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  1. No no no no. Fried chicken without a coating is just wrong. Shame on you both. Harumph.
  2. Anna, we have to get you a "I survived the great toast shortage of 2019 t-shirt!" They might sell them in the gift shop. I know you are getting the best care and I take comfort in that. I wonder if anyone in the Kitchen ever tastes any of this food before it goes out. Maybe no one is brave enough or won't do it unless they get danger pay!
  3. Sorry I should have been more clear about that. The trays hadn't been delivered for reasons Anna stated and sometimes refused by the patient. The trays were transferred to a small rack near the nurses station.
  4. I used to find the stash and keep a couple of packets of each in the bedside table. I like them both.
  5. Try not to feel too badly about the full trays. I've seen nurses going through a rack of uneaten trays (not touched) pulling out extras for people. I've also seen people cherry picking extra juices and cheese and crackers from the trays. A lot of it will be eaten.
  6. Oh that's good to hear. There is good food in the hosp. Bad news is some people can't get to it. Luckily you have family and friends at the ready. Feel better soon.
  7. Hey Anna do the hospitals out there have a Timmys in them? A lot of them here do and I've seen patients who have lived off of the food while in Hosp. Not everyone's cup of coffee but the sandwiches aren't bad.
  8. He was a local celebrity for sure. I had pierogies last night in honour. RIP Bill.
  9. demiglace

    Dinner 2019

    Your gravy always looks so good. What seasoning do you like in it?
  10. demiglace

    Dinner 2019

    @Kim Shook I hope the good dishes outweighed the bad. So why was growing red currants illegal?
  11. demiglace

    Breakfast 2019

    I would frame this photo. I can smell it and taste it from here!
  12. I have to add my thanks. I enjoy my time with you ladies so much. Loved the fry trials and all you got up to. Cheers!
  13. demiglace

    Lunch 2019

    I never think to add onion. Looks great!
  14. That movie made me cry. I thought you were talking about a movie with hippo song in it. I was drawing blanks.
  15. Oh ok. so that's the green colour I'm seeing. Thanks.
  16. Hi Elsie, it all sounds wonderful. I was wondering if you could describe the onion petal for me.
  17. Would you let us know what you liked best out of the trials?
  18. Yes, thank you so much. I really enjoyed the vacation and all the great photos. Newfoundland is one place I regret not visiting when I lived back east. I think the really long ferry ride put me off. Oh well I'll live vicariously through others visits. Thanks again.
  19. demiglace

    Dinner 2019

    Yes, I vote she joins the group.
  20. You get all the points Anna! It looks really good.
  21. Beautiful sky, you'd have to drag me out of that water every night. Have you been in?
  22. Schnitty. I have a weakness for chips. While I do have limits I would gladly try all of these. Schnitty.
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