough students to keep it going. I heard if you want to learn butchery in BC you have to go to Kamloops. It was a good shop, great prices.
  9. Well made it out to Krause Brothers last week..it was so busy for a weekday..strawberries were good in a shortcake..only a small handful were bloated. Did GI last week bought some nice rib eye from Armando's but boo hiss on the ground beef..had to bin it..fat was rancid. Not worth the drive back to return it (had it in a cooler for the trip home) Loved Oyama..got some chorizo but haven't tried it yet. Bought some cold cuts..nice to taste real meat again. Grabbed a coffee and watched the boats and the tourists.The cherries were wonderful but not sure where they were from. Found the baguette from B&E quite airy..not what I remembered..have they gone downhill? The pastries looked great. Had a wonderful afternoon. Went to Nat Bailey today..babies and buggies just babies and buggies everywhere! There was a guy doing the sugaring off thing with crushed ice and hot pure maple syrup..roll the stick in the hot syrup and end up with a maple candy stick..brought back memories of school trips. Bought some Bad Girls..but haven't tried them yet. I can't remember the name of the bread place but got a really good loaf of sourdough. I missed the garlic too but will be back. Bev Dr.Who..no..Monty Python..yes
  10. Thanks for all the imput...Arne I appreciate the details..(soft and bloated eh!) I heard Bad Girl chocs were great..can't wait to try them. I'll have a car this summer for the first time in a long time so I'm looking forward to checking places out. It's too bad the growing season is starting out so lousy. Seanw..I hope to get to the Island this summer so I'll be taking notes on where to go! Don't know what a tardis is though. Badiane..I guess taking a drive to the valley and just following the locals signs will work..there was a pepper stand near the Aldergrove border that we used to go to..hope it's still there. I heard there was a drive thru corn barn out there somewhere too!!! Again thanks..oh and thanks for the link too Sam. Eat local...think glowbal.
  11. Has anyone gone to any markets this year? I heard the Trout Lake Market is good..is it open all weekend? Any info is appreciated. Bev
  12. This seems to be the chef JC was interviewing. Bio: Ralph Pallarino Growing up in a very Italian Chicago family, food was often the focus of Ralph Pallarino’s family gatherings. While the other kids were out playing, Ralph was busy inside making homemade pastas, oversized ravioli, and preparing fried eel! With dreams of owning a restaurant, Ralph Pallarino attended business school where he often entertained friends with elaborate and creative dinner parties. In 1999, after cooking for a friend’s birthday party, another friend approached him with the idea to open a no-fuss Italian BYOB joint with Ralph as the chef. With no professional experience, Ralph's dream restaurant, Bella Luna, was born, offering fresh and uncomplicated seafood dishes to enthusiastic diners in Conshohocken, PA, right outside of Philadelphia. Following in the footsteps of Bella Luna's success, Ralph and his partners opened Stella Blu, also in Conshohocken, a more upscale seafood restaurant that focuses on fine Italian fare but incorporates other cultural influences as well. Ralph enjoys challenging himself and educating the public by using obscure ingredients in his nightly specials. Currently, you can catch Ralph on Date Plate, his first foray into television, where he hopes to give people great ideas on how to prepare good, fun food.
  13. Thanks for the heads up! Nothing wrong with DIY..
  14. Haven't been to Solly's..will try them. Kaplans..haven't been there in years..heard they renovated. Will have to go back and check them out! Thanks everyone!!
  15. Happy Days! That's a blast from the past..lol. Sorry to hear it was just ok..do you know Hastings and ? The cravings have started and would like to try something other than Siegals..although those bagels are awesome..hmm. THanks Coop. p.s. could you recommend someplace?
  16. Does anyone know if this place is still open?
  17. HI.. I'm really surprised by how many people don't like Rocco..maybe you all have seen too much of him..too many interviews..tv appearances..etc..I hadn't heard anything about him since the last season of The Restaurant...I like him..sure he gets annoying but who doesn't I loved the way he handled Drew. You'll have to forgive my ignorance but I have only been in the industry for about a year now..what's wrong with Rocco schmoozing?...shouldn't the kitchen run just fine without him? If he did the menu development..set up the kitchen..hired a head chef..shouldn't he be able to do the pr?..give the people what they want. If his fans will travel major distances to eat his food and want a pic with him..what's the harm. I mean it's not like he hasn't proven himself as a cook. I personally would love the show to have more kitchen scenes...I love the line "I told you NO fires" Reality tv or not..this is still tv..there is so much we don't know or see..I find it very entertaining..and there is finally something to watch on Monday nights! Hey you guys are great I've love reading the posts. Looking forward to your opinions! Thanks. Bev p.s. the one thing that all (3 lol) the restaurants I've worked in have in common is bad management. Only 1 is still there a year later.
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